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June 23, 2013

T-Strap Nails

 photo loveaestheticststrapnails.jpg

bracelet: Topshop

T-straps are much cooler on nails than they are on shoes.
Love the graphic look and how the lines visually elongate the nails. Tutorial is pretty straight forward: draw a straight horizontal line across the moons of the nails and then connect it with a vertical line to the top of your nail with a nail art pen.

41 responses to “T-Strap Nails”

  1. iryna says:

    I never use nail polish, but this look makes me want to experiment. Huge compliment on your creativity. They look a little bit alexander wang inspired.

  2. Laura. says:

    I love these – such an unusual design!

  3. Kate Sarah says:

    Incredible! I am honestly slightly envious of your creativity and ability to come up with such unique ideas. Can’t wait to try this one!
    -Kate xo
    bleached mort

  4. Rachelle says:

    So simple yet so chic! They look lovely 🙂
    Rachelle x

  5. Dit moet ik echt proberen! Wat ziet het er gaaf uit!


  6. Shelly says:

    Amazing, fabulous, incredible Ivania!

  7. COLOR MAKER says:

    Simple and beautiful !

  8. Wat mooi gedaan weer! X

  9. Victoria says:

    So pretty! And the bracelet – it’s just perfect together

  10. absolutely amazing nails <3

  11. Milex says:

    that’s just looks perfect together

  12. she. says:

    I love the pattern so pretty.

  13. They look like a-wang inspired! Love this minimal and clean design x

  14. Shann V says:

    Not everyone has the hands of an orthodontist to be able to articulate something this delicate. It looks amazing though.

    The Fashann Monster

  15. Olga says:

    This looks so much better than all the crazy shiny polish overload you can’t escape browsing all the fashion-related media nowadays! I guess I come to this blog to rest. 🙂 To catch an aesthetic zen, if you know what I mean. 🙂


  16. geweldig idee!! ga ik ook eens uitproberen

  17. jasmine ama says:

    this is so cool i’m desperate to try it! heheh 🙂

  18. Nero says:

    As soon as i’ll have some hours to spare i’ll be definitely trying on one of your nail ideas.. so simple and chic!
    I’ll do them semi-permanent to rock them up to 3 weeks, you should try it too.

  19. absolutely great idea!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

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  22. felicia says:

    alexander wang-ish!

  23. liquid latex says:

    Very simple but unique one.

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