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October 28, 2015



love aesthetics rosegold hair clip



clip / Asos
image, Romeo

Keeping hair out of the face, just as quick and no fuss as your regular old ponytail. Except it adds a little luxe element to my sweatshirt-hoodie days without wearing any jewelry. Function in the form of this simple metal plate. Folding (short) hair upwards and clipping it down, using it for a ponytail as a subtitute of an elastic or securing a bun with it – I almost forgot how versatile and elegant a basic hair barette can be.

8 responses to “LUXE HAIR ELEMENT”

  1. Yi says:

    love this ! so chic!

  2. Laura says:

    LOVE this. your hair colour is amazing.


  3. Millie says:

    Literally love this look, really complements the grey hair x

    Millie x

  4. Ragni says:

    Your hair looks so great. I’d love to read a hair routine of you one day. Really!


  5. Júlia says:

    Hello, Ivania!
    Could you please tell me the name of the font you use for text on your blog posts?
    Thank you 🙂

  6. […] suosioon. Viimeisin 90´s trendibongaukseni on hiusklipsu (Engl. barrette). Näin sellaisen Love Aesthetics blogissa ja kommenttilootan perusteella tämän tukka-asusteen paluu osui ja upposi. Tämä pieni hiusten […]

  7. Loïs says:

    Inderdaad simpel, maar so classy!

  8. Suzanne says:

    Simplistisch Love it

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