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January 11, 2014

Lazy Weekend Attire

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSathome.jpg

dress: self made
hoodie: boyfriend’s

One of those stay at home Saturdays, when it doesn’t really matter what you wear, heating is on and there are no weather-related wardrobe requirements. Might as well wear that impossible dress that never gets to see any daylight.

Made this piece for NYE, but can’t think of another occasion to wear it again before summer yet I love it so much. It is exactly the dress that I always hope to find when thrifting; one that might have a history of 1995 cocktail parties. Unfortunately I haven’t found that fantasy yet, so I had to make it myself. Though it looks like the simplest design it must have been the most confusing dress that I’ve ever made; Folded the thin white fabric twice horizontally and vertically, making some cutouts and stitches, folding it back the other way around to finally make it come together by adding a leather string.

Dressed it down with an oversized hoodie and a pair of trainers and no mascara, though coincidentally these are all elements of the the typical lazy-weekend dress code, this time I also deliberately chose them to underdress this dress.

45 responses to “Lazy Weekend Attire”

  1. Laura Dvs says:

    This dress is so cool! Love with a simple sweater!

  2. emzgalz says:

    I love this dress! It looks really good with the hoodie, grey and white go perfectly together! xx

  3. Alicia N. says:

    I adore your dress! It’s amazing that you made it yourself. I wish I could make something so perfect like your dress.

    Neon Fox

  4. Suzanne says:

    Wear it to my cocktail party <3

  5. Melissa dv says:

    the dress looks amazing x

  6. My idea of lazy weekend wear is wearing a pair of old skinnies and a thermal. It’s official. You’re more chic than I will ever, ever be! Ha. This is an ace outfit.

  7. Laura says:

    That’s lazy? You look amazing. So relaxed and beautiful.

  8. Rachel says:

    such a gorgeous outfit! your photos are stunning 🙂

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  9. Jenna Galley says:

    Amazing. Love the dress combined with the oversized hoodie. xx

  10. linnea says:

    loving it! and your style. i truly adore the simplicity.

  11. Emily Quan says:

    As always, such a fan of your style! That dress is beautiful – can’t believe you made it! So talented x

  12. Gorgeous dress, also a fan of the outfit you put together with it. Ennjoy your weekend 🙂


  13. Lys says:

    Wat sta je weer prachtig op de foto! Fijn weekend nog!

  14. You made an awesome dress but I don’t think I’d wear it around the house, that is specifically for sweats & over sized tees.

    The Fashann Monster

  15. I can’t believe you made this dress, it’s fab and looks so high fashion! Your lipstick really brightens the look and wearing your boyfriends hoodie is a really cute touch!


  16. Anonymous says:


    Would I be able to have your email address please. I would like to send you something.

    Thank you.

  17. You literally are the perfect epitome of flawless, effortless style. Love the lip colour with the white, looks amazing! x

  18. Violet says:

    Your version of weekend lazy attire is totally different from mine, which is crew neck and sweats lol


  19. Sef Quemado says:

    Have you lost weight? Looking sexy!

  20. That dress is so stunning. Love it on you x

  21. Pretty dress Love that you made it yourself ! Lovely photos indeed !

  22. Hampus says:

    Nice dress Ivania. You’re a really talented designer.

  23. Wauw, wat een meesterwerkje heb je weer geproduceerd!


  24. Emmie.. says:

    I absolutely adore the cut of this dress.
    Impeccable styling as always !

    Emmie x

  25. Nathan Moy says:

    Even in your lazy attire, you look so chic Ivania!

    xx The Provoker

  26. Jint vdB says:

    The white is pretty!
    Sammydress giveaay on the blog, enter quickly!

  27. ModeAmen says:

    I absolutely love your blog, and this dress is just memorizing! I sew myself and I’m still trying to figure out how you constructed this beauty.

  28. MartinaAloha says:

    a dress really suits you… perfect.

  29. Duck says:

    I wish I looked this good dressed down…

    P.S. The hair’s looking great right now!

  30. Sarah says:

    I love the impulse to create something that you’re unable to find. As soon as you mentioned that you made the dress yourself yourself, it was so obvious.

    I bet your excited for the summer months when you can wear this custom piece out. Until then, lounge on.

  31. Melanie says:

    Your style is so individual! I love how you dress in an easy way, but always with a strong effect!


  32. e says:

    oh gosh Ivania you are SUCH a GEM. i would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS feel comfortable posting my weekend attire online…. xD

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