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August 4, 2014


LOVE AESTHETICS protecting hair small


/ argan oil
/ moisturizing hair mask
images by me

A trip to the beach or the swimming pool can be quite destructive for bleached hair (and even for unbleached hair). Chemicals like chlorine in swimming pools and the salty waters of the ocean dry it out causing more split ends and breakage. So I came up with a way to create a barrier between my hair and these damaging influences of summer. Hair and specially brittle hair acts like a sponge sucking up the liquids that it comes in contact with. What I draw from this fact is that the moisturizing mask fills sup the space between the hair cuticles while the oil repels new moist keeping out the swimming pool/ocean waters for a while. I’m not a scientist, but being my own lab rat I’ve noticed that my hair isn’t damaged and my brush isn’t full of broken off hairs afterwards.

Make a mixture consisting of 2/3 of a moisturizing hair mask and 1/3 of argan oil. I use the L’Oreal Keratine refill mask. Be sure to make enough of the mixture to cover every single hair. Comb it through your hair from the roots to the ends. Use it as a ‘gel’ to put your hair back in a slick hairstyle (this is how mine turns out). If needed, apply a few clips to keep it in place.
After 30 minutes the hair mask dries up and will leave your hair with a beautiful, wet looking, stringy texture, this is when you can take off the clips. I usually apply it at home in the morning and leave it in all day until I take a dive.



  1. Merel says:

    Ik doe het iets minder ingewikkeld (en waarschijnlijk ook minder effectief), maar ik smeer ook altijd een haarmasker MEGADIK in m’n haar voor ik naar het strand/het zwembad ga. Helpt sowieso!

  2. Melissa C says:

    This a really great idea. I’ll keep this on mind next time I go to the beach/pool! Love the snapshots!

    XO, Melissa

  3. Trecy Wendy says:

    I really agree with you about the argan oil before going swimming. But Loreal masks are something I could never put again in my hair since I discovered Lush hair products, and the magic of natural products ! You should really try (if you haven’t tried yet) their pre-shampoo hair masks, and their silicon-free shampoos. It’s crazy how it can give a second life to damaged hair.

    Talking about natural products, I also think that it’s really important not to use the same oil all the time to give your hair absolutely everything they need. Today my hair are unrecognizable thanks to pure argan oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, olive oil…

    Let’s dive now!

  4. Ragni says:

    Dear Ivania,
    how do you get and keep your hair so grey? I’ve tried it many times now, but it always is rather yellow or doesn’t last at all. It would be great, if you could do a post on the products you use.


  5. Seereena says:

    great tip ! this will really comes in handy when i bleach my hair after this

  6. Mosf says:

    For the beach is great, but I don’t think it’s wise or healthy to use it in a public pool.

  7. Gaizupath says:

    I love to swim, but my hair doesn’t. Every time I swim, my hair go dry due to the chlorine effect. This time, I will follow your advice and trick to save my hair

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