Love Aesthetics

October 8, 2015


love aesthetics barbara alves 1

love aesthetics barbara alves 2

love aesthetics barbara alves 3

love aesthetics barbara alves 4

love aesthetics barbara alves 5

love aesthetics barbara alves 6

collages: @barbimtalves

One of the most amazing things about instagram is that everyone can have a platform and is not dependent of a gallery, institution or publication to display their work. You can just showcase it to the world on your own, a form of DIY, empowerment on your fingertips.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the simple, yet incredibly striking collages by Barbara Alves, a graphic designer based in Portugal. Her work reminded me a lot of that of the genius that is John Stezaker. I discovered Barbara’s account because she used a couple of Love Aesthetics images (see first and second collages), I was super thrilled to see her point of view and how she transforms something existing into a completely new, strong composition.

4 responses to “NOVELTY / SPLIT IMAGES”

  1. Luna says:

    I love the humor in the image of the spray bottle : )

  2. Jay says:

    Very interesting idea.

  3. Leann says:

    I really love the design and layout of your blog. Feel free to check us out sometime. We just posted a new tutorial on how to recreate Lauren Conrad’s deer costume using google glass.

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