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April 15, 2012

Transparent Jellies



ankle cuffs courtesy of Backstage

Remember having these as a kid? And how you always wanted the ones that came with glitter in the plastic? They bring back so many childhood memories of summer. But these clear jelly shoes are probably also the most adaptive footwear that exists, that go with every outfit and every color as it almost looks like you are bare footed.

Update: I got mine at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. But online you can find a pair of similar ones here.

98 responses to “Transparent Jellies”

  1. C.A.R. says:

    i love these! and yes! i had about every color out there! i need to get a pair in my size again πŸ™‚

  2. Marijke says:

    Oh ja! Ik had ze in het rood vroeger, waar is de tijd :). Spijtig genoeg passen die van mij nu niet meer.

  3. Ive been looking for some that are non-child size for ages, and i still want glitter ones!!

  4. slaja says:

    i had it, and I still think they are cool πŸ™‚ great cuffs!

  5. uhh yeah, need them for this summer!

  6. meels says:

    i used to have those!! where are yours from?

  7. NONA LIMMEN says:

    Yes! Luckily I found a pair of these on ebay in my size (probably two year ago). Last summer I wore them all the time! ♥

    I love the way how you combined them with gold cuffs. Really pretty.

  8. Yth says:

    Ik vraag me echt af hoe je altijd nieuwe onconventionele, goedkope en minimalistische stukken bedenkt om te dragen! Die eerste foto is zo ontzettend mooi, met die cuffs en de nagellak erbij. Ik voel me heel onorigineel, maar dit is echt een geweldig idee dus ik moet zo snel mogelijk op zoek hiernaar in mijn maat, haha! (ik dacht dat ze tot iets van mt 35 gingen?)

  9. KxMxA says:

    they look great with these cuffs. i wouldn’t even think about combination like this.
    and Your tattoo is perfect. i love simple, black pieces. or whole arms in black.


  10. Laura. says:

    Love these! I had the ones with glitter in as a kid! hahha

    Those cuffs are awesome!

  11. Love the addition of the cuffs, gives an updated look to such retro chic footwear.

  12. Laura says:

    Exactly. Have to think about summer vacations when I was a child. Loved the glitter ones πŸ˜€

  13. Tugce says:

    Leuk! Doet me idd denken aan vroeger, haha πŸ™‚

  14. Nicole says:

    PLEASE tell us where to get them? Or if there’s any where to order overseas?? (I live in Dubai) omg amazing with the cuffs. Ugh this whole post drives me crazy xxx

  15. LAURA says:

    omg. Ich fand diese ‘Schuhe’ ja immer so hässlich aber Du schaffst es, das sie wirklich toll aussehen.

  16. Hi Nicole, I found a similar pair for you online πŸ™‚ added in the blogpost

  17. jenaly enns says:

    I love these and I totally agree!! they are awesome. maybe I need to get a pair for this summer.

  18. J. says:

    I remember that i loved those shoes although i got blisters πŸ™

  19. Marij says:

    Oh, great! I remember having them as a kid very well ( in primary school we went on a classtrip and i didnt like that because i was quite a shy child. when we went swimming in the afternoon i lost one of my bathing shoes (that is what they are, isnt it?) in a lake and it all felt even more horrible. I probably got new ones when i finally returned home but i can still feel how the shoe slipped of my foot because it got stuck in the mud!)
    Thanks for bringing that up for me!

  20. Advo says:

    Hi, how sturdy are those ankle cuffs? I got a cheap pair from H&M but they bend out of shape.

  21. about the ankle cuffs, honestly, only worn these once, but they are pretty bendable too.

  22. OMG thank YOU! I’ve been looking one of those for AGES!


  23. I remember these i loved them so as kid!! but i love how you simply styled them with the gold anklets?

    great styling check out my recent customized foot wear


  24. Marina says:

    They look so amazing! Like it!


  25. Anuschka says:

    ooh I love the cuffs!

  26. Bani says:

    When I was little, I wanted shoes like this more than life itself and my parents would never buy them for me! πŸ™

    One of my friends had a really cool pair of jelly sandals that actually lit up with red and blue lights when she walked!

  27. loveaffair says:

    I have myself been planning to buy a pair of these lovely lovely jelly shoes, but i would recommend buying them from the officiel creator of them, a brand that my mom used to wear when she was young too…The webpage seems a bit dodgy, but it is highly recommended:

  28. Anonymous says:

    Funny. Two weeks ago i bought a pair similar πŸ™‚

  29. Ria :) says:

    i loveee those as a kid, im deff getting myself a pair now! x

  30. Tine says:

    Yes! I even had them with glitter!

  31. Kristine says:

    hey:):) i’m from Norway, love your blog. youre my biggest inspire. i’m going to Amsterdam 3. to 7. may this year. would you like to write a post about some of the fashionmarkeds in Amsterdam in the nearest future? x

  32. I love this. Such a flashback to my childhood years πŸ™‚ The ankle cuffs are lovely with the shoes!

  33. FXCKDENIM says:

    i love the anklecuffs, it’s a perfect match to the platics.

  34. Andrea says:

    i love those shoes! i got some cuffs too but from h&m πŸ™‚

  35. Kim says:

    Geweldig! Herinneren me aan zwemles. Alleen zijn ze nu eigenlijk best hip!

  36. Hug says:

    mixing these shoes with the golden anklets! genious!
    it made it a cool runway look!

  37. Samantha says:

    i had some transparent glittery wedges and i threw them out years ago the most annoying this is i had them as a teenager and my feet didn’t grow anymore SO they are in fashion and could be anywhere in the world/burnt down to ashes when they should be on my feet! a lesson not to ever throw anything away!

  38. I’ve been looking for these on eBay for a while now. Looks awesome. I’d like the ones with no glitter though. πŸ™‚

  39. Advo says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty! πŸ™‚

  40. Helene says:

    Looks great! πŸ™‚


  41. Sasha says:

    Oh Jellies. So many memories!

  42. Love the ankle cuffs – they are my latest accessory obsession. Just featured a jeweled one on my blog πŸ™‚

    would love for you to check out my new post

  43. Lydia Rose says:

    Ahh i remeber these days! Love the ankle cuffs!

  44. Anonymous says:

    *bare footed

  45. Josephine says:

    omg I remember I was wearing these sandals when I was 11 or 12, had them in pink and green haha. you totally rock the transparent version! XX

  46. Macy says:

    LOVE this look, the ankle cuffs with the transparent jellies go so well together

  47. it’s stunning how you made them look fashionable! love it

  48. riotdontdiet says:

    i totally thought those were melissas! they have a similiar model! if you dont know the brand, you will probably like it!

    those look amazing on. love them, and also love your blog. you are my inspiration, i would love to be as minimalistic and look as flawless as you are, but i just love stuff all over the place im afraid lol

    feel free to visiit πŸ™‚ would be so flattered if i had a visit/comment from you ehehe

    miriam from portugal xx

  49. Deanna Bauer says:

    I remember jellies! They are so comfortable to wear!

  50. Sarlm says:

    I have the exact same ones in clear and in pink. If anyone lives in Australia, you can buy them from, they might ship overseas too.

  51. Squared says:

    I LOVE jelly sandals!

  52. SINA says:

    you are so lovely everytime πŸ™‚

  53. Oh dear God, I love you for bringing these back to my attention. May my 6 year old self be glad and re-chic-ed up <3

    te amo,

  54. Sarah says:

    I just got a blue pair of these the other day! I feel like a little kid again when i wear them.

  55. oh, you fascinated me with the mix of plastic and black nails! a pleasure to see your blog every day.

  56. Manon says:

    Een super toffe blog!

    Die schoentjes had ik vroeger in het donkerblauw. Op die schoenen voelt het ook net alsof je op blote voeten loopt, want je voelt er doorheen haha.

    Laatst heb ik hele mooie exemplaren op de kop getikt, maar ze zijn mij helaas een tikkel te groot.
    Ze zijn zeegroen met glitter.
    Voor een maat 39.
    Je kan ze hier zien en kopen;

  57. Nyssa Jayne says:

    these are so sweet! my friend always had a fantastic knack for picking them up in op shops before they made a “comeback”. i think i would definitely consider some next summer!

  58. Nathan Moy says:

    wow ivania, these are truly adorable!

    i’ve got another ‘fashion tip’ for u and im not entirely sure it’ll apply, but just some friendly advice. once i bought a romain kremer top with plastic shoulder pads (like u can see my shoulders), and when it got too hot, u can actually embarassingly see the vapors from ‘sweat’ or heat build up on the plastic so i never wore it again lol.. so just beware not to wear them on an overly hot day to accumulate ‘sweat’ on the plastics, but then again it prob shudnt happen πŸ˜‰

    do tell me how it goes babes, still loving ur aesthetics

    xx nathan.niche


  59. totally had these as a child! love it.
    january, x

  60. Joanna says:

    So cute! Never had this as a child though πŸ™

  61. Neon Gold says:

    i love those shoes!! i remember having those in pink! those were the best shoes i ever had as a kid:) xx

  62. Haha. Lol. I just got mine in!! Topshop with glitters πŸ™‚
    Tomorrow online. Funny. Obvious though, since I love your style babe.

  63. Sharon says:


    I hated these so much as a kid.
    I always wore them to the beach and then all the sand got stuck in my shoes.


  64. anne says:

    that’s really cute,
    I wonder how it looks with a whole outfit

  65. Mary says:

    They are soooo cool! Actually I got some, who are very look a like!

    // Marie from

  66. I wore this in kindergarten!They are hit! :]

  67. I found your blog recently, and instantly became a FAN!
    I love your work and your style!!

    and those sandals are surreal!


  68. Anonymous says:

    Why have you been promoting backstage a lot lately.
    stop you’re getting the good stuff too “known”.

  69. Lini says:

    Oh yes, thanks for reminding me of that childhood memory. I used to have a glittery pair and on holidays in Spain I lost one shoe in the sea and then a week later or so I found it a few hundred meters ahead. It must have travelled for a week and then came back. πŸ™‚ Such a pity that they’re mostly made for children feet.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Lovely combination. That’s why i got to ask: did you make these wonderful cuffs for your ankles? and if – how did you do it?

  71. Tamina says:

    what a nice idea πŸ™‚ and so funny as I always wore those shoes when I was a young girl

  72. Lisa says:

    how can you make your pictures this large????

  73. Anonymous says:

    the best blogger ever

  74. Anonymous says:

    what a nice pair of shoes…….

    any one know, from where i can buy them..

  75. flowercake says:

    The love of childhood memories

  76. that shoes are amazing!!! and u v got super hair!!!

  77. Weyn says:

    I wish I could pull that off as well as you. Where I’m from you’d get dirt all over and in between your toes the moment you step out of the house. πŸ™

  78. Anonymous says:

    I love it, I hope it will be possible to buy them in men size this summer.

  79. sepatuholic says:

    OMG, I have the same jelly sandals yearssssss ago, I think I bought it Marks&Spencer HK.
    Gold Cuff addition is such a fabulous idea here!!! love it…

  80. michelle says:

    for all the dutch people:
    they sell them at scapino for 4,99!

  81. Anonymous says:

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  83. Anonymous says:

    It’s from Brazil. look at for MELISSA. alll thing they do with a plastic…

  84. Anonymous says:

    Verkopen ze deze nog steeds op de Albert Cuyp markt ?

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