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December 12, 2016



love-aesthetics-de-pont-2                           love-aesthetics-de-pont-3

Anish Kapoor

love-aesthetics-de-pont-4Michel Fran├žois

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Willem de Kooning / Anish Kapoor

De Pont Museum
Wilhelminapark 1
5041 EA Tilburg

images by Ivania and Romeo

One hour from Amsterdam and one hour from Antwerp, down in the south of The Netherlands is a fantastic place for contemporary art. De Pont in the city of Tilburg -known for its history in the textile-industry- is appropriately based in a huge former wool spinning factory. The typical pointy factory ceilings light the space with natural light, I can’t recall seeing any lamps. They have 3 big exhibitions each year but also have a collection that includes Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor and Willem de Kooning among many.

We visited last week when we were in town to pick up some fabrics. Impressed by the size of the works and the space we could admire things from up close and from 30 metres of distance (or more?). One of my favourites was a what seemed to be secret closed area in which hundreds of dried dandelions were hanging upside down by Michel Fran├žois. Also nice was the absence of lines and hoards of tourists.

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