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November 4, 2012

Leather – See Through Envelope








Foldable document map/ travel bag/ clutch/ whatever you want to call it or use it for, I bases this design on an envelope and used my two favorite materials to make it; clear plastic and white leather. During my last trip to Stockholm I used it to keep my important documents safe, and it was a joy to get it out of my bag every time!

-4 button studs
-clear plastic
-sewing machine/needle thread

Fold the envelope open and trace it on the leather. Also trace the little flap one more time and cut both out.

Make two holes in the small piece of leather and screw on the button studs. Sew this piece with the attached button studs onto an edge of the clear plastic. You can use any type of good quality thread and a special needle for leather. Make sure the stitches aren’t too close together though, as this could cause the plastic to rip.

Attach the second pair of button studs to the bottom of the main large piece of leather. They should be exactly as far apart as the ones on the little flap.

Stitch the plastic with the leather flap onto the main piece of leather, making sure the flap aligns at the top. When you’re all done, cut off excess plastic around the edges. Finally, make two small incisions at the top of the main piece of leather for the button studs.

74 responses to “Leather – See Through Envelope”

  1. Francesca says:

    No way is this an image overload! Very simplistic and practical design. Another great DIY Ivania 🙂


  2. ania cyk says:

    this is pure genius ! you are a master of DIYs, I love it! Not sure if I would be able to do it by myself, but maybe with a little help of someone with a sewing machine 🙂 I love the studs-buttons ! they would be perfect for other DIYs, I hope I could find them somewhere in my town or online! xx

  3. meels says:

    probably one of my favourite DIYs from you, amazing!!!

  4. Helene says:

    That is such a good idea! I love the mix of leather and the transparent material! 🙂


  5. Julia says:

    Heeeeeel nice! Love the combination of the 2 materials and the studs.

  6. Aminta Paiz says:

    Just one word _ FANTASTIC!

  7. Nomadic D. says:

    This is amazing! What a chic way to end the “where’s my passport?!” panic 🙂

  8. london loves says:

    Genius! Love it, your creativity is amazing! xxx

  9. Signe says:

    Such a great idea, you always have the best diy’s! 😀

  10. I love your DIY’s, even when they are not perfect. If people were doing more of this, they would have more personalities. In a world where everything is prêt-à-porter, you are just a prêt-à-rever.

  11. Looks fun and… comes in handy! 😉

  12. Looks fun and… comes in handy! 😉

  13. Eline says:

    je hebt altijd zulke geweldige diys!

  14. Larissa says:

    Geniaal én prachtig as usual!! Ik heb nog een stapel lappen leer liggen, die echt heel graag gebruikt willen worden.. Hopelijk deze week eindelijk weer tijd na tentamenweek:)

  15. It looks awsome even as a clutch

  16. Awesome diy again Ivania!! Thanks for sharing this!

    Hugs, AL

  17. Super cool!
    Love the clear front detail.

  18. Jade says:

    Beautiful! I love how it is inspired by that disposable enveloppe, and how you made it design.

  19. Milex says:

    You know I love it.

  20. Camille says:

    I totally want to try but I’m so scared of messing up! its perfect! You really should start your line of accessories you know..

  21. Everything you make is so amazing!!! Wish I thought like you, you should definitely have your own range.

  22. Luxe. says:

    This is such an amazing idea and it looks so chic! You are so creative!x

  23. Alice says:

    Awesome DIY, Ivania!
    I love the simple combination of the clear plastic and white leather. The envelope shape is really structured and cool while the materials give everything a really nice clean feeling.

    If I could, I would definitely want to make something this cool! My only concern would be storing important documents in there. If people see your passport/money/ID/anything important through the clear plastic, wouldn’t they be more inclined to steal your clutch?
    Other than that, I absolutely love the envelope!

    Hope you’re having a lovely day <3


  24. the DIY Queen did it again! amazed!

    Love //Vienna Wedekind//
    Win DIESEL Shades

  25. she. says:

    This is amazing this, thanks for sharing this.

  26. Miss Lou says:

    Wowwwwww so cool!!!!! GOOD IDEA!!!


  27. THE NAPYER says:

    What an Idea with capital I! You can bring documents everywhere with style and protect them from the rain also.
    You should do more of these DIY posts 🙂

  28. ALLAROUNDEVE says:

    We’re just in the making of something quite like this one 🙂


  29. Amber says:

    Such a clever idea! You are a genius!

  30. Daisy Nguyen says:

    Looks so simple and GORG!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  31. loved this simple yet tre-chic idea! 🙂 i´m sure more than one person wondered where you got such a stylish document-holder!
    thanks for th DIY!


  32. y r u so creative and good!! haaha .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kacie Cone says:

    Very cute! Thinking about giving this a try!

  34. Leah Nielsen says:

    Very cool, thanks Ivania for the great DIYs !

  35. Stephanie G says:

    Wow I’m gonna give this a go. You’re the best at these DIYs.. love them all!!

    steph /

  36. PSbyDila says:

    I love your DIY projects! Wish I was as creative as you…

  37. hiPop says:

    a perfect juxtaposition of textures!

  38. OMG Ik houd van al jouw DIY’s

  39. J. says:

    As always wonderful!

  40. Fabliha says:

    This design is absolutely amazing 🙂

  41. Great D.I.Y.! Maybe I’ll try this some day 🙂

    Love your creativity!

  42. NRC♥ says:

    great diy. I soo want one
    NRC ♥

  43. Marie says:

    thanks you for having check my blog and for the compliment (laughs), i was very surprised by your reaction ^^

    great idea for travel , leather and plastic are a good combination (y)

  44. That is soooooooo amazing, I am sure people would pay tons of money for that….

  45. Super leuk idee!

    neem ook eens een kijkje op onze website!

  46. Lizzyis says:

    How much does this cost to make?

  47. depends on the leather, which is the most expensive, sometimes you can buy small scraps like these for a really low price

    I think total about 35 euro

  48. This is breath-takingly amazing !

  49. Claudia says:

    Hoi Ivania!

    Super leuke DIY weer, ik doe zelf een modeopleiding en ben nu bezig met een collectie waar ik graag plastic voor wil gebruiken die jij gebruikt in je DIY’s, zou je mij kunnen vertellen waar jij je doorzichtige plastic vandaan haald?

    Groetjes, Claudia!

  50. Jan says:

    Wow heel erg gaaf gedaan,
    ik ga dit denk ik wel uitproberen hoor!

  51. danielle says:

    you are way too good at diy. amazing!

  52. runesbaby says:

    you´re just awesome. love your blog.


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  54. Kelly says:

    Ok I’m loving this but it looks too hard to make ….


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  56. Great idea! Do you mind telling me where I can get the leather from?

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