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January 13, 2013

Sheer Socks



find these socks here

A sock that exposes and covers your ankle at the same time; this might be the sexiest sock in the world. Can’t wait to wear these in summer with bare legs and a flat shoe.

57 responses to “Sheer Socks”

  1. Sade says:

    Looks gorgeous with your tattoo <3

    XOXO Sade

  2. Laura says:

    Lovely! I need more pretty socks to wear in heels 🙂

  3. What an amazing and delicate detail! Really need it in my life!


    Julia from

  4. yer the epitomy of consistency.. from hairclips to socks.. i admire u so deeply

  5. elegant and simple! love this.

  6. Duck says:

    Very chic with the tattoo underneath!

  7. Melissa V says:

    pretty nice socks! would prefer them in black x

  8. Kate Sarah says:

    These look amazing! I think they would be awesome with some block heels too. And your tattoo is wonderful.
    -Kate, xo

  9. Kit says:

    Oooo I want them!

  10. Charlie says:

    They look so much cuter here than on Asos! Loving that you’re buying such summery socks in the middle of winter ;P

  11. haha love them!


  12. Samantha B. says:

    Ah, wow. Love.

    Reminded me of these socks, too:

  13. Sara says:

    Amazing socks!!!!
    super cute the idea of the transparent stripe

  14. Oh wauw, this really are statement socks! Who knew we needed those… 😉

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  15. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this lazy sunday morning a little more inspired for me! I just came across your blog and have been scrolling through endless beautiful pages with my morning coffee. Following along on Bloglovin and can’t wait to see more!

  16. Anni says:

    Love these! I have similar from Cynthia Rowley, in nude and black

  17. Turmawen says:

    Love your socks (legs:)!

  18. Selma says:

    These socks are sooo PERFECT ! Less is definitely more


  19. Pan says:

    You make these look so amazing! Very tempted to make a purchase…x

  20. Bani says:

    these are so adorable

    they remind me of the current shoe trend that has ankle straps, but these socks won’t cause chafing

  21. Anonymous says:

    so good

  22. blameanna says:

    I didn’t even know that socks can be that beautiful.
    Want them so bad!

  23. Nyrha says:

    They fit with your tattoo so well!

  24. Bri Wang says:

    Lovely socks. They look so cool with your tattoo!



  25. Katze says:

    As if they were made for you 🙂
    Love, Aylin

  26. Fabliha says:

    These are so cool.

  27. Gigi Song says:

    Love these! I must get myself some 🙂

  28. Leah Nielsen says:

    Couldn’t agree more, that is a sexy pair of socks! xo

    Closet of Idun

  29. Sharon says:

    Heel leuk en appart!


  30. Laura says:

    love the socks and love your tattoos!!!

  31. eliza says:

    How cute! I want a pair, they’re so groovy.


  32. Aleksandra says:

    Very cool !
    Looks amazing with your tattoo 🙂

  33. Mira says:

    They are not my thing but totally cool on you 🙂

    New post David Guetta and the glamDevils



  34. manu campayo says:

    yo le doy mucha importancia alos calcetines….love

  35. Sondra Perry says:

    I’ve been looking for sheer socks everywhere, thanks so much for the link!!!!

  36. TheMinx says:

    those are so perfect, I’d love to get a pair myself! also loving how they were photographed.

  37. Wow, really cool!
    Pretty but not girly, love them 🙂 Oh they also do black…. !

  38. melissa says:

    Really like them, got a similar one from American Apparel in black. Love your posts

  39. Anonymous says:

    simply stopping by to say hello

  40. Anonymous says:

    just stopping by to say hello

  41. JAMALKHAN says:

    I adore all the outfits! Especially, the casually cool one! I wore bright, patterned shorts too!
    LA Fashion

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