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March 18, 2018

Zip Tied Tote

Zip tied tote / Aetelier
images by Ivania & Romeo

To travel light, with no bag or luggage at all is what I aspire to. But in reality, there is stuff, a lot of stuff that I need to be dragging carrying with me on a daily basis as a mom and working person. In a way, I designed this bag for those like myself. To fit laptops, notebooks, cameras, a pair of heels, an extra sweater for the kid and 5 kilos of fruits and veggies if you happen to walk past a market.

Made out of heavy duty vinyl, that is too thick too sew, I came up with this technique of using zip ties as stitches. You know the hardware store is my second home.

This baby is also inspired by what I believe must be one of the most widely used bags. Shopping totes. The kind you can purchase at supermarkets with their loud supermarket branding. If you are from around here, you know exactly what I am talking about, the light blue Albert Heijn or the blue/yellow/red from Lidl. I am guessing that every single household has at least one somewhere. The ones that often hang in pairs on either side of a bicycle steering wheel and enable art students to carry their works and heavy materials around the city.

After making dozens of tests in different sizes, and dimensions with different applications of a zip tie, this is my version of a shopper. It has been so exciting to already see a couple orders from across the world come in. It is available now on .

Speaking of orders; for every purchase on Aetelier, one tree is planted. We put €1 from every product sold towards the reforestation programs of Every contribution funds the planting and nurturing of one tree sapling. It’s simple; one sale, one tree.

Sending much love!

/ Ivania



3 responses to “Zip Tied Tote”

  1. I honestly love how much thought you put into each of your items. I’m always using shopping totes too! My go-to one is actually a fully white cloth one from a random boutique in Thailand. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. sara says:

    you have always a so trendy but still personal style everytime


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