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October 17, 2011

Slicked Back Hair

This I-just-stepped-out-of-a-swimming pool-hairdo isn’t anything new. Every season there is at least one designer that chooses slicked back hair for his models, we’ve seen it any other editorial, on the red carpet and on a 14 year old Kate Moss in the 1990s. Though it seems that it has never made it to the streets. I’ve never seen anyone wear a ton of gel in their hair like this on their way to work. The reason might be that if you do it too often your hair will probably start to fall out at the front and you’ll end up with a mullet. But disregarding all that I thought I’d give it a try; it involved lots of combing and lots, lots of gel but the result was well worth it. I will defenitely be doing this slick coif more often.

47 responses to “Slicked Back Hair”

  1. Sugarfree says:

    You have the most beautiful eyes ever!

  2. Mary says:

    Very, very cool.
    I love your hair!

  3. Teresa says:

    Wow, you’re so pretty! Um as well as liking the slicked back hair, the lilac colour is also pretty awesome

  4. Fleurette says:

    You rock this look! Haha, just don’t do it too often!!

  5. Laura_Fash says:

    Suits you perfectly! I like how your hair looks at the moment, grey+blue+purple!!! Super nice.
    Have a nice Monday!

  6. Michele says:

    Heel stoer, vind dit een hele toffe look. Ben alleen bang dat het niet gaat werken bij mijn krullen. En wat een mooi liedje op de achtergrond! X

  7. great video!you look great!kisses

  8. Nomadic D. says:

    I love this on you, but probably only on you! I think it’s a really hard look to pull off, but you rock it! Keep pushing boundaries, that why we love you!

  9. punchiit says:

    i want to do this hairstyle at some proms 😀

  10. Ana says:

    I think you’re one of the few who can pull off hair like that, love it though.

  11. london loves says:

    U are so beautiful and unique. Love the vid.

    London Last Night

  12. JULIANE says:

    awww you are sooo beautiful!

  13. Jo says:

    well that’s very cool! you’re kind of… impressive on video.
    I think it hasn’t really taken to the streets because it’s kind of a hard look to pull off. I know I wouldn’t have the guts to try it, but on you it actually works.

    jo from

  14. kaye says:

    Really cool video… dont think I could do it thought 🙂 Looks great on you!

  15. jul says:

    that mullet thing just made me laught)
    i love this for its compromise between neutral long hair and slick ponytail. so comfortable.
    but i have never get the look as you have. what gel did you use?

  16. simon says:

    i really love it !

  17. Astrid Anna says:

    Waaa, het staat je echt gaaf, en ook ontzettend mooi gefilmd / gemonteerd. 200 punten voor de SVJ 😉

  18. Kim says:

    Leuk filmpje weer en ik vind het heel mooi staan bij je!

  19. Yth says:

    This is such a cool look! It works great but I don’t think this is for everyone. You can have it with your great long pastel hair, tho!

  20. Joe says:

    You have absolutly one of the most beautiful faces i have ever seen

  21. Miss Oh' says:

    Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat hier maar weinig mensen mee weg komen, maar jij bent er zeker één van. Je haarkleur is ook fenomenaal 🙂


  22. johanna says:

    omg, you are SO beautiful.

  23. amalie says:

    love this look! and you’re gorgeous x

  24. Nádia says:

    it looks very COOL!

    YOUR EYES LIE GIVEAWAY at my blog!

  25. Nero says:

    I love anything about you, from your very relaxed and humble attitude to the minimalistic chich style you have in everything.
    Also, very interesting music choice, as always. I’d love to read a post about your favourite musicians =)

  26. Bani says:

    You always have the best music in your videos! 😛

    I slick my hair back too sometimes and I actually use the same method you do except I use hairspray!

  27. TheSanctuary says:

    Imma be trying this!!! so cool… But wondering if it’g gonna look on my bangs???
    KEep in touch Hun

  28. Anouk says:

    Leuk filmpje! Erg mooi gemonteerd! En die muziek past er ook bij! Welke muziek is dit?

  29. Very cool! I want to use that look for an Acne’ish outfit soon 🙂

    And I’m having such an awesome GIVEAWAY by DIESEL on my blog! CLICK HERE if you’re interested.

    With love,

  30. Jeanne-Ange says:

    I so adore slicked back hair. desregarding all its consequences if doing it too much. Looks great on you with your purple-greyish hair! 🙂 x

  31. Debbie says:

    Woahhh echt fantastisch! Je hebt er ook het perfecte profiel voor, super..


  32. Kim says:

    I love the slick look, esp on your lavender hair. I probably wouldn’t try it myself though.

  33. hannah says:

    you’re hair color is so brilliant.



  34. Mary says:

    You are so damn beaufiful!

  35. Nora says:

    Oh godness, your eyes! <3 I love your blog and style!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    you look beautiful, seriously, that hairdo suits your face and your style 🙂 also loving the lavender colour!

  37. Only just discovered your amazing blog! I love this style, and it looks good with your hair colour.

  38. I’m not sure what I loved most – the finished hairstyle which is quite exquisite or the process by which you created it, which was mesmerizing.

    Thank you so much for sharing and, at the risk of being redundant to other comments on this site, you do have very beautiful eyes.

    By the way, if you decided to do anything else with a slicked back look, you would make an admirer very, very happy.


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