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June 30, 2014


love aesthetics wearing june 02

LOVE AESTHETICS outfitrepeating

love aesthetics wearing june 0

dress / Rag & Bone
bra / ℅ Calvin Klein
bag / ℅ Kara
socks / Nike
shoes / Nike air max 2014
images by Romeo

When in doubt or in a rush, I can always count on my favorite dress. Last week it saved me three times: on a sunny morning when I was rushing to get my kid to school on time, it served as the perfect awkward-length skirt with a sweater worn over it on a colder day and it dressed up my comfy trainers to an art gallery opening. To this last event I layered my racerback Calvin Klein bra with the cross back straps.

You might have already seen every piece I’m wearing before here on the blog, this outfit is like a compilation of favorites but there’s nothing wrong with outfit repeating if you ask me.

17 responses to “OUTFIT REPEATING”


    Perfect B & W outfit!

    XO Luba

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  2. coco says:

    I love how you made your bra a part of this look! Thats called real styling! love it.

  3. Paulina says:

    Perfect dress! I love how you matched the CK top with it.

  4. Laura says:

    Perfect! Love your backpack


  5. Gap says:

    I like black and white!!
    XOX, Gap.

  6. Mia says:

    Great outfit, Ivania

  7. ediot says:

    great outfit. you look stunning ivania

  8. Nele says:

    Agreed! There’s nothing wrong with outfit repeating! I hate how on most fashion blogs there’s a new purchase in every outfit, whereas you just style the things you have differently every time. I also love how you made the bra be part of the look!

  9. Maud says:

    Love the dress! So simple and easy to combine in so many different ways.

  10. Jay says:

    Combining favourite pieces in one outfit always give extra pleasure and adds to the level of self-confidence.

  11. Melissa says:

    I agree there is nothing wrong in repeating an outfit or styling it different with favourite pieces to make new again. That’s why I love coming to your blog, it is not something new and expensive every time. It is one closet, many ways to wear things and as time goes you add new pieces now and then. I can relate to that, as I do the same and could not afford to have a new outfit or things every week.
    Keeping it real!

  12. Aini says:

    There is exactly NOTHING wrong with outfit repetition, and exactly no point in having a clothing that you can only wear once.

    Great look by the way 🙂


  13. taylor says:

    I love how this outfit doesn’t have much going on yet it is still bolder than your usual minimal choices with the extra commotion of the sports bra agains clean back straps. Very creative, I love it.

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