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December 8, 2015


love aesthetics CK bralette 1

love aesthetics CK bralette 2

love aesthetics CK bralette 3



Bralette: Calvin Klein
images by Romeo & Ivania
* This post was made in collaboration
with Calvin Klein

On the subject of underwear, the first thing you put on in the morning.
There is something that I like about putting on something and being the only one to know about it. Specially on days when my nicest pieces just came out of the laundry. There is one coloured set in my underwear box, a navy one from Calvin Klein – with crossover back straps and sheer mesh panels, yet still remaining incredibly basic and understated. I love the little hint to the nineties with the camisole neckline, spaghetti thin straps and the logo elastic band.




  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful photos too!


  2. laura says:

    Love this, and the simple photos are just perfect as always

  3. sanssouci says:

    Beautiful contrast, love your photography!

  4. katha says:

    so, this blog basically is 95% advertising, now. i really used to like it, once. a lot. pretty sad.

    • ivaniacarpio says:

      Dearest Katha,
      The past two weeks there were indeed two posts in collaboration with Calvin Klein. Featuring products that I like, that I wear and support. With every post, including the ones we do together with brands, we get full creative freedom. Specially with Calvin Klein there is a super nice mutual love. I always do my best to add depth and create content that you guys will on some lever enjoy.

      This blog is not 90% advertising at all – by far. I even decline most advertising proposals (same with my instagram) – these two were the only sponsored blog-posts IN MONTHS. I’ve found that there is nothing wrong with working together with a brand that is genuinely loved, that I’ve written about several times before on my own.

      Just like I hope that you are getting payed and being recognised for whatever work or job you do – for me too, it is nice to get that recognition and compensation for my work in the form of projects with brands. Usually these collaborations are super exciting for me. Thanks to these projects, we can pay rent – but also spend more time on creating better independent content, that is available for everyone for free.

      However, I really want you to know that whatever you see on Love Aesthetics is NEVER dictated by a brand or by money! (like I said, creative freedom is extremely important for us)

      Hope you read this and feel free to throw me another message : )



      • katha says:

        dear ivana,

        in the vast sea of advertisment that is the internet it was very soothing to have found a fashion and lifestyle blog that didn’t try to sell me anything for a change. i do understand that you have to feed your family as we all have to, but your blog always represented a critical view on the things it also portrayed. lately it seemed that this criticism had kind of gotten lost in unreflected praise.
        i didn’t mean to offend you in any way, nor am i a hater – i’m still very impressed by your style and talent – but i felt that another blog i looked up to got swallowed up by capitalism.

        best, katha

        • ivaniacarpio says:

          Thanks for replying again Katha.
          Your feedback is much appreciated – hopefully I can make this place a bit better.
          So I’ve been thinking about what I can do to be more transparent so that you guys always know what is going on. From now on all sponsored content will be more clearly marked as such in the right column of credits >>>

          * This post was made in collaboration with Calvin Klein

          Keep in mind that even with partnerships with brands, all praise is always genuine and content is never dictated. How it works with Calvin Klein for example is very similar to how I would shop for myself; they show me their whole collection and let me pick my favourite products to feature.

  5. amazing ivania, love your signature style so much.

    elisha-mae I wear this?

  6. Kelvin says:

    If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppin

    always love your posts you deserve it

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