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January 10, 2013

Long Coat and Trainers




cropped polo neck: Asos
coat: COS
trousers: vintage
trainers: Nike
clutch: courtesy of Backstage

My long wool coat and Nike trainers are best friends, though they are almost complete opposites I wear them together all the time. (Like today, when I’ve got to run all over the place, and really should be leaving n-o-w! bye bye!)

62 responses to “Long Coat and Trainers”

  1. Sam says:

    Love the coat and the clear clutch!

    Sam Muses xx
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  2. Tony Gum says:

    Those trainers are a dream <3
    You’re gorgeous. Love this blog!

    please do check out mine? 🙂

  3. Abby says:

    Your style is impeccable! Everything is so simple and classic, just amazing 🙂 xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. Your style is so perfect! I am so glad I discovered your blog!

  5. Ewa Wojcik says:

    You always look so good! Your blog is so creative and not banal. Love it!

  6. Heather says:

    I love your overall sleek and crispness. I wish I could look half as clean and crisp as you! LOVE the coat.


  7. Ellen says:

    so simple but such an amazing outfit!



  9. DAMN girl…your style is just ON POINT. You’re killing it. Love this unexpected combination of dreamy pale de-saturated pink contrasted with the technology of the Nike trainers. GO GIRL.

    xoxo Britt

  10. Mounika says:

    You look absolutely perfect

  11. Milex says:

    This time it is pure love

  12. Prachtige outfit Ivania! De kleur van die jas is echt fantastisch en die clutch vind ik ook heel erg gaaf!

  13. alivingdiary says:

    that bag is perfect!
    all your DIY’s are very inspiring, i may purchase a clear bag or make my own.

  14. loving all the contrast in this outfit, the clutch really pulls it all together!

    x karen

  15. Katze says:

    I would have never expected that! They’re awesome together! I lover your sense for style!

  16. Yu Ko says:

    urgently have to get one of those neckholders..looks great!

  17. So perfect! I love your every post.

  18. Die clutch is gaaf!!

    xx Mounia

  19. Love the combination of the shoes and the jacket, that color pink suits you SO well! Great pick.

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  20. Hele gave outfit! Je clutch is top!!

  21. Melissa V says:

    looking great as always! x

  22. Piter says:

    I’m so in love with the top, it’s sooooo 90’s!
    Your minimal style is so lovely, I adore it.

  23. This combination is amazing!I love yhis kind of contrast!

  24. Anonymous says:

    you rock. you really can pull off everything! i love you!

  25. Mandy says:

    this is probably my favorite outfit i ever saw of you and that coat is heaven

  26. funny, I wore a very similar look today: light blue linen shirt, black trousers, beige coat and silver sneakers…

  27. The coat is really beautiful! 🙂

  28. Sharon says:

    Wat een prachtige jas zeg!


  29. I love your polo crop – i have one in black but for some reason it’s not very flattering and makes my boobs look silly! x

  30. Lisa says:

    Heel gaaf bij elkaar, super outfit!

  31. Alex says:

    That’s my uniform too, but can’t figure out why I don’t look as good as you in it. ???????


  32. Leah Nielsen says:

    Wow, so gorgeous. Absolutely love your clutch. The cropped top and coat are pretty amazing as well.

  33. Isabelle says:

    Ahhh I love this coat.
    I’ve been reading your blog for ages but I think this must be the first time I’ve actually left a comment. I just wanted to tell you that I really admire the work you put in your blog and how consistent you are in your color scheme, the way you edit your photos and how often you post. It’s always so fun reading your posts!!

  34. Duck says:

    I’ve caved and am falling in love with trainers. I’ve changed.

  35. Gorgeous! your look and coat are awesome.

  36. Marta - MC says:

    clutch is so amazing!

  37. Such unique style. Very cool
    Have a look at some Marrakech inspired fashion


  38. Nyrha says:

    I love the look! Coat is beautiful

  39. Kim Liz says:

    and I really really love this Outfit!

  40. HayleyMG says:

    gorgeous coat! I love it so much so simple and a classic!

    Hayley xx

  41. Thrift_Queen says:

    nice idea, great the purse

  42. B. says:

    This is beautiful! I love how you paired with the Nike trainers!

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