Love Aesthetics

December 2, 2016



cigarette pants : Uniqlo
bubble coat : Uniqlo
bag: Love Aesthetics Aetelier
shoes: vintage Prada

image by Romeo

3 things

/ Current clothes formula on repeat..
cigarette pants + bubble coat + chain purse + vintage Prada slides
Oh yes – ‘Selected’ is back up with more items of this mood.

/ Running into the weekend like..
Nah, I don’t have a weekend – work time and free time flow together. I’ll be at the studio all weekend painting, reshooting the Aetelier online store, finishing a lot of writing, editing a pile of images and spending all left over time behind my new sewing machine (YAY! new sewing machine!). Bringing the kid along too – at the studio Lois likes to take control of the music and use the space and the mirrors to dance and come up with her own choreography.

/ As you might have noticed..
I’ve been checking in here on the blog more often to say hello, with small yet more regular updates. Instagram as a medium just has been feeling too fast and too constrained. Images and stories just get easily lost. I miss updates from my favourite accounts because of the algorithms, photos have to be cropped to fit within the 1000 x 800 pixels and stories have to be shortened to fit into a quick and catchy caption.

5 responses to “WEARING / RUN”

  1. Millie says:

    I’m loving the more frequent updates, it reminds me of the old days, also can’t wait to see the magic this new sewing machine brings x

    Millie x

  2. Maja says:

    I love that you are back more frequently here. Instagram is not enough – I love to hear your more extended thoughts on >>life<<.

  3. Jay says:

    Im very much behind with your posts as I’ve been crazy busy. I need to catch up on it. This outfit is something I would love to wear myself. It’s simple, effortless and black. That’s a combination that I always enjoy.

    PS. What kind of sewing machine have you got now?

  4. Britta Flinterman says:


    Where is this shot taken? Love the clean environment! 🙂


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