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June 11, 2014


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My current favorites rack
images by me

My first jobs were all in boutiques where I worked as a shop assistant and visual merchandiser. The thing I liked the most about it was creating little arrangements with the clothes and putting together sets of outfits on the racks. I didn’t mind rainy days when few customers would come in because it would mean there was time to rearrange the collection and create new stories.

A big part of why I want to wear and buy clothes in stores is because of their context and the way they are presented. Strangely at home, most of us don’t put in much effort into the look of our wardrobe and end up only piling up or dumping in a drawer the clothes that we once coveted so much. What has helped me avoid those ‘I hate my closet’ or ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments, is just treating my closet like a boutique and selling my own clothes to myself. So here’s what I do;

/ Sorting by season
Put winter coats out of sight in summer, the same goes for your swimwear and sandals in winter. It will visually limit options and give the wardrobe a clearer mood.

/ Arrangements
Save one (part of) a rack for your current favorites. Instead of aligning all your jackets on the rack, put different kinds of pieces together ( tops, shorts, sweatshirts, even a beautiful bra on a hanger ) that can be mixed up into outfits for the coming week(s).

/ Accessories
No need to separate accessories, shoes and bags from your clothes. Hang a bag on your current favorites rack, put shoes underneath and add a little tray of selected pieces of jewelry. Also, only have a selection of accessories and shoes in sight at the same time. Every now and then put them away and swap them for ‘something new’. It can be as simple as having a white box with jewelry, taking out one ring and putting it on top of the box.

/ Hangers and containers
Invest in beautiful hangers. Having uniform hangers throughout your closet instantly makes it look organized and makes your clothes look like valuable items. Look for trays for presenting jewelry and accessories and different ones for storing them.

Wardrobe related do it yourself projects
/ DIY branch clothing rack
/ DIY floating Rack
/ DIY upside down hanger
/ DIY tripod coat rack
/ DIY plumbing tubes wall rack
/ DIY mini front facing clothing rail
/ DIY Pyramid storage bags
/ DIY mini display column
/ DIY Multiple way clothing rack


  1. K A R L says:

    what you do here is so helpful… you are teaching people great lessons in life #zen

  2. Amazing post! So helpfull.


  3. Alicia says:

    This is pure perfection. Definitely a valuable insight.

    Neon Fox

  4. Laura Holm says:

    Great post! I will for sure try to make my wardrobe look store-ish!

  5. Rachel says:

    really nice! where did you get those transparant clothing hangers from?

  6. m says:

    that’s what I’d love to do in my future home – now I’ve got not enough place for it

  7. Rebecca Fear says:

    I love this! I’m moving to a new space in a few days, and I’m getting a wardrobe big enough to do these things. I’ll be back to this page.


  8. Paulina says:

    It’s true! I’ve been putting together new looks and experimenting with old clothes and it totally changed my perception of all the clothes that I have. No need to buy new when you can play with the old!

  9. Dorthe says:

    WOW, looks amazing, i wish my wardrope looked like that (o;

  10. Mia says:

    BRILLIANT post.
    I believe that this, along with converting to an ‘all-grayscale’ wardrobe, might just be the solution to my every future ‘nothing-to-wear’-moment.

    Also, I very much admire your focus on re-using garments instead of constantly buying new, disposable ones.

  11. Jay says:

    That is a valuable advice. Thanks 🙂

  12. La pose mode says:

    Thank you for these ideas full of common sense !!

  13. Ashley says:

    I’ve thought about doing this before but I never seem to actually do it. I’ll follow the plan for a week or two and then I’m back to old habits.

  14. Laura says:

    This post is making me want to organise my clothes so badly! Lovely post – so useful and your photos are gorgeous x

    All Things Elsie

  15. Fritzi Lareau says:

    Wonderful. Fascinating. I am in the closet (so to speak) about my obsession with clothes and love to read how someone else embraces her interest in self-presentation.

    Thanks for this window into your soul.

    How do I subscribe?

  16. michelle says:

    i absolutely love your blog!! its so minimalistic!

  17. Kristen says:

    I love your style but the these kinds of organization takes up a lot of space. Do you have any tips on keeping everything neat and easy while being compact? I’m dorming soon and would love some ideas on decorating and organizing.

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  20. Yvette Me says:

    Hi IVANIA,

    Purchasing new items for my home and looking at your website for a little inspiration. I tried looking but didn’t seem to find these transparent/clear hangers, which are exactly what I’m looking for. Right now my closet looks an absolute mess and would love to know where you purchased those hangers.

    Thanks love,
    Yvette M.

  21. Angela Mikel says:

    Kowe ngomong opo toh..aku ora mudeng ki. ngantuk

  22. […] / 3 styling Lay them out and approach these pieces like a stylist would. Pair materials, make a color scheme, even make a moodpboard if you need to, make sets. Shop your own closet for accessory pieces to add. You might also like this post on how to style your wardrobe like a boutique. […]

  23. Jowita says:

    Simplicity, Beauty, Fun, Space, Clarity, Easiness. Everything I love is in this post. THANK YOU!!!

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