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June 28, 2015


love aesthetics in grid 2

love aesthetics in grid 1

love aesthetics in grid 3

love aesthetics in grid 4

dress / Rag & Bone
shirt / In Grid
shoes / Alberta Ferretti
images by Romeo

Running errands and buying supplies, Romeo and I took these pictures somewhere between the hardware store and IKEA – cold fluorescent-lit spaces with rows of metal shiny gridded shopping carts, probably doesn’t sound like the description of the most pleasant places for most people – but you know I love these mundane environments. I was wearing my current favourite shirt; a large tailored one by in-Grid. A fantastic new brand, who focus exclusively on white cotton tailored womens shirts. Based in the UK and run by the talented couple Katie and Adam. There is so much in their philosophy and their way of working that I can relate to, a little digital conversation with Katie:

/ What is your’s and Adam’s background? Could you please tell me the story of how you decided to start in-grid?

Adam is a graphic designer and art director having worked at agencies such as: Bibliothèque Design and Mother (London). I have a background in buying at I came to fashion late, because originally I was pursuing a career in Ballet that led me to live in Stockholm for sometime. After ballet I enrolled on a tailoring course.

A couple of years into my tailoring course I began dating Adam. It became very obvious through endless amounts of conversations that we had a passion for quiet, detail driven garments. When we first began designing together our project/brand did not have a name, nor did it have a definitive product.

As designers we are process led – therefore we discovered in-grid and by extension our quietly white garments through a process of designing and then re-designing.

/ What does your studio/atelier look like?

It’s white. Full of Vitsœ, two Anglepoise lamps, two Hans Wegner CH-24 chairs, a Nakashima chair and 3 Martino Gamper stools, a lot of books, Derek Wilson ceramics… with a tiny bit of space left over to make/sample future in-grid collections.

/ How long did it take to perfect all the tailoring on the shirts?

The first collection has taken about 6 months to perfect. With it being our first one, we wanted to take our time over its development. Both myself and Adam were working on other projects at the same time, so this naturally slowed things down. This was frustrating at the time but as we look back I believe it was a blessing. It allowed us to really refine our shirts, source the right materials, and understand more fully what an in-grid shirt should be.

/ The pieces are truly, truly timeless. Will they be forever available or will there be new collections each season?

We are strong believers in the idea that clothes should have longevity and this is why we always strive to design timeless pieces.

We shall listen to our customers and if there is a style that is very popular we shall of course reproduce this style to be re-released in the next drop. Although new collections will be made and drip fed throughout the year there will always be certain styles available that we hope will become known as the in-grid classics.


  1. Fenne says:

    Nice outfit, i really like the shoes.

  2. Great outfit, can you tell me where to get these shoes in Amsterdam?

  3. Albert says:

    Great total look! Love your style <3

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  4. Oroma R. R. says:

    That’s a perfectly tailored top. I checked out the In-Grid website and I love their simple designs. Great look and photos!

    / O.R.R. || A Personal Style Blog

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Clean and effortlessly simple outfit as always!

  6. Neens Bea says:

    Love the shoes and nail polish!

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