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December 14, 2016



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I do not participate with the Christmas gifting-tradition among grownups. In the first place because there is nothing I really need. Besides, the most memorable gifts are always the random an spontaneous ones that happen outside Christmas.

A wishlist is like a shopping list of things you expect other people to purchase for you. Besides spoiling the surprise and taking away from the spontaneity and intent, to have a serious wishlist as an adult is like asking someone out on a date to your favorite restaurant but expecting that person to pay: a bit unempowering, childish dare I say. It’s okay when you’re 8 though, to ask your parents out to your favorite restaurant, expect them to pick up the bill and lay out a carefully selected top 10 of gifts ranked from most to least favorite. Because when you are 8 you don’t have the resources to pay for your own pizza or acquire the things you want.

Of course wish lists are also put into place to avoid getting unwanted gifts (my mom is the real reason I put the minimalist gift guide out there). But why do we get badly picked gifts in the first place? Maybe because the advertisements tell us that gifting is the climax of Christmas, because they are trying to tell us that money equals love, the pressure is on during the Holidays to not disappoint anyone. But most probably because the shops were almost closing and showing up empty handed was considered unacceptable.

So here is not-my-wishlist. Or I could label it my ‘December edit’, ‘Winter selection’ or whatever – these are just the current things I’m considering to get for myself.
And when buying stuff for myself I like to keep the same golden ratio that I apply to buying gifts for kids: ’Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they eat’. Okay mom, if you’re reading this and you must bring me something on Christmas, let it be in that last edible category.


/ U-shaped silver earrings by Jeniffer Fisher
/ Irregular handcrafted mirrored silver earrings by Coyote Negro
/ camisole 1, boxy, thin straps by Toit Volant (also in white)
/ camisole 2, cut from fluid hammered-charmeuse with spaghetti straps by Protagonist
/ AW16 issue four, Unconditional Magazine
/ candle: orange, fig, pepper, oakmoss, sandalwood and amber-patchouli by Malin & Goetz
/ Flat Fold Bag, coming soon in new hardware/leather combinations by Love Aesthetics Aetelier

6 responses to “THIS IS NOT A WISH LIST”

  1. Millie says:

    Love this and it really speaks to heart, perfectly worded and I completely agree x

    Millie x

  2. Lisa says:

    ah you are so right!!!! It’s so true. Love how honest you are 🙂

  3. Ragni says:

    Love your message, I’m also trying to convince my family that less is more – even on Christmas.
    Ragni xx

  4. Jay says:

    This year me and my family decided not to give each other presents. I will either way purchase something useful for my self as a gift. The things included in this post are stunning. My favourite are the first earrings. Just lovely.

  5. STELLA KRUHN says:

    Very true! Me and my family all went to Berlin together this year instead of presents. In case you do want to buy somebody a nice gift (and happen to be in Berlin) you should step by Cruba or KONK .

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