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March 27, 2016

setting your own agenda

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Setting priorities has become a priority in order to get shit done.
Here are four slight changes in my approach to setting my own agenda now that days have gotten busier. Specially now that The Aetelier is up and running. Speaking of which! There’s free shipping for The Netherlands and our Neighbours Belgium, Germany & United Kingdom.

/ notebook instead of inbox
Instead of opening my inbox first thing in the morning (my thumb used to go straight to the envelope icon after turning off the morning alarm), I now go straight into my notebook. Right before I go to sleep I write down what I want to get done and accomplish the next day. One condition is that I can only write down things that will contribute to my own projects, ideas or life goals.

/ limit inbox time
Your email inbox can take over your day, your schedule and set your agenda. Before you know it, you’ll be running to meet other people’s deadlines instead of your own. On the bottom of that page in my notebook, I might draw a circle with reminders of the most urgent emails that need to be replied, press events, images or interview answers that need to be send out. But I don’t put these on the same priority level as my own plans anymore. It are things that can keep you busy all day but lower your productivity. So I try (hard!) to limit my inbox time to an hour in the morning, during lunch and another moment at the end of the day.

/ merge meetings
Meetings can interrupt your day -which can sometimes be nice- but they can also interrupt your flow. So I try to cram them all into one day and merge them if possible, like going to a press event together with someone you already meant to meet up with.

/ Away with time
I rarely wear a watch and have no clocks in my house or studio. Of course all electronics remind me what time it is, but I try to not hold on to that too much. This way you work more goal-oriented focussing on outcomes (no matter how much or little time it takes) instead of having time targets like the usual nine-to-fives. That’s why I also prefer the freedom of a notebook with empty white pages over a proper agenda with pre-written dates and times.

One response to “setting your own agenda”

  1. LOVE the idea of not having a watch or clock in the house and achieving your goals purely based on working until you achieve the perfect outcome. wish my job would work this way! stunning photography as usual.

    rachel // Style Soup

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