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August 24, 2012

Red Eye Shadow



dress: Topshop

eyeshadow: Matte cold red by Make up forever

make up by Laura Steenge

Laura Steenge is one of the most ambitious people I’ve met lately; she wants to become a make up artists. Though she is studying communication and design at the moment and not everyone around her thinks that working with cosmetics is a real career, Laura is determined to become one of the best make up artists around.

She e-mailed me a while back to ask if she could do my make up sometime, last week she came by my home and practiced her skills on my face. She even made a bunch of sketches of my eye with some of her ideas. Laura is completely self-taught and besides all the products of big cosmetic brands in her suitcase she also brought some unusual stuff like baby powder which she used to set the foundation, eye shadow, and make the lips a bit matte. According to Laura β€˜baby powder is the shit’ unlike regular powder it is transparent, suits every skin color and holds a long time.

This red eyeshadow was my favorite look she did that day. But it weren’t only her great ideas and maquillage-skills that impressed me but also her drive and clear vision of what she wants. Chase your dreams!

98 responses to “Red Eye Shadow”

  1. CULTstyle says:

    The eyeshadow looks amazing against your hair X


  2. Elisa says:

    I really love the matching dots that she put underneath her eye. It’s really unique and different and I could quite see myself wearing it, and it would probably work in a lot of different colours too. Inspirational!

    Wandering Minds fashion

  3. skullsattea says:

    I actually love the contrast between the eyeshadow and your hair. You’re style is so uniquely amazing!

  4. shakila j says:

    Ur eyes look AMAZING with that red eye shadow X

  5. Laura says:

    Looks great on you! I tried it once, but it looked like if I had an eye illness πŸ˜€

  6. TeuntjeVDW says:

    It looks amazing! xx.

  7. joanna roars says:

    Adore Your make up! I’m impresed!!! You look so unique and still simple!

  8. Laura says:

    Great eye shadow!! So love this color on your eyes


  9. Sexy eyes! Amazing make up, she surely will do a great make up artist.

    I like your pastel blue hair so much

    The Young Bridget Jones

  10. Nathan Niche says:

    Really loving that you went back to that shade of icy blue that I think is one of the most perfectly matched hair color for your skin tone, and better yet you chose to compliment and bring out your eyes with that coral-y pink shade, the dot accent is adorable! Your skin is flawless btw!

    xx nathan.niche

  11. Anete says:

    I thinh red eyeshadow only rare people can pull off – and you definately are one of these rare people – it looks so cool on you!

  12. Amazine zine says:

    Red is definitely a hard colour to pull off and MY do you do it well! Dior’s new collection uses a white shadow and a orange red it would look so good on you! Check it out here!

  13. moonstyle says:

    amazing on you πŸ™‚

  14. tutta says:

    it looks great!
    I could never pull it off like that!

  15. Sarah says:

    The eyeshadow makes for a brilliant pop of colour. It really suits you and it’s so unique! xxx

  16. Milex says:

    I love red eyeshadow!

  17. Mira says:

    Not everyone can wear that eyeshadow but you look totally awesome with it πŸ˜€


  18. Tess says:

    So pretty! you’re the first person ever that can pull of red eyeshadow according to me πŸ˜‰ Big up to Laura!

  19. Ria says:

    She did a great job, you look beautiful.

  20. jennifer says:

    Wow, the red looks so good. It’s so striking. x

  21. Eline says:

    wauw, staat je prachtig!
    En ze klinkt als een topvrouw!

  22. Daisy Nguyen says:

    cute as art. Now sure that I would be able to wear this out!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  23. Lisa says:

    WOW! Super gaaf, heel mooi!

  24. rode oogschaduw is echt mooi eigelijk πŸ™‚ dat ga ik ook eens proberen!

  25. An says:

    Looks amazing! Beautiful eyes.
    X An

  26. d.h.e.r. says:

    This looks gorgeous. Red goes so well with pastels.

    Evie X

  27. Fashiable says:

    Rood! Een keer iets heel anders, leuk!

  28. wauw. hoe graag ik jou eens in beeld zou willen brengen en meteen samen zou willen werken met laura!

  29. cyeoms says:

    what a great tip for matte. thanks for letting her doll you up so we could benefit! xx

  30. oh this is beautiful. she definitely has a talent for it. the bright red eyeshadow is almost an accessory to an outfit. it reminds me of a post I did recently, but with a super bright teal shadow. I’m really loving this though. Might try the baby powder as well, haha. Thanks for sharing, Ivania!!!

  31. Daphinitly says:

    Wow, I love this make-up look. Big compliments to Laura! <3

  32. alicebea says:

    wow! never thought red eyeshadow could loook good!

  33. Zuley Blue says:

    The red looks amazing with your hair and skin. It has a really nice wow effect without being costume-y or anything. I Love it!

  34. Laura says:

    Would never have thought about this colour, but it looks amazing! Might give it a try now! x

  35. looks so different to how you normally look i think thats why it looks even more incredible. she’s got your backing and she’s now got mine amazing!

  36. B says:

    so fresh! love the concept and wish her the best! im sure she’ll go far!


  37. Dominika says:

    oh, it looks amazing!


  38. Red eye shadow is amazing! Strange colors on the lids are the best, like oranges, reds, and pinks. Something a little subversive about doing slightly-sickly shades on the eyes. So good!!

  39. kitiketia says:

    wow it looks great,I have to try that baby powder:)

  40. m says:

    the only word I can say is: wow. Laura has really good idea to confim your blue hair with red eye shadow. your eyes have amazing color thanks it! and I also see her other projects on your facebook site and I think, that her ideas are really orginal and I like them. I wish her big career!

  41. ah i love the red (which looks kinda reddish fuchsia to me!) on you!

  42. Looks amazing. Good on her for doing what she loves regardless of what others think!

  43. FASHION ICE says:

    looks amazing! only you could pull off this look flawlessly! great post, very inspiring

  44. Fabliha says:

    This is so beautiful, Ivania. I wish I could pull this off! Also I am love the composition of these shots πŸ™‚

  45. Marina says:

    Look so beautiful! I like this makeup!


  46. Sharon says:

    Niet veel kunnen hiermee wegkomen maar het staat jou prachtig!


  47. EAK says:

    Looks amazing πŸ™‚ i would never choose the colour red, but now i will reconsider this colour when i’m buying eyeshadow πŸ˜‰

    do you have any tips trying this?

    xo a big fan

  48. Mika says:

    I love how she blended the eyeshadow and made it look multidimensional in spite of the matte finish. And i concur that baby powder is the shit! You can even use it as an alternative to dry shampoo if you have light colored hair πŸ™‚

  49. LesEma says:

    Love it, really nice and fresh look! πŸ™‚

  50. looks really nice! i tried it two weeks ago, but red eye shadow makes me look ill… your blue hair is the perfect contrast.

  51. Lebanezza says:

    Gilla min sida på Facebook så blir de lättare att följa min blogg:)

  52. moiminnie says:

    Haha, amazing, I´ve written about this make up look and an obsession of mine back in May, feel free to check it out here! xx

  53. De oogshaduw staat je perfect. x

  54. Not everyone can pull off red eyeshadow! I think you look amazing with it on! πŸ˜€

    Please check out! You can also follow me at backtofive’s twitter too!
    You have to visit Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!

    See you there! πŸ˜€
    backtofive’s twitter

    xoxo backtofive

  55. I´ve never see it in red!! very cool <3

  56. such a pretty look, really suits you

    Lola x

  57. HR says:

    Hey there, as a makeup artist working in the industry for 7 years, I truly encourage anyone to unleash their creativity in the form of makeup design and application. This being said, I know of a few self taught makeup artists who have had their career put to a stop, as they made mistakes that could of been prevented by completing some form of artistry training (occupational/health&safety/hygiene issues). Using alternative products does have its drawbacks (certain forms of talc used in powder can create a lighter appearance when used with high lit photography). Being a makeup artist is more challenging than people think, there is blood, sweat and tears (when studying SPFX!) But in all seriousness I do recommend enrolling in a course to get to know not only the basics, but prevent mistakes that could make or break your career. Ps: love the red, Ivania, you would still look amaze with dirt rubbed on your face πŸ™‚ x

  58. Fabita Punk says:

    Nice makeup but I saw something similar at anna sui’s runway for this season (it was in deep blue)….honestly i think yours is better….btw you really look beautiful!

  59. Emilie says:

    LOOOVE!!! love love love love XO I wish I could pull something like this off


  60. Thanks for your sweet words and tips to Laura anonymous: she did enroll to The House of Orange, which is as far as I know the best place to learn it in The Netherlands, though the waiting lists are of one year. In the meanwhile she is doing her own projects like this one πŸ™‚

    & you’re the first person that I’ve seen wear red eyeshadow AND actually look good!

    HANNAH †

  62. fhenny says:

    you’re one of the person who can pull off the makeup plus hair beautifully.
    love lovee
    i have just found out about your blog and followed. it’s late but better than never πŸ˜€

    style frontier

  63. stephanie says:

    this is perfect on you, just goes so well with your colouring! i’m so jealous!

  64. Human Hanger says:

    You can pull anything off! Love it!


  65. Rute Pinto says:

    Amazingly beautiful. the contrast between your hair colour and your “eyes shadow” colour blends perfectly.
    Love the photography!


  66. Catherine says:

    She sounds like a great person, and the make up is beautiful.

  67. kaia. says:

    Only you can pull off matte red shadow without looking weird.

  68. Anonymous says:

    There is a blog called simple garb that is copying you. Check out She’s copying everything you do…

  69. This looks amazing on you. I totally wouldn’t have thought red eyeshadow could look this awesome. Laura sounds awesome! xx

  70. Anne says:

    this is beautiful!
    I wish I will meet such interesting people too, one day.
    and I’ll try the baby powder trick!

  71. I love the way the red eye shadow fits with blue-grey hair, you look very pretty!!!!

  72. Only you can wear this red eyeshadow and look like a princess!! Charming!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    This is a nice, and more vibrant, take on Philip Lim’s A/W 2012 make up.
    Does your friend have a blog where we can see a tutorial for this?

  74. Slanelle says:

    You look absolutely wonderful <3

  75. A Mode World says:

    Looks beautiful with your eye + hair colour. xA

  76. Millie says:

    You look wonderful, this make-up does something quite magical !

  77. Jan says:

    Supermooie foto’s en de oogschaduw kun je goed hebben, staat je goed!

  78. Anonymous says:

    anna sui much??

  79. Vilte says:

    LOVE the red eyeshadow trend! When I wear it I look like Im on crack or something but I just love it too much to care :’)

  80. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing...

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