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March 11, 2013

‘Laser Cut’ Leather Shorts

I am always amazed by the versatility of leather.
The many looks and textures it can have; stiff to butter soft, smooth to textured, pebbled, embossed. Raw cut edges and laser cutting techniques that are so finely done that thin leather looks like lace, or what Proenza Schouler did this season;their laser cut leather looked like it had an abstract print from afar.

Inspired by Bauhaus skyscrapers and tiled walls I cut out these rectangles from a pair of leather shorts I never wear anymore. I used the technique from a DIY on Park & Cube, which Shini already applied to a pair of leather look leggings four years ago. Though this faux laser cut is a much more time consuming ang Labor intensive chore than the real deal; I spend almost two hours in total cutting out 72 rectangles.

/leather shorts or skirt
/a printed out pattern
/surgeon knife or sharp scissors (depending on your leather and pattern)

one/ Choose a pattern, print it out on a piece of paper and cut it out.
two/ Take your garment inside out and trace the holes in your paper with a pen. Take your time for this step. Make sure the pattern is drawn on the same on each side of the garment.
three/ Start cutting out the figures. I used thin sharp scissors to cut out the rectangles,
but if your pattern is smaller and your leather is stiffer a surgeon or stanley knife might be easier.
four/ That’s it! Go ahead and try it on!

70 responses to “‘Laser Cut’ Leather Shorts”

  1. That’s such a great idea! The leather short is gorgeous that way, I think I will try it!

  2. Jantine says:

    Maar geweldig is het zeker!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to correct you, but it’s spelled “Proenza Schouler”. Lovely idea!

  4. Thank you for the correction! Typed this post on my phone aarrghh

  5. These are really great–They show just the right amount of skin!


  6. piipiii says:

    amazing tutorial, love the pattern
    and how minimal nice you explain everything

  7. Maria says:

    No way! You are amazing! And so these shorts are.

  8. Love this DIY! Now whan I think of it, also round hole can be punched in leather! Thanks for inspiring ideas:)


  9. Gioia says:

    Those shorts look great on you! Nice DIY!

  10. Alice says:

    I can’t believe how many wonderful, innovative ideas you have!

    Take a look at my latest illustrations and artwork:

  11. Ramona Hux says:

    These look amazing though I don’t think I’d have the patience for it!

  12. Holly says:

    This is brilliantly innovative, it really reminds me of Low Classic! Where are those shorts from? Much love,

  13. Camilla says:

    Oh seriously Ivania STOP IT, every single damn thing you do is so cool and you’re really just starting to make the rest of humanity look inadequate.
    Just start a clothing line already so I can buy all this amazing stuff you make and be a generally happier person.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s win some Rayban sunglasses on my blog! x

  14. Oh my goodness! This is too good, you always have the most epic ideas!


  15. Pernille says:

    It looks really great!

  16. Milex says:

    definitely love you!

  17. Mira says:

    Super cool diy. The shorts look uber cool <3



  18. love them
    they turned out great

  19. This is great! I love how the shorts turned out xx

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  20. wllwproject says:

    LIKE! I love looking at your DIYs because you are always full of surprises 😉

  21. Tanya Minxy says:

    Such a great idea *.*
    I love reading your posts. Your DIYs are always perfect =^.^=

  22. Eva says:

    Very cool idea, love the end result!! xx

  23. Jo says:

    They look so good!

    I’m a bit obsessed with leather as well, if you’re using garment weight leather a pair of sharp scissors is great, but any heavier and a stanley knife will leave your edges ragged and torn – don’t try it! Well worth the $5 to buy a small rotary cutter for beautiful smooth edges, and you can use it for any fabric DIY’s later 🙂


  24. Theresa says:

    Simple, yet makes an impact. I love this idea. (:


  25. eliza says:

    This is such a groovy idea, your shorts look fantastic!


  26. Mrs. Smith says:

    You look fantastic! Love your style! And what an awesome idea.


  27. sassyshann says:

    I really wish I could trust myself enough to do this because they look so cool.

  28. R I S A says:

    i adore your creativity!

  29. Great choice…i love white so much… this color makes an impact. I love this idea!

  30. Debbie says:

    Ahhh supermooi! Echt heel netjes gedaan ook! 🙂 Laat het mooi weer nu maar komen! 🙂


  31. Bostonista says:

    Thats cool. I don’t know I’ve never really been a fan of the laser cut thing but it looks cool on you.


  32. Seasprout says:

    Absolutely wonderful. This makes me really want to get my grandmother’s sewing scissors and go at a old leather skirt I have. Thanks for always posting such inspiring things…

  33. WOW 2 hours, that’s really something! The short looks great though, bet you’ll be wearing it more often now… 😉

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  34. Zuley says:

    wow great DIY!

  35. BAUH says:

    I would love to see you with one of my necklaces. <3

  36. Adeline B. says:

    I keep that idea in mind, such a great one !
    I really admire your style, it’s always well put together and chic, you should post more looks <3

  37. melissa says:

    Lots of patience but it looks fresh and cool

  38. mack hacks says:

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  39. Cool, so great ideal, I like it, I want to have a try.

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  41. Anonymous says:

    This short is amazing! I will definitely try this. It looks very easy to make. Rosa

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