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March 7, 2017



notebooks / Aetelier
Glass Fracture (coaster) / Aetelier
silver object / Cool enough studio‘Future Artifacts’ found and adapted by meimages by Ivania


When the outdoor world becomes cold, dark and dull in winter, when the trees have no leaves left, the birds are gone, train travel means wet coats and umbrellas and it is quiet and grey outside. In cold climates, you are forced to create your own indoor environments until spring.

Growing up in Central America this was not the case, in Costa Rica the run rises to the top of the sky every single day and blasts through the windows. Colibris and parakeets come to your garden – and the outdoor life is warm, alive, lush and green. Obviously you don’t need a little lamp or candle in every corner of your house, but in The Netherlands when in winter the sun shows itself as little as 1 hour per day on average, you do.

People here fill their homes with (sometimes a bit too much if you ask me) blankets, pillows, trinkets, a lot of textiles and softness – like a cocoon. Hence the Dutch word ‘gezellig’ or the Danish ‘hygge’, which describe this self-created atmosphere of coziness, connection, warmth and togetherness.

Although spring is only a couple of days away, the sun and the sound of birds are back in the morning – there is still a sense of a hostile outdoors. Every time I open my social media feeds, the political environment seems to be more tense than ever all over the world. It is bizarre, unsure yet very exciting. But it also gives me is this urge of creating a bubble around myself even more, spending more time on my direct surroundings – making my home and office extra cozy and ‘safe’. Safe in the sense that it is soothing, inspiring and gezellig. Things that the world right now is everything but.


Here are a couple of objects that are currently on ‘display’ in our living room, including a beautifully shaped brick that I took from a demolished building – I like to see it as a future artefact. Something that aliens might find a lot of when they come visit earth after we’ve destroyed ourselves. It is a little joke, but really – the people who are running the world right now are too.




  1. I love your pictures. I don’t think I’d ever feel 100% “safe” outdoors. I’m such a homebody and winter is the perfect excuse for not going out, haha.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Daniel says:

    surprised to know u lived here : )

  3. J'ara Ami says:

    You really have a great eye for detail, love coming by for inspiration.

    I agree, those running the world right now are a massive joke haha.

    La Sugarlace

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