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November 18, 2017

Welcome to our new workspace, again


images & words by Ivania


We’ve had the pleasure of having three (yes 3!) different, fantastically beautiful headquarters in the last three months. The down side of it was that it did involve a lot of moving. Surprisingly it all went down pretty smoothly.

The first move was from our long time atelier, a big glass attachment of a garage with under-construction vibes to the statuesque 1920’s establishment you can see above.

The gigantic former post office in Amsterdamse-School architecture style is located in the center of Utrecht, along the main canal of the city and Neude square. It was a temporary anti-squat space which we had to leave a bit unexpectedly. The municipality just started the construction to transform it into the city’s main library. I have so much love for this space that I shed a few tears on moving day.

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve just settled into our next workspace. Romeo is a true star when it comes to finding these gems. Our current HQ has warehouse aesthetics, concrete columns throughout and even our own courtyard.

Moving is nothing new to me though. Due to my mom’s work as a diplomat, I had moved around ten times before the age of twelve. Back then however, we did not live the less-is-more life. I remember living months and months among boxes (my mom still hasn’t unpacked all her boxes). And that contrast kicks off the first point perfectly:


01 / Have as little stuff as possible

The fewer things you have, the easier your move will be. (Can we extend that to: The fewer things you have, the easier your life will be?) This is the most important point I can give you; travel light. When moving you really see how stuff can be a burden; all the effort that goes into packing it, transporting it, storing it, caring for it, but mostly the brain space that it takes up. Take this move as an opportunity to edit and reconsider your belongings.

02 / Throw a goodbye get-together

So that your friends can help you eat all your food, drink all your booze and take some of your belongings that you are leaving behind. Which means, fewer boxes.


03 / Pack soft stuff with breakable stuff

Pair kitchen towels and table cloths with cups and glassware together in one box. Add art and fragile vases to a box of winter coats or sweaters. Toilet paper rolls are also perfect padding material for delicate items. This not only saves bubble-wrap and wrapping paper, but is also saves space. Which again means; fewer boxes.


04 / Don’t pack up everything

Move your closets with everything and some more still in them. Wrap clamping straps around the doors and drawers to keep them closed when you move them. Saves space, boxes and time. You might have to re-fold or re-organize the inside, but everything will already be in place.

05 / Wheels

Gather skateboards, carts, whatever wheels to place your furniture and (full) closets on. (Which are likely to be extra heavy, because they are full.)

06 / Priority boxes

Put all the things that you might need on the first day in clear containers where everyone can see and find them. Screwdrivers, pens, scissors, tape, chargers and such. And mark the boxes you want to unpack first, for us, always the kitchen items so you can at least have a cup of tea when you arrive at your new place.



7 responses to “Welcome to our new workspace, again”

  1. Love the beautiful visuals of this post! ❤ Hope the new workplace is treating you well! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. leehyemina says:

    omg love it! Could you tell me where i can get the sofa?

  3. Superb tips, especially the one rethinking our current belongings and getting rid of the excess.

  4. Great tips as usual and really loving the new space! It really screams ‘Love Aesthetics’! Great post and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

  5. Sophia says:

    Wow! The studio is so stunning! Love the minimalism!

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