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April 21, 2013

White Basicness, Minty Hair

top: DIY
skirt: got it here
shoes: Tibi

Expensive doesn’t always guarantee high quality. It seems like companies are cutting costs (to make up for expensive advertising?) and product quality is often the victim of this.
I find that the opposite is also true, cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality.
Wasn’t sure what to expect of this skirt at first but decided to order it anyway, keeping in mind that I might have to send it back. But when the package arrived I was pleasantly surprised
by the cut which makes the heavy fabric fall like a structured pillar around your legs and the nice lining taking care of any see through issues.

Had a little hair accident, do you like it? I didn’t really have the urge to ‘fix’ this minty, swampy tone

56 responses to “White Basicness, Minty Hair”

  1. nice post.
    love your new hair 🙂


  2. The skirt is beautiful! Love the top too, and your hair are great like that!

  3. i like your hair, nice colour 😉

  4. Laura says:

    This looks so good. Love the top and the skirt <3

  5. Panty Buns says:

    I love the subtle minty highlights in your pretty hair. Your skirt is quite pretty too. For those who prefer a more translucent style I wonder whether the lining is removable? Your outfit and hair look lovely.

  6. hiPop says:

    a minimalist perfection, with just enough unexpected twist!

  7. love love love your new hair! xx

  8. Fashiable says:

    De laatste foto vind ik heel erg mooi!

  9. Love the new barnet Ivania!

  10. Random.Mess says:

    love the hair! a happy accident if you ask me! the skirt looks great too! i have to agree with you cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality!

  11. MONI says:

    clean cut! im a fan of your style

  12. Anonymous says:

    64% Polyester?

    you will have an awesome time with that skirt in summer… come on, i know you got style and taste… the fabric has to feel horrible. dont spent your money on that crap. and dont be fooled: polyester is one of the cheapest fabrics. even brands like acne start using it more and more just so they can squeeze out the most profit. it shouldnt be supported. do they think we are dumb? just because something is designed well, doesnt mean you have to pay such a high price for garments made out of those low quality fabrics like polyester. p.s. love you blog!

  13. LOVE the hair! De kleur laat je ogen meer dan prachtig uitkomen, zeker in zo’n totaal witte outfit.

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  14. Anonymous says:

    are you kidding? your hair looks FABULOUS!!!

  15. At anon about Polyester:
    Yes you are right; polyester is starting to substitute most silks even in high fashion brands, that is exactly what I am talking about in this post.
    I used to work at Filippa K and we used to sell the most expensive Polyester suits and these were branded as an ‘exclusive type of polyester’, an exaggeration of course. But also let’s be honest, although it is cheap, Polyester isn’t what it used to be in the 90s, they do make great high tech fabrics nowadays, it is not like wearing a sweaty plastic bag anymore. This skirt has a great price for what it is

  16. edith says:

    the haircolour is great! its almost baby blue, different but pretty! the utfit is as allways spot on!

  17. Iselin Flaten says:

    Your hair looks great! I really love your blog. Wish I could pull of the minimalist-with-a-twist-style myself!

  18. such a perfect outfit & your hair looks great with the minty color! xo

  19. Marifer says:

    youre such an inspiration to me I always love your perfect and clean looks <3

  20. HayleyMG says:

    love this outfit! Love how structured it is, i love the boxy kind of clothing you wear! I have a few tops (crazy bright patterns though :P) that are like that and are quilted you make me want to wear them more often!

    Hayley xx

  21. Being the greatest ASOS fan on Earth, it’s only right for me to say that I love the skirt..
    Also I think your little hair accident looks just fine.
    And did I mention I love the DIY top too? Perfect.

    New Outfit Post: Personal Style Blog By ORR

  22. Milex says:

    You’re special.

  23. Chelsea says:

    I would never have expected that skirt to come from Asos! It has a great shape.

  24. im says:

    I have almost always been pleasantly surprised by the quality of asos’s garments. The accessories, however, are another story. I made the mistake of buying an enamel necklace and spike earrings, and let me tell you, the quality of both was extremely poor, I had to return them.

  25. olivia says:

    Cheap or expensive, polyester is bad for the environment.

  26. Olivia:
    so is cotton, so is leather, so is faux leather etc.
    (the fact that my tomatoes traveled all the way from spain in an oil fueled truck is bad for the environment)
    I think it is important to use clothes as long as possible and don’t trash things within one season
    what is even worse for the environment is the AMOUNT of clothes we are producing. This is why quality is so important to me :), because things will last longer, so we will need less of them: less production, less to transport in dirty boats and trucks, less trash

  27. Mika says:

    Love the stark simplicity of the skirt! The leather top matches nicely with it too. The rigidity of the fabrics makes it seem like they are a perfect match.

  28. PRACHTIG! Ik vind je top ook heel gaaf! En je haar.. lekker zo laten idd, staat je goed!


  29. Lydia Bishop says:

    Some people don’t realize that that non-organic cotton uses 25% of the worlds pesticides to produce and a huge amount of water and power to process. There is an actual argument that polyester is better for the environment.

    herlux fashion

  30. Her Persona says:

    your hair looks very cool, and as always fab outfit!

  31. Love this minimal look. Your hair is fab xx

  32. Nathan Moy says:

    The first shot is stunningly dynamic! Now your hair color matches your eyes!!! Beautifully done Ivania. Btw, I just posted my new layering look with a jumpsuit underneath. Check it out if you can 😉

    xx The Provoker

  33. you’re georgeous! AND original. <3

  34. sun loved says:

    Love the length of your skirt! your blog has such a strong identity! and I recently found this Japanese designer that I think you might like it too

  35. FASHION SNAG says:

    Like your hair and love the all white look!

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  37. Joy Yiu says:

    you have great style! followed you x

  38. Joana says:

    You always look amazing. This little accident really suits you x

  39. Jeanique says:

    Super mooie combinatie!

  40. Angela says:

    Ahhh hair envy! White love! Perfection!

  41. stylistki says:

    love your clean white style!

  42. wow, the last pic. And your hair, amazing!

  43. Wendy Ayche says:

    Your hair is so pretty
    Much love,

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  46. Sharde` says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and how you make the simplest pieces especially all white look damn good! I have a blog and would LOVE to feature you on there doing Q&A. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

  47. King David says:

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