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July 1, 2012

Floating Denim








Summer is a time when my scissors come out and I become anxious to slice all my jeans to get them on that cycling short-length. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t allow shorts most time of the year. I thought about wearing the cut off legs like Marques Almeida showed in his collection, but honestly, wearing half of your jeans around your ankles would only make you trip. So I thought about a way to keep those cut off legs up and inserted a piece of leftover clear plastic.

What you will need:
-A pair of jeans
-A bit of transparent plastic (the kind your grandma uses to cover the furniture)
-needle and (regular) thread
-and a little bit of time and patience

1. Start of by putting the jeans on and measuring the place where you want the cutout to be. Take them off and cut them in half.
2. Cut two ribbons of aproximately 8cm wide and long enough to go around your leg from the plastic.
3. Sew your jeans back together by using them on the ribbons. You can use any kind of thread for this.You don’t need to leave any space in between the denim, this space will be made by fraying later.
Tip: Don’t put the stitches too close together, this could make the plastic rip.
4. Start fraying and ripping the loose denim as shown on the picture until the transparent plastic is fully exposed.

104 responses to “Floating Denim”

  1. These are so clever! What a great DIY – I like any project that makes the viewer want to take a second look! x

  2. WOLF359 says:

    Woa, this DIY is the best! I’m definitely going to try it out when I have some free time!

  3. I just love how your creativity keeps surprising me! It’s not something I would do but it I totally suits you! Great job!

  4. ROSA WINDT says:


  5. Debbie says:

    Ahhh Ivania, geniaal! Staat je ook geweldig zeg 🙂


  6. You have such a talent for unusual styling, I wish you could style for our online store one day! Amazing idea.


    Wandering Minds fashion

  7. Lisa says:

    Heel erg gaaf!

  8. Sade says:

    You are the DIY queen!

  9. I love the idea, this will come in handy soon!

  10. Lola Jaro says:

    love this, thanks for sharing!!


  11. Aliénor says:

    Love what you’ve done to this pants, and i’m in love with your heels !!


  12. Ria :) says:

    you cant machine wash them now can you? x

  13. MiraFrieda says:

    i love your diy´s!


  14. Wat een goed idee! Ziet er echt heel tof uit! Helaas heb ik geen broek om los te knippen anders ging ik gelijk aan de slag.

  15. Marloes says:

    I love your DIY’s! You’re the best x

  16. Julia Lang says:

    DAMN, you’re a genius!!!

    I love this DIY project soo soo much!!!!!

    Kisses from Berlin


  17. Dominika says:

    you always have the best DIY ideas!
    and this one is just another amazing one!


  18. Michele says:

    Wow!!! Dit moet ik gaan doen. Wel grappig want ik ben al eeuwen op zoek naar van dat tafelzeil. Waar heb jij het vandaan?

  19. PookeBoop♥ says:

    wow, it’s such awesome!)))

  20. Larissa says:

    wat een geweldige DIY weer!! Wauw, deze zou ik wel heel graag willen doen ook! Staat je super met deze highwaisted witte jeans looove!

  21. AfinaSkater says:

    love your hairdress and this look!

  22. Aminta Paiz says:

    Otro DIY fantástico… yo la verdad no tengo mucha paciencia… pero a ver si aplico la técnica 😀 ..
    feliz domingo…

  23. Aminta Paiz says:

    Otro DIY fantástico… yo la verdad no tengo mucha paciencia… pero a ver si aplico la técnica 😀 ..
    feliz domingo…

  24. Marina says:

    This look awesome!

  25. Rhea Dillon says:

    Such a cool idea!

  26. Rini says:

    cool idea!
    I really like your white shoes… where are they from? Are they comfortable?

  27. Camilla says:

    oh this is amazing! must give it a try

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  28. Amazing idea! Definitely going to try this one! xx

  29. Maarika Karm says:

    this outfit is perfect!

  30. couturing says:

    Wow, I’ll definitely be doing this as one of my summer DIYs. This is a great idea!

  31. dit is geweldig! echt geniaal ivania!
    ik denk dat heel blogger land (inclusief ik) straks met floating denim rond loopt. kudos

  32. Tugce says:

    Geweldig Ivania!

  33. Tugce says:

    Geweldig Ivania!

  34. Eva says:

    Great idea! Where are the jeans from? looking for highwaisted white jeans.. Thank you!

  35. Very cool DIY … and you always have great ideas… wonderful look!

    New giveaway: Win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes

    Van – / Bloglovin / Facebook / Instagram

  36. MaddyC says:

    Excellent idea! How about instead of plastic, a section of sheer, nude tights/pantyhose? It might be more suitable to combat the possible issue of scratching from the plastic edges, and ‘rubbing’ which may create rather visible redness through the transparent section (not to mention pain!). Obviously the denier/thickness needed would depend on the weight of the lower section of the jeans, but I think this could be an interesting modification, especially with some creativity…

  37. HONEY says:

    you’re definitely the best DIY-er

  38. Magda says:

    I don’t like it

  39. these are beyond cool! totally going to try these!!

    XO Sahra

  40. These will definitely have you turning heads for people to give your jeans a second look! They look amazing!


  41. Pat says:

    Your DIYs are simply the most genius and helpful ones ever. Love them! x

  42. Constance says:

    What a great idea!

  43. Never thought I’d find use for Grandmother’s extra furniture plastic. Innovative, as per usual, Love.

    te amo,

  44. Aves Gry says:

    As always you are always so innovative and extremely creative.

  45. Hi Ivania, great work! I like your blog very much, keep inspired 🙂

  46. christina says:

    Your hair colour is always so lovely xxx

  47. Sophia says:

    Genius!! Such an amazing DIY idea! I will definitely have to try this. <3

  48. Sofia says:

    i confirm you are a genius!

  49. french devil says:

    i think you are the master of diy projects 😉 Marques Almeida’s idea to wear cut off legs is only good-looking idea on the runway.

  50. epic ideas again. keep up with the inspiration Ivania =) love those heels btw. super chunky, metallic heels are so catchy.


  51. TeuntjeVDW says:

    What a cool idea! xx.

  52. peter says:

    very funny, but ok!

  53. justyled says:

    interesting.. i like it soo much :))

    xx BBella

  54. Rebecca says:

    mmm love a bit of shredded denim and looks perf in white

  55. FASHION ICE says:

    that looks amazing! such a great idea.

  56. Heidi Haahr says:

    Omg this is amazing! Have to do that one time. Love your DIY’s 🙂

  57. This is AWESOME! I can’t wait to try it!!

  58. Sarah Marie says:

    Those jeans are so cool, might do that to one of my jeans!! Also, great blog, you have my follow!

    sarah marie

  59. MeganMay says:

    okay.. i don-t need more words then
    I LOVE THIS PAIR of jeans u created!


  60. nataliya says:

    so fucking cool!!! whoa! you’re the best!


  61. Rock Steady says:


  62. Heather says:

    This is totally interesting. I never thought of doing something like this. Hmmm

  63. Jenaly Enns says:

    this is absolutely fantastic. great idea and looks amazing. love the whole outfit as well

  64. Fabita Punk says:

    That’s a really cool idea…another great job 🙂

  65. Fantastisch!! En het ziet er prachtig uit! Ik wil ook!

    xoxo lorena

  66. Kate Junior says:

    There will never be a day you seize to amaze with your creativity! Thank you for inspiring! xx

  67. Claire says:

    This is a great idea! Looks great on! Maybe I’ll try it sometime… : )


  68. Paula says:

    where on earth do you buy your shoes?! they are incredible, both pairs! x



  70. Maria says:

    I love everything that you do. Enough said!

  71. you are so clever it’s insane. love this, x

  72. Kari says:

    You always have such great DIYs!

  73. Helene says:

    This is genius! I have to do that myself! you get such amazing ideas! so inspiring! 🙂


  74. Fey says:

    Great idea! and the look is perfect with the shoes 🙂
    If you are looking for more DIY fashion project, go on

  75. Great idea, I like it! 🙂

  76. Oh I might have to try this. I love your DIYs.

  77. Emily Healy says:

    You have such a talent for unusual styling, I wish you could style for our online store one day! Amazing idea. Elisa Wandering Minds fashion

  78. Urban Styles says:

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