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December 30, 2011

Transparent Neck Cuff









The transparent obsession continues. After making these DIY cuffs with perspex and finding out how easy it was, a million ideas for making more things with this material effortlessly came to mind. One of them was the neck cuff which is now a reality! Choosing between gold or silver metal details was too hard so I made one of each. Instructions below, and if something isn’t clear, leave me a comment, I’ll answer all questions!

Take measurements: The length of your clasp should be how wide the gap between the plexiglass parts is. Measurements that I used were: outline of necklace 36cm, width 4cm, gap between two transparent parts 4 cm.
Cut the plexiglass: Making an incision with a stanley knife by letting the knife glide along a ruler. Then lay the plate of plexiglass on a table with the slit just over the edge. By pressing down you´ll be able to break it off with a nice and clean cut. Now you should have a rectangle which you can again break into smaller pieces until you have two rectangles that are 16cm long and 4cm wide. Using any kind of drilling machine (It is recommended to use a drill for metal. As I didn´t own that I used one for wood and it worked just fine.) make a hole in each rectangle.
Bending it into shape: Heat your oven to 150 °C and put your rectangles inside one at a time on an oven plate. After 3 to 4 minutes take it out with oven mittens and bend it into shape by laying it over a round object with an outline of apx 36cm (sauce pan? plant pot?).
Finishing: Now you can add the hardware. I used a tiny metal hinge and a clasp to connect the transparent parts. The hinge is attached with epoxy glue but if you have more time on your hands you could also use small screws. Good luck!

115 responses to “Transparent Neck Cuff”

  1. you are sooooo creative !!
    love it !!
    great idea !

  2. Fashiable says:

    Jij bent altijd zo creatief, weer super gedaan meid!

  3. I thought you were going to make a bracelet (Twitter!) but this is 1000 times beter! Waw, this looks very pricy and from Maison MM! Can’t believe you made it! How much did it cost in total? Love this idea!


  4. nika says:

    you are sooooo creative ! great idea! ; )

  5. Amuna says:

    cool idea! I like the gold one..

  6. Renske says:

    Very creative! I love this.

  7. Ivory † says:

    YOU’RE A GENIUS! I’m totally making one of these!

  8. You conjure up the most spectacular projects. x

  9. Celine KG says:

    I swear you should create jewerly. I would definitely buy some!

    xoxo, Céline

  10. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Wat ben je weer geniaal, Ivania!

  11. betty says:

    wow thses are great…!! arrr too scared to choke myself tho… love the colour of your hair !!! x x

  12. Eline says:

    wauw, je ogen op de 5e foto!

  13. Jasmin says:

    heel knap gedaan en het ziet er heel mooi uit.

  14. Thrift_Queen says:

    very beautiful necklace.bravo

  15. Maria Pham says:

    I absolute adore your blog and your creativity. You inspire me so much (!) Keep on the good work.


  16. Tugce says:

    Echt geweldig! x

  17. this idea is so unique and necklace is amazing! I’m inspired

  18. Isabelle says:

    I am definetly gonna do that. Your creative mind is gold, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  19. Laura. says:

    Wow this is so clever… 🙂 it looks so good on you too !

  20. Wow I would have burnt myself a few times before trying this process this really cool such a great idea and it looks so so you ! Thanks for sharing now I have to buy some plasters before the action ! 🙂 x d

  21. very good idea and it looks GREAT!! good job with this DIY! Your hair still seizes to amaze me!

  22. its amazing!
    staat je goed

    New outfit post – Back in the old

  23. Wow you beat me to it. However I am still intending on finishing the creation of my own.
    Very nice

  24. HISLENS says:

    Wow! Simply amazing!

  25. J. says:

    I looooove your DIYs! 😀

  26. FIONA says:

    I love it Ivania! but arent the edges super sharp?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. @Fashion suicides: in total it costs about 15 euros. and I’ve got a lot of spare perspex!

    @Fiona: No surprisingly the edges don’t cut at all. I had a file ready to take off any sharpness, but it wasn’t needed at all. They became a bit more smooth in the oven.

  29. your diy’s are for sure the best!


  30. REALLY cool!

    Have a great New Years Eve!

    XO Charlotte

  31. Laura says:

    They look fantastic! Great idea!

  32. wauw, zo mooi gedaan weer!

  33. what a nice idea. it’s so cool to see all your wonderful DIY. you are talented!
    wish you a happy new year 2012.
    don’t forget to enter my giveaway: you can win chanel polish and an asos necklace.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

  34. Anonymous says:

    awesome idea!

  35. N says:

    I love it. It’s so simple and easy to make, and yet it looks so good. The hinge also adds to the somewhat S&M look.

  36. Michele says:

    Whoa, next level shit. Prrrachtig!

  37. Lotte says:

    Jij hebt te veel creativiteit in je voor 1 persoon, ik ben jaloers!
    X, Charlotte –

  38. Nadia says:

    Brilliant!!!!!!! looks so profesh and everything… when I first clicked on your blog this morning and saw the title ‘DIY’ and the picture of the neck cuffs, all I could think was “SHEEEEE DIDN’TTTT!!!!!!” hahaha… incredible!!!

  39. magna rún says:

    Wow I love it, I’d really like to try to make one, one day. 🙂

  40. Sara says:

    Ivania I love your blog and you are really a beautiful and creative person.
    I think you should make more diy stuff and sell it, on etsy maybe. What do you think?
    I really like your creations and I made something diy inspired by you anyhow I think you could make a little money to spend for youself by selling your diy-pieces – and I would be glad to buy some!
    I always follow you and I really like your style.
    Best Regards

  41. Catarina says:

    wow amazing idea, I love it! x

  42. Jamie-Maree says:

    Oh My!

    I did your cuff tutorial but I have been dying for the neck cuffs, amazing!

    Can’t wait to see how mine turn out.

    I adore your creative genius.


  43. Urszula says:

    wow,this is something 🙂

  44. this is so cool!!
    great idea
    I’m so going to try this
    your blog is great, now following 🙂

  45. Ria :) says:

    how long did it take to harden up after you took it out of the oven? x

  46. Ditte Grant says:

    Oh, I am amazed by your DIY, so cool!!


  47. Emy says:

    Amazing!! I was keeping an eye out after your preview details:) This seems like a really fun DIY so I’ll be getting my hands dirty coming 2012! Have a great NYE!!

  48. SIMONE says:

    love this really good idea!



  49. ediot says:

    hey girl! you look amazing. and this is such a brilliant diy. i LOVE it! well done

  50. Helene says:

    Love love love it! looks amazing! 🙂


  51. Lini says:

    OMG I just love all of your DIYs! You’ve got such great ideas.

  52. Prachtig !!!

    En alvast Happy new year !!

  53. j. says:

    love it, definitely shall be doing some DIY this week now x

  54. Milena S says:

    yeah. it’s perfect DIY

  55. This is awesome! Have enjoyed reading your blog! All the best for 2012! x

  56. Viorella says:

    Fantastic idea! Must try this out myself as well, would love a bracelet like this. 😀

  57. Fabliha says:

    these are so incredible… I am always so envious of your creativity!



  58. Nicole says:

    so creative and amazing, love your work!

  59. Wauw, dat is echt geweldig! Gelukkig nieuwjaar xo

  60. ALCOHOLS says:

    fantastic idea – and this is why I love to read your blog!

  61. Francesca says:

    Babe – just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS and thanks for all your support and awesomeness in 2011 ^__^ You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and your blog. Looking forward to 2012 with you xx

  62. sookie says:

    really WOW. Last photo is the best, this cuff on your hair.

  63. Liza Chloë says:

    damn hoe cool! Volgens mij zag ik je laatst in Amsterdam! Helaas ben ik niet handig met mijn handen en zal dit mij neit zo 1.2.3 lukken. 🙂

  64. Frick you inspire me! You are so creative and this is just awesome! Love the hatches and the attention to detail! I’d pay for these… Hmm now to make some of my own!

  65. Sasha says:

    I still hope to try my hand at the first transparent cuff diy you did. It’s such a good idea!

  66. pelin says:

    So creative! Love it! And your hair, beautiful!

  67. Miles says:

    You’re brilliant and so imaginative!

  68. Mafalda says:

    that’s the best diy i’ve ever seen, looks incredible!
    i am SO following your blog, love it!

  69. jemu says:

    Ziet er heel erg leuk uit!
    ik ben vanmiddag ook bezig geweest met een stuk “waarschijnlijk” plexiglas, maar het wou niet in vorm blijven/ dus ik vroeg me af wat voor plexiglas je hiervoor nodig hebt?

  70. really creative idea! might try that with some other material 🙂

  71. Grace says:

    so creative…cong…

  72. OMG!!! What an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing!


  73. LeNerd says:

    nobody does DIY projects like you.

  74. apu says:

    definitely, in love

  75. Aygin says:

    WOW This is crazy!! loveit!!

  76. Eve says:

    wow! extra idea

  77. STYLISTS OWN says:

    wow! this is amazing!

  78. Sari says:

    Love it, beautiful and so creative!

  79. Miss Oh' says:

    This is runway-proof!
    Your creativity blows me off my feet each and every time, love it!!


  80. Oh my gosh you are absolutely stunning!


  81. Jenny Cindy says:

    Great idea, the necklace looks perfect.

  82. I LOVE your neck cuff and your hair. I’m happy to have run into your blog ;).

    Happy 2012!


  83. Julieta says:

    This is more than fabulous, I love the simplicity but gorgeousness of these necklace. xoxo Julieta

  84. Medine says:

    OMG! This is much too cool to bare it!
    I used to love your blog before this post, now I am going to worship it forever and ever!


  85. roseanne says:

    this is such a great diy! thank you! xx

  86. Katt says:

    Love the idea!!! But what’s more I just LOOOOOOVE your eyes!!

  87. Linn says:

    I LOVE this so much the word LOVE doesn’t even describe half of how much i adore it! Would def wear mine with the clasp in front and the hinge in the back, but that’s just me.. 😉

    Keep up inspiring the world, Ivania! (i’m so reposting this on my blog too!)

  88. Anonymous says:

    Wow these are fab!Would you considering making them to sell?…I think there’s a business there!I’d definately buy!

  89. Anonymous says:

    hey girl,
    i was wondering how thick your perspex was. i saw 2.5 mm and 5 mm and they seemed either too thick or too thin..

  90. LIVLIG says:

    Waar heb je dit plexiglass vandaan, want de ketting is helemaal fantastisch!!

  91. This is so awesome! You should sell them 🙂 Emma Louise Layla Xx

  92. Marie says:

    Damn ! Now I know what to finally do with all these perspex leftovers I have at home !
    Awesome blog, DIY and pictures by the way <3

  93. Amanda N Storm says:

    Totally amazing! Refreshing and futuristic. I love it.

    instagram- diomyyunsa

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