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May 28, 2011

Going Grey


After buckets of bleach and chemicals my hair is finally grey. A color that is being stared at and commented on a lot because silver hair is something that most women would rather avoid. Being old isn’t desireable apparently. And grey is associated with that, the only thing that our society seems to like nowadays is everything young. And in order for every idea to be young it must be replaced by the next in a short matter of time.

A good idea isn’t good if it isn’t a new idea. A beautiful shoe isn’t acceptable because it has been out for three seasons and a person isn’t beautiful if it isn’t 17 years old. Luckily as fast fashion is slowly dying and people’s cravings for the next new thing are stilled these insane and unrealistic thoughts are disappearing.

Good ideas last forever, I still love my Givenchy shoes from 2007, I just turned 23 but am jealous of Kristen Mcmenamy’s looks.

117 responses to “Going Grey”

  1. KRISSI ▲ says:

    you are soooo beautiful! <3

  2. You really look amazing!!!

  3. LUU H. says:

    woooow! you really look great with it!

  4. gigimae says:

    it looks gorgeous!!

  5. Iulia Romana says:

    I love this post and I totally agree with your point of view.

  6. lucy says:

    beautiful you are so lucky that the hair is still in amazing condition. I tried to go so blonde I could go grey tinged but ended up having to have it cut off!

  7. Heelliin says:

    WOW u look gorgeus! I love silver hair =)

  8. Simona says:

    you look incredible! my hairdresser must have done something wrong this time and so I a bit grey-ish myself at the moment 😀

  9. Nomadic D. says:

    well said! the grey hair looks great on you, and I love that you are so ballsy. Just goes to show why this is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs!

  10. celain says:

    absolutely gorgeous, girl!

  11. christina says:

    i adore you even more, i think <3

  12. Je hebt helemaal gelijk.
    En je haarkleur ziet er geweldig uit!

  13. Maria Maliki says:


  14. Julian says:

    Oh my goodness! Love the hair. And you matched it so perfectly with your lipstick + black top. Love iiiit!

  15. Maarika says:

    I have never imagined that grey hair could look so beautiful and cool!

  16. NLR says:

    I LOVE to read your point of view.. So deep and very true!
    And that grey hair looks amazing on you 🙂


  17. Anonymous says:

    Be-a-u-ti-ful. So fashionable!

  18. Marloes says:

    Wow, it suits you perfectly!

  19. I LOVE it, it softens your face and it will be so beautiful with your outfits. I especially like it with this lipstick!

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  20. Your new hair color is majestic, it’s so beautiful. Love how you go against the grain.
    much love.

  21. Amalie S. D. says:

    you look absolutely amazing!
    i really admire you.

  22. Beautiful post, you and your words. Molly xo

  23. Mooi, heftig maar het staat je!

  24. ~Carmen. says:

    Looks awesome, I love grey hair on younger people!

  25. Summer says:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to going grey when I do. The women in my family all get full heads of silver hair, but sadly most of them dye it for the reasons mentioned in your post.

  26. LoliTa says:

    looks perfect- got the exact shade!

  27. Maja Vonava says:


  28. FASHION ICE says:

    suits u so well! and that lipstick rocks too

  29. Catherine says:

    Het staat je fantastisch.

    Vandaag zag ik in de biologische winkel waar ik werk echt de allervrouwelijkste en charmanste vrouw sinds tijden, en extreem goed gekleed. Ze was denk ik een jaar of zeventig en ze straalde zoveel gevoel voor stijl uit.

    Liefs. Ik vind je geweldig. x

  30. prachtige tekst heb je ook geschreven, en je haar staat je erg goed! geweldig hoe inspirerend jij altijd bent!

  31. Romy says:

    beyond perfect. on you.

  32. Mitchie says:

    This just made my day.

  33. Jenny says:

    I love it, you look amazing!

  34. minor keys says:

    Wonderful !!
    I also love grey hair and would have it if I could, although the great majority of society (especially here in the States) cannot understand this.
    Very well written words as well- I could not agree more.

  35. OR says:

    I totally agree on fast fashion and avoiding being old, but somehow those grey hair of yours doesn’t work for me.I loved Your ombre hair, as they were kind of weird but so cool and they just felt natural on you.

    Still, You look beautiful and still, I’m a huge fan

  36. Wow, your hair looks great! I love silver hair! And I did experience the commenting too when I had almost this color. Comments or not this is the best color ever!
    And a great text!

  37. J says:

    You’re so right. But what made you think the desire for youth is gone now? Anyway, you’re beautiful. You’ve seen the shots of Kristen M in the newest i-D? Their great.

  38. polliani says:

    you look gorgous

  39. nicki says:

    You look very elegant with grey. I always thought that the older a woman gets, the more refined and graceful they appear. I love the thought of growing old, and becoming the true eccentric grandma I’ve always dreamed of! <3

    Tropic of Unicorn

  40. Het staat je zo goed, grijs/zilver is geweldig alleen jammer dat ik ze al echt krijg.

  41. PookeBoop♥ says:

    silver or gray, it does not matter! You’re amazing in everything!

  42. Susie says:

    very kristen mcmenamy. i too find her inspirational, and wish all women could happily embrace aging. i have long wished i could get my hair this color, but no amount of bleach could ever get me there. hopefully it turns with age.

  43. Suz says:

    ik vind je idee erachter heel mooi, maar ik vond juist die nonchalante ombre hair – uitgroei van je zo bij je passen

  44. Anonymous says:

    I like it but, did you do this because you liked it or as a rebellion against our youth obsessed society?

  45. i must say that i’m pleasantly surprised, it does really look good!


  46. Jonna says:

    Looks awesome! And so does the lipstick 😀

    Jonna xx

  47. so gorgeous. i love grey hair too. with every strand that grows in i get very excited.

    hats off to you for expediting the process!!

  48. i love this 😀

  49. Dorothee says:

    Nice post lovely I like the way you talk…
    x Dorothee

  50. This is really pretty, it suits you perfectly ! i couldn’t be that brave

    See U !

  51. Bec says:

    Gorgeous, such a nice writeup. It’s so true. If you’re over 17 it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.

  52. Nenu says:




  53. Your hair is perfect this way *-*/

  54. u look amazing! this is the perfect shade for u!

  55. I’m loving the new hair colour, it looks amazing! You have inspired me to buy Lime crime lipstick too, I can’t wait for my order to arrive!

    Your blog is really unique and inspirational. Keep it up, I love it!


  56. I agree! This is a beautiful post! -xo
    *Get in on the V+V Series

  57. Kat says:

    grey is my favorite color, and when my hair grows out i am dyeing it grey.

  58. Glenda C says:

    it looks freaken awesome

  59. Mie says:

    That is just an amazing statement! Old is the new black. Actually i think fashion is all about using old ideas, and vintage is more popular than ever before. I think fashion have come to a point where old is okay.. But beauty on the other hand is not acceptable if it looks old.. I really think that growing old is a beautiful thing, and i’m glad that you support it!

  60. Andrew says:

    we both went blonde at the same time

    sooooo digging this though, you look amazing

  61. Francesca says:

    Your new hair colour looks great 🙂 Well.. more than great. I love how you’ve chosen a black shirt to contrast against it too. Very beautiful indeed xx

  62. 0000 says:

    Gorgeous color hair! I think it’s so interesting that, during the Enlightenment, people actually powdered their hair white/gray because they believed gray hair was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. It’s a shame that the sentiment hasn’t managed to survive to the present day. I think there’s something very striking about a head of gray hair–that, and salt and pepper hair!

  63. ERICK says:

    You look absolutely amazing.

  64. this is such a stunning look, you can pull off anything though xxx

  65. mia says:

    WORD ! Great look !!

  66. It’s really good that hair! It’s so cool and different!

  67. Sophia says:

    Wauwww staat je echt super! I really really like it! 😀

  68. aNOUkvdMey says:

    staat je geweldig! mooi geschreven stukje, helemaal mee eens. I applaud you.

  69. LOIS says:

    I have to agree with you there I dont understand this idea of “you are soooo last season!” So what? If I like the shoes from last years collection I will contunie to wear them as long as I love them! And not because they are trend on. But a new idea that is spreading now is “vintage”. And what about everything in between? That’s just uncool. Seriously?
    I dont like grey hair, but this is probably due to the ideas of society set in my mind. If I think about it, my best friends mom has very long grey hair and she looks so wise (she isnt THAT old though ^^) and I’ve always adored her for that look. I have never been a fan of botox and the idea of the so called elixier of life, staying young forever bla bla. Why alter with the natural process of growing old? We all grow old eventually, we all do. It’s normal.

    Timeless is a great idea. A great idea will last forever. Forever.

    btw youll be one hot grandmother sometime! haha 😀

  70. Karoline says:

    wow lovely hair. Love your blog! xx

  71. tutta_ says:

    You look stunning! I love the grey hair, my friend had that colour once and my otehr friend is always trying to make her hair more silver-y, and they both look amazing in it.

  72. your hair is fucking epic babe! loove love!


  73. soleil says:

    looks amazing!
    i was also thinking about going grey (just want to grow my hair a bit longer first), do you have any tips on how you did it?

  74. G says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! How has the texture changed since you dyed it?

  75. You’re so lucky! I could never wear makeup like that 🙁

  76. jenaly enns says:

    I love what you wrote here. It is so true….and I also LOVE the hair color. I would love to do something like that if it wouldn’t damage my hair to much. I think it has taken enough in the last while. It needs a break. but it is amazing.

  77. Nádia says:

    BEYOND PERFECT! :OOO I love the way you look with the grey hair, but I love even more the message behind it! 🙂 TRULY INSPIRING!

    Oh, and I want to let my hair get grey and them white, I’ve always said that. I think it looks soooo beautiful! <3

  78. SHOP DBP says:

    I LOOOOVE!!! This post makes me want to dye my hair grey as well…but I think it won’t suit me though.

  79. Biaa says:

    I have to be honest and say that I am jealous of YOUR looks. Your skin is just the right amount of sun-kissed glow, and your hair is just the right shade of gray-white. I agree that the world is obsessed with the young and fear old-age. I, however, am obsessed with hair dye and yet as much as I really, really love the hair you’ve got, and have wanted it so bad for so long. I am afraid to attempt it. I’ve done so much to my hair, that I fear that amount of bleaching.. my hair is naturally curly and black. It’s currently short and reddish-brown, and has to be straightened everyday. So really.. bleaching my hair to gray-white is not the best idea for me 🙁 Alas, I will admire you and your lovely hair instead 🙂

  80. Alter Ego says:

    wauw it looks great on you! your hair color with the lipstick HOT! mwhaa lovee

  81. Cherell S. says:

    Love it.
    looks great!

  82. Emma says:

    Not only you’re pretty on the outside, but on the inside as well!
    You’ve made such an smart point about getting old and fashion!


  83. Lavender says:

    deze kleur staat je zo ongelooflijk goed zeg! Ben echt jaloers!!!!

  84. Kosmic Kate says:

    Well said.
    The hair is stunning.

  85. I love it. I also applaud your words.

  86. Debbie says:

    Ik heb het al gezegd, maar WAUW wat mooi!


  87. anne says:

    that’s a great idea!
    you look stunning!

  88. Anonymous says:

    more more more pictures of this fantastic hair.. very inspiring !!

  89. Lisa says:

    echt een prachtige haarkleur!

  90. MeMe says:

    love it, great choice!

  91. Woowww!!! Gorgeous!!!^^

    Baci from Babysan

  92. Julia M says:

    I currently have my hair half brown, half grey, and it gets a lot of comments – most people thing it was a sad dye-related accident! I still maintain that silver is one of the most beautiful hair colours, though! It suits your skin tone really nicely.

  93. Roshelle says:

    Het staat je echt prachtig!

  94. amalie says:

    wow girl. you look gorgoeus!!

  95. Ivania says:

    wooow. overwhelmed by the ammount of comments!

    at anonymous: I did it because I liked it, then found out how unnaccepted it was by hearing all the comments around me

  96. Ramona says:

    Oh, I have all my live tried to get those grey hair but all the time my hair do as they want and stay or half grey or just yellow.Gosh, how I hate it! Even hairstylists can’t help me. I have some kind a stubborn hair.
    Your hair looks amazing!

  97. VANESSA says:

    wow, you look absolutely stunning! i really appreciate your thought process and agree completely.

  98. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair colour! It look amazing!

    /Emilie Johanne

  99. Shilpi says:

    I totally agree! It’s always about young and hot, not novel and creative.

    I’ve told myself that no matter how old I am, I will still feel as beautiful as I did when I was 23. Love that you are mentioning this on your blog and it letting it be known to the world, that old is not ugly!!



  100. You are gorgeous. Inside and out.

  101. Jen says:

    and you have a beauitful mind also.

    Jen xx

  102. Kerrie says:

    you are very beautiful, grey looks good on you 🙂

  103. Loulou says:

    Genious, you!
    “Being old isn’t desireable apparently”
    yes, but at the same time they all want to live really really long… maybe we should tell them that the only way avoiding getting old would be to die young?

    you are stunning. but saying that is obsolete, right?

  104. tin says:

    i couldn´t agree more with you on this
    i agree with you on most of your posts, actually haha
    your gray hair is shocking, and it´s good that is, because otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of something original.
    the idea of forever youngness bores me at no end. and the (shallow) concept that defines that the only acceptable thing is the newest one, scares me deeply.
    i have long brown hair, and women in my family grow white hairs at an early age, including me. and no, i´m not interested on dying them, thank you very much. my favorite t-shirt is a the who t-shirt that i bought on 2006, and i don´t buy new clothes, unless is a really good deal (good deal meaning good designing, good quality and reasonable price).
    don´t change your convictions, because those kind of convictions are the ones that last.

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