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April 1, 2014


love aesthetics jil sander sideways

Finding back lost forgotten footage feels just as nice as finding cash in the pocket of your winter coat after not having worn it for a season. A pleasant surprise of finding something you knew you had somewhere. Same goes for the SD card on which this image was stored, it was hidden in the side pocket of a suitcase for almost a year.

I remember being so sad to have lost it and to not be able to include this picture into my SHOWstudio curation last year. It was the last images we shot, when the sun was low at the end of the day(= the beautiful long shadow) and deadlines were getting close. Romeo specially raced back to our concrete ‘location’ on his bike to shoot this little bag which we had forgotten to capture, while I edited the rest of our images. So happy that after it being forgotten and the card being lost, this baby is still getting published.

3 responses to “JIL SANDER SIDEWAY BAG”

  1. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Congrats with the new Love Aesthetics! Beautiful bag! xx.

  2. Charlie says:

    Dude, I am blown away by your whole site. Simply amazing, you are so talented. Happy this beauty made it out of suitcase and onto the world wide web 🙂 Congratulations!! x

  3. Verlyncia says:

    First and foremost congrats on the new site. Secondly, I need to mention how I use to lust after this bag. Unfortunately, due to my not so deep pockets I settled for a nice alternative but maybe if my stars align in the future I may be able to score one of these bad boys.

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