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August 2, 2013

To The Margiela Show

 photo loveaestheticsmaisonmartinmargielawearing.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsmaisonmartinmargielawearing0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsmaisonmartinmargielawearing000.jpg

bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
dress: Made by me
shoes: Dr. Martens (similar)
bomber: Weekday

Some forgotten snapshots from Paris last month. This is what I wore to the Maison Martin Margiela haute couture show + my beloved nose bridge clip which is in my clutch during this little shoot because I was so afraid to lose it while running around the city. I searched high and low for a perfect dress to wear but couldn’t find it. So I saw no better option but to take matters into my own hands and make the dress I had in mind. The biggest compliment I got on it was from a journalist outside the show, who took a snapshot of it and assumed the dress was a Margiela.

53 responses to “To The Margiela Show”

  1. Vincent says:

    I really like your dress! It reminds me of your favorite leather top you made by yourself as well. 🙂 You must be really into that kind of shape. 😉 It suits you very well – like everything you make for yourself.

    And: Really good for you what the journalist said – I can imagine it was such an honor!


  2. carus says:

    Mmm so lovely <3

  3. Love the dress ! Looks gorgeous on you !

    XX Luba
    Pink blazer in casual – elegant look today on

  4. Vanes says:

    This is a great outfit! I especially love the clutch!

    xx Vanes

  5. dimitri says:

    Love the dress and she’s perfect on you. Your clutch is so pretty too.

  6. hami says:

    wow wow!! best thing ever is to get compliments on self made stuff :–)

  7. Christian says:

    simple yet beautiful!

    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong

  8. amalie says:

    i love your new lay out girl!! i need to learn me some html, haha damn. love your shoes!! x

  9. What an amazing comment on one of your pieces! Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from your perfect DIYs & that nose clip is so interesting. I like it. Since I don’t like nose piercings I think it’s a great alternative.

    The Fashann Monster

  10. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Looking gorgeous as always! xx.

  11. Dahye says:

    Simplicity to perfection! Love this all white outfit, so crisp.

  12. Lillian QX says:

    can’t get over how amazing this outfit is! love the shoes 🙂

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

  13. Bri Wang says:

    Great look. Love the cut of the dress.

    Fashion Eaters

  14. Emily Ulrich says:

    Your crisp eye for structured minimalism is untouchable. Love this look.

  15. You look flawless, as usual. But you have the wrong link for your bomber jacket!

  16. Amelie Mi says:

    beautiful in white! looooove it!! 😀


  17. Katieli says:

    You are so amazing and creative! I loveee the dress!

    xo katie

  18. Julie says:

    i love this simple, but amazing look!

  19. Wonderful!! I like your lipstick colour in contrast to the rest of the outfit!

  20. Milda Narmon says:

    You’re such perfection. I am eagerly awaiting for you to open your own design house or label or make a larger-ish collection.

  21. India says:

    You look amazing!

  22. HayleyMG says:

    stunning look. You are seriously talented and inspirational! That dress is beautiful, and congrats on that compliment 😉

    Hayley xx

  23. our lady says:

    Wow, that IS a compliment! But I’m not surprised, you are DIY royalty!

  24. Mie says:

    You make the most amazing pieces by yourself, proofing to everyone, that you really know your own style, and want to be unique. This dress is indeed just your style, and amazing that you got snapped outside the show and a compliment as well! Just what you need after spending a lot of time on a dress, right?

  25. just WOW. Everything is perfect!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. smiriamstyle says:

    The dress looks imprsive, I am not suprised that it made this impression. I love the bag!

  28. I saw you sitting on MMM show on <33 love you

  29. Wat leuk, die opmerking! Super mooie outfit en bovendien de perfecte achtergrond om ‘m tegen te schieten.


  30. Mrs. Smith says:

    Where do you buy your white leather? I want to sew myself a new tote bag!

  31. Wat gaaf dat je die jurk zelf gemaakt hebt!

    En wat een compliment dat die journalist dacht dat hij van MMM was 😉

  32. I want to say more than great outfit but it really is great. I really like the cut and how it moves aware from the body without swamping you.

    What fabric did you use?

  33. casper+pearl says:

    in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  34. Julie says:

    Wow!!! Love the outfit! Simple yet elegant. Great choice indeed. Love the bag too.

  35. wllwproject says:

    I’m glad you took matters into your own hands! x

  36. Kate says:

    Love your makeup and style. Impressively simple..

  37. Lynn D says:

    Love your blog. The accessories in the accessories section look amazing!

  38. DeeDee Lynn says:

    Dear Ivania,
    Your minimalist approach to fashion, interior design I love it and respect your style.
    When I search on the computer for “how to keep white clothes white” so many answers come up. I appreciate the advice and thoughts that you share. Thanks so much. I live in Florida in America. Stay warm and healthy this Winter!!! Debbie

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