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April 14, 2015


love aesthetics shadow sandals 0

love aesthetics shadow sandals 00

love aesthetics shadow sandals 000

sandals / Philosophy by Alberta Ferreti
images by me

The best thing about filling that gap in your wardrobe is that suddenly all other shoes on social media, in store windows and in magazines become less interesting – that greedy feeling, that urge to quickly go into that boutique to see the new collection is completely gone. The quest is over.

Finding the perfect basic shoe with all the right features is so difficult because the shape plays the leading role and every technical detail becomes even more important. This is the first heeled sandal I’ve bought since spring 2013. A solid 11cm heel, no fuss double straps a thick one and a delicate one, no appliqu├ęs. A chunky vs. frail balance that would have defenitely been approved by Ann Demeulemeester. The thick leather stitched border surrounding the shoe reminds me both of dr.Martens and of a car bumper.


  1. omg I , too, am loving those exagerrated outersole detailing that is becoming evident among avant garde shoe designs. I love the strength and chunkiness it brings . I’ll be blogging this french shoe designer who has a similar aesthetic with Ferreti

  2. paulina says:

    Awesome. They look really comfy too.

  3. Luna says:

    I love that you only buy things that you really, really love instead of stocking up and then getting rid of them after a while. It’s great!

  4. I am in love with this sandal! I was actually looking for some nice black ones for this summer, but I think these are going to be a great addition to my wardrobe as well.. Beautiful photography by the way.

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