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About / Suzanne van Heerde, editor

Images by: Romeo Pokomasse & Kitty Edy

Suzanne van Heerde / Editor

Q   &    A

What is your connection to Love Aesthetics?

As for the founder of Love Aesthetics (Ivania), she was my second URL friend that turned into one of my most cherished friendships IRL.
As for Love Aesthetics as a platform, I feel like it’s a vision that transcends style and design. It’s a vision that anyone can learn from
and apply to their life in a way that’s most suitable to them, which is why I too feel a strong connection to it.

What do you do outside of Love Aesthetics?

For now my focus is on digital brand experience, merging their on- and offline worlds. I do digital consulting for brands and teach social
media as a subject at schools and universities.

What inspires you about the digital realm?

To me I love analyzing it as Digital Anthropology. I feel like the digital world made us more complex than we already were, often in a
beautiful way. It brings a lot of people and visions together both on- and offline, something that would have been much harder
had it not existed.

What is your most special skill?

My ability to communicate and connect with people (had to ask my man to answer this one)

What is your favorite place on earth?

I like to see earth as one huge place where I experience moments. In that aspect, I have too many favorite moments to pick just one.

What is home to you?

I don’t feel at home anywhere, but I can feel at home in a specific time frame of a moment, wherever in the world it may occur.

What is your favorite emoji and why?
<3 Because it has a universal quality to it as you can type it out on any phone or computer. That being said, it's somwehat of a secret as not everyone gets what it is.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me really lies within the nature of a person. If there’s no depth, I can’t see your beauty.

What is your favorite decade of fashion and why?

Historically none but figuratively 2010 – 2015: when my friends (who were iconic with their looks) and I played around with fashion
and anything and everything it had to offer.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Something that I’ve most likely forgotten.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Nee heb je, ja kun je krijgen.” It’s a Dutch saying that pretty much defines my approach to many things,
in translation: you already have a ‘no’ but you can still get a ‘yes’.

If you could create a new social norm, what would it be?

One where racism doesn’t exist.