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February 11, 2016

INVITE / INSTALLATION #ikzieikziewatjijnietniet

love aesthetics ik zie ik zie

love aesthetics ik zie ik zie 02

Temporary Fashion Museum /
Tijdelijk Mode Museum

Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam
Museumpark 25

I’m beyond excitement to tell you guys that tomorrow evening at 7pm the New Institute in Rotterdam will open its new season and I will be contributing with an installation! It will be an ode to nothingness.

There will also be a live talkshow that evening starting at 7.30. This is how it went: I got an official invitation in my mailbox and saw that Jop van Bennekom (Fantastic Man) and Ari Versluis (Exactitude) were going to be discussing fashion’s new values. So as I was telling my friends: we should go! And I was reading the program out loud – I suddenly saw my own name on the programme too.

Hope to finally meet you Rotterdammers tomorrow evening (not unimportant: free entrance and free drinks for all)

/ For those who can’t make it to Rotterdam, the installation will also include a digital element of international contribution. I’ve been looking forward to this part of the installation the most: to involve you all and to co-create a collection of images together.

Yesterday we bombed Rotterdam with all-white posters. Well almost, they only have a tiny text saying ‘# Ik Zie ik Zie wat Jij niet ziet’, (translated I see I see what you don’t see). It is the Dutch version of the Children’s game I spy with my little eye.

I’d love to play a slightly different game with you guys; If both you and I would be standing in an empty white space, you would see 100 possibilities and I would see 100 completely different possibilities. We’ll both see and envision things that are not yet there. That to me is magic! That nothingness or the lack of something can spark new ideas. A deserted building, a fresh page in a sketchbook, an unprinted T-shirt, a bowl of noodles without toppings, sight of a flickering cursor on an all white computer screen.

Where do you see something that is not yet there, that the rest of us can not see? Hashtag it #IkZieIkZieWatJijNietZiet (make sure to write your name in the description for credits, or email me if you’re not into social media) and on a daily basis I’ll be choosing the most beautiful, creative, interesting ones to be featured on this page, which will also be displayed live inside the installation in Rotterdam.

2 responses to “INVITE / INSTALLATION #ikzieikziewatjijnietniet”

  1. Maja says:

    This sounds so nice. I wish I could go to Rotterdam but I will make sure to enter the digital installation.
    Way to go Ivania!


  2. Kim says:

    Until when is Your installation?

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