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June 20, 2012

Oversized Jacket





jacket: thrifted
mesh dress worn as top: American Apparel
shorts: Zara
shoes: vintage Chanel

Today my boyfriend and I walked passed a deserted parking lot. A black/white one. You can imagine my excitement. (Those strange moves are part of my happy-dance.) After making a couple of pictures of the empty space we also snapped a few for Love Aesthetics. You’re defenitely going to see more of this space because I am claiming it as my own secret studio!

75 responses to “Oversized Jacket”

  1. I always love your every outfit, this one is no exception! Love the clean and spacious background, too!

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  2. love your hair! 🙂 the mesh top is super!

  3. Rhea Dillon says:

    Love the mesh top and oversized blazer!

  4. ADELE PSYCH says:

    Love this outfit! Especially love an oversized blazer teamed with mesh 🙂

  5. Sóley says:

    Ah! Your hair! Your hair your hair your hair. It’s gorgeous. Perfect against all that clean white. I also love how that jacket looks like a fabulous doctor’s coat.

    we are purple

  6. ~Cleo~ says:

    wow love the tube top underneath the clear shirt super cute also still in love with your hair

  7. jenni says:

    absolutely stunning!

  8. j. says:

    wow amazing jacket, gives such a great silhouette

  9. Sade says:

    Perfect as per usual Ivania!

  10. The sheer panels compliment bagginess really well!

  11. Yufei Wang says:

    I love that space, very bright and beautiful!

  12. so beautiful as usual. you truly are such a doll. i love the masculinity of the jacket complimented by the sheer top.

    check out my blog!

  13. sassyshann says:

    The oversize jacket is such a laid back but still classy look. You look so good in it!

  14. Such a great location! Your outfit is so simply chic and perfect.

  15. LeNerd says:

    I demand more pictures of this amazing place.
    This ovesize makes me wanna create my own moves…

  16. Laura says:

    I know those moments…I love to find new places to take my photos 🙂
    PS: The jacket is great!

  17. Mika says:

    love the idea of a black tube underneath a white mesh top! the parking lot looks great in the photos… i could only hope to encounter such a parking lot where i live!

  18. A perfect backdrop for some beautiful photos. Your style has been very inspiring to me lately. Thank you!

  19. you’re so amazing!!

  20. S A R A H. says:

    you always wear killer clothes. LOVE IT.


  21. Mira says:

    well that jacket is awesome 😀


  22. Sharon says:

    I was just wondering where you took those pictures, the background fits perfect in your aesthetics.

    Love the sheer dress as a top.

  23. Sophia says:

    A perfect location for photos and your blazer is perfect. A beautifully simple outfit. <3

  24. Such a beautiful outfit! Wish I had the shoes and blazer xx

  25. amazing scenario, and great outfit as always!

  26. a decent amount of light and a white bg.. thats all we need!!! =p
    i have my own secret place too.. love u

  27. Nyrha says:

    I love the photos and amazing look!

  28. hah WOO! Your own secret studio!!! LOVE! xxxx

  29. Aves Gry says:

    A lovely find, both the jacket and the parking lot.

  30. perfect, as usual. i am loving your hair at the moment.

  31. Another amazing outfit!! 🙂

  32. You look incredible gorgeous! Love

  33. Pat says:

    Always, always, always flawless! xo

  34. That space is a great find. All this white is very soothing to the eye.


  36. Miss_Daike says:

    loving your hair<3

  37. nataliya says:

    RAD!!! god i love your hair that color!


  38. Eleanor J says:

    love your jacket and the photos! xx

  39. Marina says:

    You look amazing!


  40. Duck says:

    I love this space! I wish I had such an open expanse of white as this nearby 🙁

  41. Love this, I’ve been looking for an oversized white blazer for a while, this seems to work so well for you! xo

  42. meels says:

    was just wondering, you wear so much white, how do you eat without spilling??? you look lovely by the way =D

  43. shardette.. says:

    Very simple.. but very chic!

    xx Sharday

  44. balkis says:

    Awesome outfit, as always! I’ve seen that American Apparel dress before, but never thought to wear it as a top. I may have to steal your idea!


  45. love this look! the photos are perfect

  46. Jenaly Enns says:

    love this. the jacket, outfit and space!

  47. Abby says:

    deserted parking lot!! so jealous of such a perfect spot and the lighting great! I must find me one of those. 🙂

  48. This is not a jacket! It is a fashion scientist’s labcoat, skillfully disguised.

  49. Fabliha says:

    You are so beautiful…your white upon white layering is perfection. Oh and that space is amazing! 🙂

  50. Really cute! Love the oversized jacket on you! 😀

  51. dnalbnire says:

    The jacket looks amazing on you as always,
    I love how you style your outfits xx

  52. i love your haircolour,
    especially with a complete white outfit like this one.
    and your shirt looks amazing as well! 🙂 great look

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  54. FASHION ICE says:

    something so refreshing about wearing all white. looks great against your awesome hair!

  55. Monique says:

    Great outfit! I’ve always thought black and white are so classic and sophisticated, though I’ve tried to steer away from them for fear of being too boring, but your outfits are anything but boring! They never fail to inspire me!

  56. Mary says:

    I honestly can’t get over how amazing you look in every single outfit post. Every time I go on your blog, I appreciate it more and more xx

  57. julia says:

    you look Gorgeous, as always. Love your hair!

  58. Joshuakavn says:

    Such a beautiful outfit! Wish I had the shoes and blazer xx

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