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October 2, 2017

Unveiling Our First Furniture Piece




Knik Fraem : Aetelier
images by Ivania & Romeo

/ An update from my most loved side project:

It is so thrilling to finally lift the veil bubblewrap from our very first furniture piece for Aetelier!
Cheers to ‘Knik Fraem’, a multi functional stainless steel frame. Shiny but not sleek, with bluntly bended corners.

A piece that I can’t wait to see in our own home. I can see it supporting a large tropical plant, as a small coffee table or adding a bit of its stainless-steel-reflectiveness to our office. As always – we like things that can be used in more than just one way. In this case as a trestle and table frame.

It will be dropping in our online store soon.



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