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December 16, 2014


love aesthetics mitchell darland 1

love aesthetics mitchell darland 2

artwork by Mitchell Darland

Earlier this year I got a message from the artist Mitchell Darland telling me how a dress I made inspired one of his works. The massive 1.5 meter 3D painting is titled Scientific Observation.
The pure white glossy “Lab Coat” covers the base construction (distressed matt white) and fans out at the bottom. A soft violet window shows a hidden microscopic world. I love how the largest part is white but still has so much depth, I love how the soft lines in the white area force you to focus on the center and explore the small window. It means so much to me that the shape of a garment I made served as inspiration to create something completely different that goes beyond fashion. It has got to be the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten on Love Aesthetics. Thank you dear Mitchell.


  1. Ea Birkkam says:

    Amazing artwork! I am a big fan of science and white minimalism as one can tell from my blog

    Labcoats and laboratory glasswear itself is a great inspiration. And i wish there was a brand that would print chemical molecules with great geometries as a pattern on their fabric!

    Best and kind regards from Germany,

  2. Jay says:

    Congratulations 😉

  3. Ellen says:

    What a beautiful translation of the dress

  4. vasilieva says:

    that dress is just perfect. true inspiration

  5. Liz says:

    love this dress! your style is beyond amazing

  6. That is a fantastic compliment and the artwork with the hidden glimpse of busting life is so engaging. White lab coats are like a blank palette. Love how this marries art and science. Congratulations to you and the artist.

    Accidental Icon

  7. vanxnielsen says:

    That’s amazing! Congrats. You inspire me too! 🙂

  8. I’m really happy you liked my painting Ivania! You continue to touch people everywhere with your blog and I am one of them! <3

  9. Well , you should be feeling proud ! What a compliment! The dress is very beautifull.

  10. SMAP says:

    Great design can be translated to different mediums. Beautiful work Ivania and Mitchell!

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