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March 14, 2013

Sunshine, Sick of Fashion

Dear fashion, I’m a bit sick of you.

Somehow directly fashion related things inspire me less and less, everything around me is just over saturated with fashion images. All my social media channels are crammed with blurry runway images and pictures of shoes, you can count on it that Zara will have a diluted version of that Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler collection on their racks in two weeks, that train is never late. By the time the atumn/winter season starts and the real deal will hit stores, we will already be sick of it. All these clothes seem to have no meaning, it doesn’t seem to be about the design anymore. It completely lost its excitement for me.

The line where light and dark were divided fell exactly on the corner of a pile of magazines, dividing it into a dark and a light triangle. I did not even have to adjust the pile of zines, it was insane how perfect that one little moment was. Instead of fashion, beautiful spaces and these kinds of things are much more interesting to me and bring new inspiration right now.

*Don’t worry, I’ll be back in love with fashion, just right now my eyes just had an overload of it.

59 responses to “Sunshine, Sick of Fashion”

  1. I love how honest this post is, because that’s exactly how I feel, all too often. And that picture is so breathtaking. You are such an inspiration.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Tine says:

    I totally understand you, that’s why I’m not only interested in fashion but also in architecture, product design, art… I just love shapes and colours in every context. Thank you for those inspiring pictures!

  3. The light in these photos is beautiful. I totally feel you on being a bit over fashion at the moment. I feel exactly the same way. xx

  4. Tevvy says:

    Our feelings are mutual. I too, feel the fashion overload. Been keeping my distance from blogs as of late and focusing on the real world. I’ll be awaiting your fashion loving self, Ivania!

  5. erle una says:

    I understand, sometimes everything just seems like a waste. I love your interior pictures!!

  6. sassyshann says:

    Once upon a time fashion was a way to define your style. Now everything is so readily available & for so cheap a lot of people look like cargo copies of each other. It’s quite sad. I used to love it when I’d find something really cool & unique but now, everyone has the same thing.

  7. Anne says:

    that’s so true!

  8. fashmongers says:

    Isn’t it a fast fashion impact on all of us? We see, we desire, we buy, then we throw.. Every month there are new clothes(as we are talking about fashion) hit the stores and we never give up, rush into and buy.

  9. Fabulous ! The pictures are stunning !

    Urban chic looks , every day on

  10. dani says:

    sometimes you have to start something new without thinking to much about. you’re a designer, a reckless styler – anything you perform will be interesting, because YOU did it. maybe you are sensing beeing a consumer… that’s not so convinient sometimes. even if you’re conscious about it.

  11. Amy says:

    Ben het helemaal met je eens… ik heb een beetje een fashion/blog dip….terwijl al mijn sociale media vol zit met nieuwe collecties…. geen idee wat het is. Ik denk het weer, de drukte van alle dag… het feit dat iedereen nu hetzelfde draagt; ben er een beetje klaar mee nu. Maar ja genoeg gezeurd… het wordt vanzelf weer zonnig 😉

    Mooie foto’s trouwens!!

  12. Leira Zetroc says:

    Such utterly refreshing insight coming from a “fashion blog.” I think this is why I’ve decided to stop blogging for a while. The fashion blogosphere and media in general is over saturated and has lost a lot of its originality, freshness, and substance that was once so exciting.

    Not only do I agree with you on that point, but I also really connect with you on how you view the world in terms of lights and darks. Don’t you just love it when your eye notices how perfectly light trickles in like that? Even if there is just a blank wall with blocks of light.

    Just curious, have you taken photography classes? I noticed you exposed just perfectly to emphasize the bright whites but also gave the dark shadows impact as well. It’s a quite lovely balance.

  13. Caroline says:

    Don’t you know every year Armani agency buy the entire Yohji Yamamoto’s collection? And that’s just an exemple, some people work as “spy” in fashion, cutting out pieces of fabric from the clothes during private presentation and then bringing it to their agency… All that seems beeing ending ridiculously. As we say in french “the snake bits its own queue.”

    Well, I still enjoy your blog.

  14. well, i guess that everyone are waiting for next fashion-post but i like this interior adjunct. for me you could post more simple photos like this

  15. Zoe P says:

    Such an interesting outlook. I get this feeling all the time – but I’ve mot as brave as you to be able to write about it.

    As for the pictures, the light is perfect, and the colours it makes on the white are so ethereal


  16. I completely agree with you. The entire circus that is fashion week has been covered by so many fashion blogs in the exact same way that I’m almost sick of it. So glad you’re one of the very few bloggers that doesn’t operate that way. You’re so original, and you’ll always be one of my favourites.


  17. Nyrha says:

    Beautiful photos!!

    I’m also little bit tired of fashion right now… It doesn’t help that outside is so cold.. I need couple of thights and two or three knits to survive there

  18. Eni says:

    Gorgeous light, great pictures.

    Thanks for your honesty.

  19. Emily Ulrich says:

    I understand completely. The industry tries to hard to excite us with what’s next without giving us time to savor and appreciate what’s current. It’s very overwhelming. Taking a step away is good.

  20. HONEY says:

    i get you so much. its really overwhealming the amount of fashion overload out there. keep on being yourself!

  21. This seems to be the trend with us fashion bloggers. Everybody seems tired at this point and it’s not very inspiring these days when everybody is trying to get a piece of “being” included. I’m not that inspired either for the same reason.

  22. Katie says:

    I agree with the sentiment.

  23. TheBantuGirl says:

    I know exactly what you mean. If you are able to get access to this -> watch it.
    Tom Ford does a great job of talking about how not to be safe in fashion!!!

  24. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Beautiful pics! xx.

  25. monika says:

    “By the time the atumn/winter season starts and the real deal will hit stores, we will already be sick of it.
    All these clothes seem to have no meaning, it doesn’t seem to be about the design anymore.” I totally agree. I’m sick of people wearing things only because it’s “fashionable”. They don’t even actually like it. That’s why I like your blog. You don’t go and buy something that has become the “latest trend” and say something like “as …. is very trendy now, I bought this piece and wanted to show it to you” Unlike most of the blogs out there your blog is not about buying the fashion and I really appreciate it.

  26. Shug Avery says:

    A fashion overload is inevitable in my opinion. I always end up like that in some way. Hence my choice to not only focus on it in my blog. Eventhough it is a passion I think sometimes we simply need a breather to then appreciate it even more.

    I like the space you created for your magazines, very simple, no furnitures, just put on the ground, on a pile. There is a saying : the simpler, the better and I think you are the best in applying this saying to your lifestyle.

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  27. FASHION SNAG says:

    I feel the same way right now and I feel very uninspired. I am sure it will come back to me though. There is too much consumption and I am done partaking in it.

  28. iviviviv says:

    not only a unique style, blog and taste in everything around you but also the way you think. you are a unique person come with something totally different and new Ivania, I know you can! I personally dislike the word fashion alone. I rather not call it fashion.

  29. Eva says:

    Ik snap helemaal wat je bedoelt! Daarnaast is het ook gewoon tijd voor mooier weer, ben gewoon de winter mode een beetje zat! xx

  30. Milex says:

    pretty amazing

  31. You are so right! And I still love reading your texts! That’s true sometimes the over flow of the fashion system can be too much!


    Julia from

  32. I love your photos. Can I ask you which type of camera are you using and do you have any tips? I am having problem take a good photos in my bijou flat in London.

  33. Lise says:

    I love your blog and style.
    You are a HUGE insporation for me. Just wanted you to know that!

    Have a lovely day.


  34. Zo fijn wat de zon met een ruimte kan doen! En ik moet zeggen dat ik stiekem vaak hetzelfde gevoel heb…

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  35. Kim says:

    Wat jij nu hebt heb ik nu precies haha! Het boeit me momenteel zo weinig..

    Je huis is zo mooi!


  36. Anonymous says:

    Ivania,you’re not only a inspiring FASHION blogger, but you’re also very smart girl who sees thing very clearly. you’re not falling into this madness, i mean fake “splendid” bloggers life, which is only a consumer product.

    respect !

    sorry for my english! 😉

  37. Anonymous says:

    we have the same exact birthday. May 11 1988.

  38. eesa says:

    I’m in the same boat as you…my blog has taken a turn for the weird now that I rarely do “fashion” posts and i love it!!

  39. Zuley says:

    Love looking at your space. So un-cluttered.

  40. Love the cleanness of this. I try to let go of clutter but I can’t seem to

    New Posts: Personal Style Blog By ORR

  41. I’m on the same page, Zara’s production process makes me feel sick, as does fast fashion in general. time to slow doooooowwwwnn…

  42. Lydia Bishop says:

    I seriously know how you feel, fashion seems to mean nothing but consumers these days
    please check out my blog sometime xx
    herlux fashion

  43. sometimes i think: what are the limits or barriers of social media! it is as you said: saturated!!! i realized it when i was in london for the holidays! saw the new miu miu’s (babies costed €750) in their site and i was convinced i wanted them! went to the store and all of a sudden i thought: they are not that great! not one pair of shoes in london could wow me over! not one!!!! was i spoiled? what the hell was going on! and yes one of the reasons was! oh fashion weeks are around the corner and i will see new FW stuff, so these miu miu’s are so so so out of fashion (i am exaggerating)! fashion has to wow me over, i have to fall in love with a piece and it is happening less and less! too much is too much, especially when you see it everywhere!

  44. Fenwyn says:

    That’s why I will always favor DIY items above all the other fashion – it’s cheaper (usually), it’s unique and it’s 100% you.

  45. Seeing as somehow everyone and anyone is looking more and more like you (seriously, the minimalist wannabees are all over the web now) … Everyone wears the same things, eats the same things, well in one world it’s always the same. There’s no interest at all in that and as I say those words I look at myself and think : you’re the one to talk huh but hey trying to sort things out currently ! I totally get when you’re coming from as I’ve been feeling that way a little bit too much recently ! But we sincerely can’t loose you please haha

    x Selma –

  46. CaPiz says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I have found myself sick of fashion and trends and not wanting to watch the fashion shows as they stream live this season. It’s time to sit back and enjoy what I already have, and concentrate on what I like, not what trends dictate!

  47. Duck says:

    Sometimes I wish could pour caustic soda into my brain to burn out all the fashion related nonsense I’ve absorbed over the past 5+ years. Then I could look at it all fresh again and enjoy it…

  48. Anonymous says:

    I think that fashion blogs are really over, we are all saturated, I want to wear what a I like, not what bloggers, lookbookers or fashion icons, editors, are wearing, where’s personal style?

    And please stop with this non sense spam on blogs, I want to read a comment made with love, with passion, with brain, not just “follow me I’ll follow you” this is crazy! I’m not interested in social, should I?

    Wanna wear orange, green, violet, blue? Wanna wear those pants from the 2006? Okay, no problem, this is just me, I don’t need to apologize if I’m out of fashion, if I’m not grungy alternative fashion model looking, I don’t want to feel dumb if I’m not posting a clear outfit

    Life is made by emotions, by feelings, by something we cannot really understand, so let it be

    I think that a good 90% of fashion blogger and fashion lover are forced to be that

    I hope that in the future…more personal and sincere blogs, no sponsors, no ads, just you

  49. Elinabeth says:

    those are exactly my thoughts ,too! it seems like no one is investing in the “real thing” anymore but buying the copy. why is it that ppl want to have more of not-so-good-stuff instead of one great piece?

  50. Tyler Lim says:

    I get where you’re coming from, sometimes I get so sick I just block them all out. A meeting with Nature always help 🙂

  51. Mafalda says:

    how interesting to see that not only you, but almost everyone who commented feels the way I feel!
    For me it’s tough because I study fashion and I find it hard these days to live up to the expectations and to “live and breathe fashion”. It seems dull, pointless and completely uninspiring. I keep asking myself what’s next? And not as in next season but how can the industry and everything and everyone around it go on like this? I sure can’t. I wonder how it’s going to change, cause it always does, doesn’t it?

  52. Agree… I’m getting tired too because of all the massive overexposed things all over the network ppff

  53. robert louis says:

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