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July 18, 2013

Festival Packing

 photo loveaestheticspackingforfestival.jpg

top: I made it
backpack : Eastpak
small backpack:
Love Aesthetics x Blackblessed
trainers: vintage

Let’s be honest. There was just no way that I was going to make the actual content of what I’m taking to Melt festival look good enough for a blog post. My bag is packed with chargers, wires, wipes, band-aids, disinfecting gel, bug spray, extra socks, towels and more random stuff that you need to go out camping. The actual clothes that I’m taking are only a fraction of my luggage. Though I am very proud that I managed to fit everything inside one single backpack. Getting to chose these clothes was a bit of a hassle, picking footwear was the most problematic. See, I just don’t want to put any of my babies shoes through the mud, sand, trash, stomping, dancing this weekend. Instead I got a pair of vintage platform trainers for the heavy duty. What I’ll be wearing will be very simple as always, no fuss, just some monochromatic basics. Havn’t even figured out my outfits exactly; but because it is all black and white it surely will work out. Off to Melt!

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  1. almondcake says:

    White during festival… Does it have a chance to work?

  2. @almondcake
    I also brought black shorts 🙂
    and the weather is going to be really nice

  3. Reeli says:

    Way to go! People (myself included) always pack more stuff with them than they need, picking out the things *really* necessary can be troublesome. I’m trying to carry less and less with me with every following trip I take, maybe someday I’ll manage to fit my stuff into a bag as small as yours! Long live the minimalism and have a very awesome time at the festival x

  4. Sophia says:

    I will be there too and I am bringing among my backpack a pleaded white skirt!

  5. Wow, i didn’t think anyone could pull it off. Great job. I am still working on taking only a few things with me anywhere i go and it has been an epic fail so far. So i give lots of credit.

  6. oh I know that i-hate-muddy-situation feeling. That’s why I am not really excited to do outdoor activities.

    everything shown are chic!

  7. atomova says:

    wow, i’d never manage to do that 😀 plus, you have no idea how i envy you, the fact that i can’t go to melt is killing me

  8. Oh this is so sweet !

    XX Luba

    Don´t miss today my look with cropped top and boyfriend jeans

  9. HayleyMG says:

    enjoy! You seem to have it all sorted 😉

    Hayley xx

  10. Natasha-Rose says:

    Hope you enjoy the festival 🙂 I love eastpak backpacks, this reminds me that I should invest in a new one! xx

  11. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Have fun! You’ll look amazing! xx.

  12. Anna Black says:

    Love your backpack, wish I was going to a festival!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can we see some outfits from the frstival?

  14. hope you enjoy the festival!!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?

  15. See you there <3 Hope to spot black&white you in the crowd <3

  16. Inderdaad erg knap dat alles past in één rugzak! Veel plezier alvast 🙂

  17. Milex says:

    How cool is that!

  18. Anny Barros says:

    Wow your white clothes will stay a little dirty during the festival haha. Hope you have a lot of fun.

  19. I really would fail in packing minimal. I always bring way too much with me 😉 Have fun at the festival! xx

  20. Irene says:

    Have fun Ivania! I think everybody will recognize you in beautiful white (:

  21. our lady says:

    Hooray! Have fun 😀

  22. Vincent says:

    Enjoy the trip, the lineup is really good! I hope you just have a lot of fun and get back well.


  23. Melt vorig jaar was met slecht weer al ontzettend leuk, dus dit jaar met goed weer zal het wel fantastisch worden 🙂 Enjoy!


  24. Shelly says:

    Whites for a festival would the most amazing surprise for everyone around you! Have fun girl!

  25. Sara Cabido says:

    wow, such an amazing selection!! So in love with it…
    Kisses from Portugal,

  26. Selavie says:

    Ivania, what does minimalism mean to you? It’s a fashion style or life philosophy? How does it manifest itself in your life?

  27. Mika says:

    Aren’t you worried about wearing white to a festival though? I think you’d definitely stand out though, but I’d be too paranoid to walk around and get mud on my clothes.

  28. Impressive indeed! Heel veel plezier op Melt en good luck at keeping those whites white 😉


  29. maya says:

    I love white! looks great 🙂
    have fun

  30. maya says:

    I love white! looks great 🙂
    have fun

  31. maya says:

    I love white! looks great 🙂
    have fun

  32. Matthew Pike says:

    Hopefully it’s not too muddy then!

  33. Gorgeous crisp pieces. Very impressed that you managed to fit it all in the backpack. Hope you have a great time and that the bugs don’t bite.

    Christie x

  34. Hannelore says:

    Melt wou ik ook doen, maar is er helaas niet van gekomen… Veel plezier!

  35. it looks like u have all u need! 🙂 great solution with the shoes btw! have fun 🙂

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  36. Neon Gold says:

    the shoes are a great choice!

  37. Candy Wyatt says:

    I saw you there and you looked great, as always!

  38. You should have come to say hi Candy!!

  39. melissa says:

    when I went to coachella packing was hard, but like you everything was black and white making it easier to mix and match later. Have fun

  40. Korin says:

    Hi, Ivania,

    Your blog is simply amazing and so inspiring !
    I want to ask you for a favour – could I please borrow these photos as a visual example(with your name under it, of course) for an article ‘list of least things you should take to a festival’ I’m writing in order to get a job in lithuanian SwO fashion magazine.
    That would be a life saver
    Have a great day now !

  41. Hi Korin, Can you please send me an email about it? to 🙂 thanks! I’ll be sure to answer it quickly!

  42. hiPop says:

    I love (how you don’t give up your 🙂 aesthetics even during most challenging of times for all white – the festivals!


  43. Borys Korban says:

    I love ur design and blog too of course !
    You are the best !

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  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. onesh0t says:

    WOW ! love it !

  48. Margaux says:

    I swear that at a moment during the festival I thought I saw you, but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t came and talk ahaha thats too silly. Hope that you had a great festival (who wouldnt have? :), despite how dusty I guess your white clothes was at the end of the 3days. And, by the way, I really really like your blog and all the stuff you do !
    xx Margaux

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ivania,

    I’m interested in getting that eastpak bag. Did you remove the logo? If you did, was it easy to do?

  50. Im ordinarily a high heel sandals sort woman, nevertheless Freezing paid for my own earliest list of all these 72 hours in the past, I actually have damaged for 24 hours, dont perhaps desire to just take out these are generally excellent decent, trend and comfy. My ft currently have never also been which means cheerful! Really worth the capital, When i thinking about ordering in various other tones so i could keep one inch my best motor vehicle and constantly be able to tie in with what Er or him carrying!

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