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May 8, 2013

Marble Manicure

I have a little obsession going on with marble lately, specially in objects around the home. I love how luxurious yet natural it is.

Last week I tried out a marble pattern out on my nails. It took a bit of experimenting, but I got it down after a few tries.
Having it only on a couple of nails keeps it subtle and not too decadent.

Marble Nails
/ white nail polish
/ light grey nail polish (I didn’t have light grey so I blended a bit of white and dark grey together)
/ dark grey nail polish
/ topcoat nail polish
/ thin nail art brush (or if you don’t have that like me, an old nail polish brush from which you can cut half of the hairs.)

01/ Coat your nails with white polish
02/ With the thin brush apply the first veins with a bit of a zig zag motion, it doesn’t matter if it turns out sloppy. See second picture.
Keep an image of actual marble close to use as a reference to guide you when shaping the veins.
03/ When the light grey ‘draft’ of the marble has dried, trace these lines with the dark grey polish, like shown in the third picture.
Just let your brush go along the light grey lines. These thinner dark grey lines will add a lot of depth to your marble.
04/ When the darker veins are almost dry, apply a layer of shiny topcoat to make it all blend together.
That’s it!

53 responses to “Marble Manicure”

  1. HONEY says:

    love this mani, so cool!

  2. I have a “marble” kitchen cut board. In my country we used to have lots of things in marble,then, it lost its appeal. Now in 2012/13 is apparently back. I love that πŸ™‚

  3. Julie says:

    Awesome nail art!

  4. Tanya Minxy says:

    This is brilliant! I have to try it. I love painting my nails. In fact, my last post is about minimalistic nails, you might like it =^.^=

  5. Adelajda says:

    amazing manicure!

  6. Wat een mooi idee weer!

  7. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Amazing idea! (again) xx.

  8. You always surprise me with something new πŸ™‚ It actually looks identical to the marble!


  9. Katie says:

    Stunning, and so unique. It reminds of when you see wood beautifully painted to look like marble in old houses- trompe l’oeil- because the original family couldn’t afford to have huge marble columns and fireplaces in every room.

  10. Eline says:

    Het lijkt heel echt, super gedaan!
    Doet me denken aan al het marmer in italie πŸ™‚

  11. Milex says:

    I love it so much

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  13. Leuk! Ik was gister bij Filippa K – waar ze toevallig ook een hoop in marmer hadden – en toen viel me ineens weer op hoe sophisticated het eigenlijk is. Clean en toch heel luxe! πŸ™‚

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  14. Alies says:

    Really awesome, looks just like real marble! xoxo

    my blog |

  15. Tessa: says:

    Wat mooi gelukt!

  16. Gorgeous !!

    XX Luba

    Fabulous ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

  17. Wauw! Echt heel mooi gedaan. Ga het zeker uit proberen <3

    X lisa

  18. Laura says:


  19. wllwproject says:

    How inspiring! I’m usually too lazy to do anything else other than painting my nails but I’ve definitely enjoyed your nail experimentation so far.

  20. Thank you for sharing! Love the nails! xx

  21. Nathan Moy says:

    And just when I thought you couldn’t, Ivania, you just OUT DID yourself again! I would die for this but I’d have to get your permission lol. This is so completely cool and I’m speechless. You could do the nail art for celine and balenciaga by alex wang. We’d call it something like “Ivania Marbles at Céline” or something lol.

    xx The Provoker

  22. Naomi says:

    Waw, echt supermooi! Ga ik ook maar eens proberen πŸ™‚

  23. this is such a good idea!!
    what white nail polish do you use i can never find one that doesn’t look tacky, but yours looks perfect! xx

  24. Mafalda says:

    Oh my God, it’s beautiful!

  25. Irene says:

    You’re so inspirational!

  26. absolutely lovvveeee this design! so clean and perfect for summer ❤ ❤ ❤

    xoxo Jenny Tsang

  27. ann kim says:

    I’m obsessed with marble too…

    Loving this DIY!

  28. Vikki says:

    This looks so beautiful Ivania!


  29. selinalie says:

    Great post, I like your blog πŸ™‚ Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me


  30. shardette.. says:

    Such amazing nails.. thanks for sharing!

    x Sharday

    Shardette Blog

  31. Eva Greene says:

    oh my gosh so pretty! i love the serenity that marble inspires.

  32. Lys says:

    Deze ga ik zeker proberen! Mooi!

  33. Hello Ivania,

    Just wanna say you inspired me to my own marble manicure) But I made it with water manicure technique. Look at it here

    x, Daria

  34. Rosie Gaunt says:

    AH I LOVE THIS! I have just today painted my nails a pretty pale pastel blue and am going to marble it this evening now! πŸ™‚ Great blog – just started to follow
    Rosie x

  35. liquid latex says:

    It’s lovely design.I will also love to make this in my nails.

  36. Aesthetically made nail designs, love it!

  37. […] black marble pattern is much easier and less time consuming to do than the white Carrara marble I did exactly a year ago. The depth in the white version needs to be created with different shades […]

  38. OMG I love them, you really inspired me, I just need to find the right tone of polishes since I don’t have gray ones right now, thanks for sharing!!!

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