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December 16, 2015





image by Ivania


Taking good care of yourself beats any foundation routine, cream or contouring technique. Skin reflects your well being so much – to me it is like an indicator for my health status. So when it comes to skincare I like to focus on what is good for my skin as opposed to what will make my skin look good for a moment.

This is a requested post, I’ve been getting questions about what my skincare regimen is and what kind of foundation I use – so here it is: my skin care checklist!


1/ eat clean
This is the most important thing for me, great skin is just a side effect of being healthy. Since I started to eat vegan, my skin was visibly happy about it. It became less irritated, smoother in texture and less ‘poofy’. I also rarely consume sugar or processed food and try to limit salt intake.


2/ stay hydrated
Give your body a steady flow of water to function properly and stay clean. The skin is a detoxifying organ and gets rid of toxins through its pores. Good drainage means fewer blemishes and pimples. Speaking of drinking, alcohol is a major dehydrator, so whenever you’re drinking that – try to drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. At least try.


3/ relax
Find a way to deal with your stress. But also in the more literal sense; try to teach yourself to relax your face: don’t frown when you’re walking in the rain.


4/ keep it clean
Don’t forget to take your shoes off before you go to bed, don’t forget to take your make up off either. I cleanse my skin every evening, right after every workout and also after a day in a city with dirty air.


5/ exfoliate
Exfoliate away dead skin layers once a week to reveal fresh new skin cells. Your moisturisers will be much better absorbed too. A build up of dead layers can also build up too much oil and clog your pores.


6/ moisturize
Twice a day – I carry a tiny container with my daydreamday cream in my purse. Did you know that there far less sweat glands around your eyes? Meaning there is less oil to keep the skin moist and smooth. Make sure to keep that area well hydrated. I also like to take two minutes to massage my face when I put on my moisturiser.


7/ SPF
Sun is the biggest damager. Specially if you have light skin like mine, choose products with a high SPF in them.


8/ sleep
Enough sleep would be a great addition to this list. Honestly that is something I need to work on, hard.



  1. Renz says:

    I live in a province and my school is in the city. I always come home with dirty and irritated face due to pollution. Definitely keeping these tips in mind.

  2. Ci says:

    Thank you for doing this post Ivania!

  3. Esmée says:

    The drinking part is very crucial to me.
    I discovered I’m somebody who needs a lot of fluids during the day, so now I make sure I drink at least one glass per hour.
    The pimples around my jawline have finally diminished 🙂

    And the 1 glass alcohol + 1 glass of water saved me last weekend.

  4. Baia Ali says:

    Beautiful and essential post! Thank you;
    ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

  5. Wauw I love your pictures!
    Very nice website.

  6. Luna says:

    “don’t frown when you’re walking in the rain” Love that

  7. Victoria says:

    I so agree that taking good care of yourself beats any foundation routine! I actually hate wearing foundation, so my goal is to achieve healthy skin that looks good without it. I actually had really great skin up until my mid-20’s when it all went straight to… well, somewhere not nice. I tried everything I could get my hands on for years, including caking on makeup to cover it up, which we all know doesn’t do a really good job. But after I cut the stress, bad foods & bad habits out of my life, my skin cheered right up. Clean eating, plenty of water, less stress have all done wonders for me. Now I just need to start exercising… one day. One day.

    Also, thanks for the reminder to drink my water! As soon as I saw that line, I jumped up and went and grabbed a bottle of water from my fridge. 🙂

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