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January 17, 2014

Spot On Nails

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSspoton00.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSspoton0000.jpg

nail polishes: Hema

Who has time for long complicated manicures?
A dot on the moon and one on the tip of the nail with a nail pen and you’re pretty much done. I applied it only to my index and middle finger and painted the rest of the nails solid white. It is amazing how two tiny dots opposite to each other can create such a visually graphic, balanced and elongating effect.

35 responses to “Spot On Nails”

  1. Tine says:

    I like the manicure a lot but what I like the most is the way you staged it!

  2. Laura Dvs says:

    Beautiful idea, great idea, and the photos are perfect!

  3. The best nails are the simple ones! Specially for those on a low budget who want to save time by not going to the salon or spending long hours painting nails.

    This is what I have this week

  4. I’ll try that the minute I come home. It looks fantastic, Ivania! 🙂
    Have you ever tried to tone manicure on the forth finger (ring finger) in another color/shade? That can also be quite effectual.

  5. I was just discussing this with.. everyone who knows anything about nails. That manicure seem very time/money consuming & I was trying to work out another way to get perfect nails at home. I do love having acrylics but they wrecked my nails & your natural nails look just as good!

    The Fashann Monster

  6. jslrm says:

    Dit ziet er erg mooi uit, kan niet wachten om het uit te proberen!

  7. Jay says:

    That is a lovely idea. Because I don’t have white nail polish (but thanks to you I will go and buy it tomorrow) I will try it with black 🙂

  8. As simple as it looks but you always bring new ideas and I think its great…

  9. complicated manicures is not my style, so you absolutly right, love what you have!

  10. WOLF359 says:

    Love the effect, beautiful!

  11. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. duckalicious says:

    ha, great minds think alike 🙂 I expressed a similar sentiment about complicated manicures here and I even used dots, too:

  13. This looks amazing. They remind me of dominos. xx

  14. Millie Simon says:

    Love it!! And I also love the nail varnish bottles too 🙂 xx

  15. Ashe says:

    Yep, doing this ASAP. Such a great idea. <3

  16. Lisa says:

    Beautiful! I have to try this on myself too.

  17. Mckayla says:

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