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December 25, 2015

BE PRESENT ? / The Future vs. The Now

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image by Ivania

Admitted. I am a fan of living in the future. In the sense of planning ahead, envisioning tomorrow, thinking out strategies and imagining future possibilities. The future would not exist if we would always ‘enjoy the moment’ or ‘be present’ or get ‘carpe diem’ tattoos. We would probably still live in caves if we wouldn’t plan ahead, if we wouldn’t save up resources, if we wouldn’t pour our time into learning or teaching.

But sometimes living in the future can get a little out of hand. Always in expectation of the next. And when that moment finally arrives, you miss it because you’re already in expectation of the following next. In my mind 2016 is already here, I’ve been writing the wrong date on forms and invoices and I’ve been saying this year instead of next year in sentences.

But then sometimes, there are short glimpses of realisation. I look around, realise that I’m alive (I’ve heard that life and consciousness per se are rare things in this universe), that all those fantastic people are actually my friends and that that multi-coloured sunset that I’m seeing is actually happening.

It is all about finding a balance between staying ahead while not missing out on what is happening now. There are still seven full days left in this crazy year that was 2015.

Note to self: Keep living for the future but sometimes stop a minute to embrace your existence.

4 responses to “BE PRESENT ? / The Future vs. The Now”

  1. Renz says:

    Everything is fast-paced now. So much stuff has been happening in the recent years as oppose to the older times. We should definitely take the time to breathe and appreciate the things that surrounds us.

  2. Maja says:

    So true. I try to be present but I wouldn’t evolve if I didn’t move forward.

    First time you ever use the word multi-coloured on this blog, Ivania? 🙂

    Happy christmas and new year!



  3. Luna says:

    Love this! : )

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