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November 15, 2013

Factory – [+ small Maison Martin Margiela giveaway]

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Last month, my workspace looked like a little factory with rolls of felt, piles of cut fabric all over and a sewing machine instead of a computer on the desk. I was making the bags in which the new Maison Martin Margiela Replica scents would be presented to the press, kind of like a packaging for a packaging. The fragrances division of Maison Martin Margiela saw the DIY I made a while ago and commissioned me to make it for the entire fashion press of The Netherlands and Belgium. You can imagine my excitement.

About the fragrances_
Romeo appropriated the ‘Jazz club’ and my personal favorite is the musky ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’. Right now, the beautiful bottle of ‘Promenade in the gardens’ sits unused on the shelf. So if you like flowery scents with a slight hint of fresh leaves, leave your email in the comments below. At the end of the week I will pick someone who can put it to good use and send it over inside a little felt bag.

479 responses to “Factory – [+ small Maison Martin Margiela giveaway]”

  1. Julius Leon says:

    so beautiful! Wish I could get the fragrance! 🙂 x

  2. Pearl says:

    I love perfumes & I think “promenads in the gardens” sounds like my kind of scent.
    email : pearldsouza30[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very nice! Congratulations! Good luck for me 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh, wow, I do enjoy manual work like this from time to time. clears the head. (before enlightenment, chop wood. after enlightenment, chop wood.)

  5. Rahel says:

    I’m in for flowery scents if they’re not to sweet. A slight hint of fresh leaves sounds wonderful 🙂

  6. Griet W says:

    lovely, congratulations with the collaboration!

    i would love a new fragrance, mmm!

    w i l s g r i e t @ m e . c o m

  7. Amelia G says:

    I love the idea of perfumes replicating certain scents of life, and these sound amazing!I’m a sucker for floral/garden-like scents and the olfactive notes of ‘promenade’sound gorgeous.

  8. wow, I was actually thinking about these fragrances the other day and how i never see them in stores….it would be a little dream to get my hands on one <3

  9. suus says:

    Wow would love to win, clean bottle ánd wonderfull scent!

  10. Nathan Moy says:

    OH wow Ivania, this is no little giveaway, it’s Margiela rangrance, and it aint no incognito lol (that rhymes!) and fingerscrossed I can finally own one of these bottles from ya. I knew one day Margiela would commission you, remember how I mentioned it before that you would collaborate or they would approach you? You r aesthetic is PERFECT for them, and I can think of NO other blogger who defines WHITE in such a modern way as you do! Big congrats hun, this is MAJOR!

    Take care and keep on provoking hun!

    xx The Provoker

  11. Charl says:

    Congrats on the commission – the bags are perfect! I love flowery scents so count me in!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Since I’m missing summer so badly already…. a flowery scent would be a blessing!
    Maaja Lilleleht

  13. Veronique says:

    Gorgeous felt bags!
    check out my fashion blog under

  14. Turniphead says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hannelore says:

    Wauw, proficiat! Heel vet dat je dat mag doen!
    aupaysdesmerveillesblog at gmail dot com

  16. Anonymous says:

    functional felt. LOVE

  17. Esther says:

    Oh, the packaging alone is beautiful in itself… still, would love to win (Do we get your bag, too? 🙂 )

  18. This is awesome. Congratulations on being commissioned for such an great project.

    i would love to win this perfume. The only perfumes I have are about 10 years old an from when I was a teenager. I never wear any of them – I think they’ve all gone off. I’d love to have a perfume in my collection that is actually appropriate and delicious to wear. This one looks and sounds straight up my street. xx

  19. helene b says:

    hello, I’m Helene a French fan of you and your so inspiring way of thinking .
    Perfumes are a beautiful and useless human thing, i am in love with the idea of us , FAUNA wanting to smell like FLORA …
    make me happy

  20. I’m really bad at trying new perfumes, so I’ll be crossing my fingers for this giveaway…

  21. Hrönn Hedin says:

    Hi Ivania, I recently discovered your blog and I find it very inspiring. Thank you. 🙂 i would be happy to try out the perfume as well, so here’s my email:


  22. Maria H says:

    Thats amazing! You are an inspiration!

  23. elena|artho says:

    (if i just win the bag, it’s alright too)

  24. Meli says:

    meli . dings [at] gmail . com


  25. Emilija Jurgulyte says:

    Congratulations with the collaboration! Also the photos ‘Beach Walk’ are very beautiful.

    I would really love to win Martin Margiela Replica fragnance.


  26. Maria H says:

    Ops, forgot to include my email!


  27. Eline says:

    What an amazing opportunity!

  28. This would be great to win as a gift for my daughter for Xmas.That is so awesome that you got this unexpected chance to make the bags.

  29. This is awesome. Your bags compliment the bottles & brand perfectly.

    The Fashann Monster

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhh wowww, as I just found out my all time favourite perfume is not being made anymore :(….
    I would love to find a new favourite. And this one sounds promising!

  31. Mariela says:

    Ahh this would look so lovely atop my bookshelf ^,^

  32. Christian says:

    Ohhh, spare me from the wrath of my gwife if I don’t land this, haha!

  33. Laura lexo says:

    Would love to have the fragrance !! Great post



  34. Wow, dat ziet er inderdaad uit als veel werk :p
    Maar wel echt ontzettend gaaf dat je dat mag doen! 😀

    En ik doe ook graag mee met je giveaway, de geur lijkt me heel erg lekker!
    Maar buiten het winnen van zo’n stukje kunst (het flesje is zo mooi!) krijg je er ook niet een handgemaakt tasje van jou erbij! En dat is misschien nog wel beter dan het parfum zelf 😉

    Mail: style-chameleon [at]

    Fingers crossed 😉

  35. Jeline Catt says:

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! I’ve always wanted an MMM scent!!

  36. EIGHTY EIGHT says:

    congrats on making the boxes for margiela! that’s huge!!! would love a chance to get that flowery scent! my email is 🙂

  37. Danie says:

    I would be so happy to be selected!!
    <3 love the blog and the IG!!!

  38. What an amazing opportunity, absolutely adore you and MMM. Beautiful photography as always.


  39. Love Margiela’s modern, clean & strange approach to fashion, it’s certainly my favourite designer house. So I would love to own a Replica Scent, especially if the packaging is extra nice, of course… 😉

  40. Nicole H says:

    Wow just my luck, I’ve been dying to give this one a whiff but we don’t have the MMM Replica fragrances in Australia yet. Thank you for the opportunity, this is so sweet. My email is

  41. Morgan says:

    Maison Martin Margiela is one of my absolute favs, as are you! The news of your colab with him is amazing stuff. Many congratulations are in order!

    <3 xx

  42. How exciting! I’d love to have a new fragrance.

    holleighz [at] gmail [dot] com

  43. Wow!!!! I like your post. Actually I love fragrance and this post is awesome.

    Hydraulic Installation Kits

  44. Kate says:

    I haven’t had any perfume for two! Whole years as medical bills and food come well before luxuries. A scent so beautiful would make my summer, and winter as well xx

  45. Anonymous says:

    Would love to try out a fragrance that you recommend. I imagine it is fresh and crisp like your style and I’ve never had the opportunity to smell MMM scents. What a generous gift 🙂

  46. Congratulations. I love all your hard work. its inspirational

  47. So cool this! What an amazing opportunity for you. So happy for ya! I would love to receive that MMM bottle…


    With love,

    Joy | j o i n m y g i v e a w a y

  48. Reeli says:

    Wow, congrats Ivania! I would love to have the fragrance 🙂

  49. Jazzy says:

    Aw yeah:) Ik doe graag mee!
    Omdat lekker ruiken altijd goed is en ik dit flesje al bijna online wilde kopen, omdat ie er zo prachtig uitziet! (Net als die van de vanille geur van de Body Shop, volgens mij heb ik die ook door een post van jou gekocht)

  50. Anonymous says:

    That is so cool! I love a promenade in the garden, but since it’s hard to find in Amsterdam such a bottle would be perfect. It’s so kind of you to give it away.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently looking for a new fragrence, so I would be delighted to win.

  52. Nadine says:

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time now. The simplistic nature of the packaging looks amazing. Normally I don’t enter giveaways, but I’ll give it try this time!

  53. Mac says:

    Love it! The fragrance is amazing! I need it in my life.

    Love, Trang

  54. Vulet says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Vulet says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could offer it to my girlfriend…

  57. Anonymous says:

    I am out of my old perfumes… Good timing, good luck to me! 😉

  58. Vulet says:

    OMG ARE YOU REALLY GIVING THIS AWAY! It would be honour to have something from you Ivania and Maison Martin Margiela. i would treasure it like my own child. Plus your felt bag would go perfectly with the bottle. i love the scent of fresh leaves and spring in general. would love to be considered.

  59. Sophia Rice says:

    As everyone else, I would love the scent! Failing that, I would love if you could pop over to my blog Here, just so I can say you’ve seen it! 🙂

    My email is:


  60. Fleur says:

    Wow! That is absolutely amazing 🙂 So glad to hear that you good such a unique and special opportunity. Best of luck!

    Link Svart-Vit-Stil

  61. Jessica says:

    I’m head over heels in love with this scent!

  62. Widi says:

    This is amazing!
    You are amazing!


  63. marie louise juul says:

    congratulations! you’ve deserved it!

  64. Nita Carati says:

    Amazing opportunity! Congrats!
    I’m saving up for moving to NYC, so it would be great to win this beautiful MMM bottle, then at least I smell good during my internship at A. Wang. 😉

  65. Hrefna says:

    Beautiful packaging design!

    As a designer (graphics) myself I want to say that I find your minimalistic approach to designing, and wearing – weather it’s garments, shoes or fragrances very inspiring.

    After I discovered your blog I find myself stripping my designs down, rather than adding more things. Which, turns out, I needed.

    You are a huge inspiration to so many readers and it’s fantastic that people at MMM can see that! Congratulations!

    And last but not least, I’d Love to smell that fragrance! I’m a huge fan of MMM’s works, but I’m lucky enough to live in Iceland and have never handled a piece of theirs physically.

    Keep up the good work!

  66. Izzy Ashton says:

    Congratulations on getting chosen to make those bags! They’re so perfect. I would so love a new scent. Fingers crossed!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE MMM… and then combined with your simple chic packaging want more could someone want.

  68. megan L. says:

    exactly the scent i’ve been looking for. xoxo

  69. Pandora Hall says:

    Definitely a deserving person to create for Maison Martin Margiela. Well done.
    From, a fan of your blog and an admirer of your magnificent style.

  70. Anonymous says:

    The perfect addition to the awesome news I received this week 🙂

  71. Olivia says:

    These fragrances are amazing! Congratulations!

  72. Katrina Bay says:

    wow this is incredible! this fragrance in such adorable bag made by you is seriously to die for! i don’t even know what i want more – the bag or the fragrance itself, haha 🙂



  73. Keas says:

    WOW! What a wonderful opportunity! And such a nice feature 🙂 Good luck!

    Best wishes,

  74. Anonymous says:

    Would love to own a fragrance!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful idea as always! Best wishes x

  76. y says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. I have been following your blog and works and it is with no surprise (but with great excitement!) that I read this fantastic news.

    Congratulations, Ivania! Not only for this opportunity but for being so true to your principles and aesthetics. I knew this day was coming and I am sure you are to accomplish even more.

    Amanda Heeringa

  78. Ellen says:

    Hoe kan ik NIET meedoen?? Ik ben gek op MMM én op al jouw werk!
    *fingers crossed*

  79. OMG you totally deserve to be a part of MMM , i always love your blog and of course your style! and oh i can’t imagine how amazing is the scent of the perfume.. #obsessed love love from milan!

  80. Kristen says:

    beautiful! kristen.limtung(at)gmail(dot)com

  81. Eline says:

    Wat een geweldige prijs! (Handig ook aangezien m’n parfum aardig op begint te raken)
    Groot gelijk dat MMM jouw werk heeft uitgekozen, het past er perfect bij!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful DIY! congratulations on your commission, you deserve it!

  83. amalieoneill says:

    Stunning shots, really love these.

    The packaging is on point too, love the idea of felt alongside the crisp typography and glass.
    Fresh leaves sounds like an amazing smell, I have been after a perfume thats not too sickly!

    I’m a graphic design student from London, and have just started a blog, your general aesthetic is really influencing me; I love it. Take a look If you get a chance!

  84. Anne says:

    Gisteren alle versies geroken. Ik had verwacht dat ze heel subtiel en ‘licht’ zouden zijn, maar het zijn naar mijn idee best zware geuren! Lazy Sunday Morning vond ik heerlijk. En de flacons… Oh zo mooi. De vilten zakjes zijn ook prachtig! Good job!!

  85. Haru Wilde says:

    Congratulations, that sounds really exciting!

    I’ll be trying my luck as well…

  86. It’s taken me a while to admit it, but I am a “floral” girl when it comes to scent. It sounds counter intuitive but everything else smells sickly on my skin (isn’t it fascinating how how things smell different on differnet people?!)

    I would love to have any of the MMM fragrances, not to mention I would love to have a LA original bag!

  87. Rana says:

    wat een cadeautje! Je zou me er heel blij mee maken, mijn parfum is net op en ik wou deze heel graag kopen! Hij is niet overal verkrijgbaar, dus deze actie komt net op de juiste moment.

  88. Wat een mooie en geweldige dingen mag en kan jij weer doen! Ook ik waag een gokje: bloemengeuren zijn voor mij mijn signature en ik mag wel weer eens een nieuwe klassieker en iets nieuws wat ik nog niet ken en bovendien: de naam van de geur is toch al prachtig!


  89. Sef Quemado says:

    Wow! I’m so happy for you, Ivania! Congratulations! I love your blog so much. I just wanted to thank YOU for being a daily source of inspiration for me. You have no idea how much you inspire me. 🙂

    I’m a huge fan of MMM and would love to win this exquisite fragrance.

  90. Line Fonseca says:

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  91. Line Fonseca says:

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  92. Anonymous says:

    congrats to your collaboration with MMM! you made it, ivania!

    i love margiela and really appreciate their design. especially my MMM shoes and necklace – the two favourite items in my wardrobe!)

    since i am reading your blog for like two years now on a daily basis, i would be so happy if i could win that giveaway! (you make my day – everyday!)

    the scend sounds great and a good perfume is something i really miss in my life…

    make a girl really happy 🙂


    ps: i hope that i don´t have any disadvantages because i´m writing this anonymously, but i have no account and barely don´t “exist” on the internet so far…

  93. Ashley says:

    No kidding! That was some feat, congratulations on their choosing you. I’ll bite; I dunno which would be more exciting to have, the fragrance or a bag which you’ve fashioned.
    Just scrolled through the panel of ‘Selected’ items, nice picks!

  94. Turt Twoo says:

    Congratulation is the only thing I can say!!!

  95. That sounds so great! Wouldn’t mind having that 😉

  96. r a c h e l l e says:

    l o v e a e s t h e t i c s = l o v e .

  97. Üsen says:

    Hi Ivania,

    I can tell you all about my dreams of growing and tending to a quaint Japanese garden in my backyard later in life or my tendency to gravitate towards more natural scents when choosing a fragrance, but I would like to share what I intend to do with the beautiful MMM bottle after I finish using up all of the fragrance.

    Next November I’m attending my best friend’s wedding in Mexico City, after which I’ll spend my 25th birthday in Cancún. Although it’s been 8 years since the last time I was in Cancún, I’ll never forget the city’s deep blue sea and perfectly white sand. To help save the memory of this Cancún trip, I’m going to put some white sand into the MMM bottle to bring back with me and use to decorate my apartment in NYC. I intend to place the bottle in my living room – either on my coffee table or bookshelf.

    Basically, owning the MMM bottle fits into both my current and long-term lifestyle, and I would love if you could help me put it to good use.


  98. J Kao says:

    Congratulations on the commissions!

  99. Anonymous says:

    I love maison martin margiela, but money keeps having a piece as a dream. With this fragrance I could feel the elegance and pure style of margiela with another sense than my sight – a sense that belongs to aesthetics not much less than clothes or anything else. I mean it, I would appreciate it!

  100. Anonymous says:

    wow, I was actually thinking about these fragrances the other day and how i never see them in stores….it would be a little dream to get my hands on one <3

  101. Katie says:

    I just adore the simplistic packaging. So beautiful, and the scents themselves sound heavenly. My email is xx

  102. As I said in my comment on insta my cousin Sophie lives in the Netherlands so the bottle wouldn’t cost much to post to her ha ha. She has a minanalist style like yourself so the MMM bottle would look great on her bathroom shelf in her new house! Doei x

  103. Evelien says:

    Morgen word ik 17 dus het zou een fantastisch verjaardagscadeau zijn!

  104. Anonymous says:
    I love MMM!

  105. Lovely post! I always admire the simplicity and minimalism in your photos, simply amazing. And that’s why I featured you in my favourite minimalistic instagrams round-up.

    any way, my email is:
    I have my fingers crossed!

    x Mariana |

  106. beautiful as always.

  107. Melissa dv says:

    i actually love the scent so it would be great to have!


  108. T. says:

    I like the idea of getting you to hand-craft the bags, rather than doing them industrially – it gives the whole presentation a more ‘perfectly imperfect’ touch 🙂

    And I would gladly smell like one of these, so the e-mail is:


  109. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Wat een geweldige giveaway! Natuurlijk doe ik mee! xx.

  110. Klaudia says:

    It would be so nice to have something from (in my opinion) the most inspiring person on the earth.

  111. emy says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to be the one to win the perfume…

  112. Álvaro says:

    that´s awesome, i would love to have one 🙂

  113. jenny future says:

    congrats on the commission!

    flowery scents are my favorite, so this sounds like something i might love.


  114. I would love to have a MMM bottle! They look so nice, with or without the parfume!


  115. Hilary says:

    Don’t worry. I could definitely help you out and find a use for that.


  116. . says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Anonymous says:

    How °unique°.. love your aesthetics..♡♥ From afar, I thought the sticker on the plastic bag was [MMM]’s numbers logo! { } Thanks for that, one of my 2 favorite perfumes along with CDG2. ☆★

  118. Ida says:

    wow that’s really cool! must be a big pleasure for you. I’m considering making my own small bags like the ones you make – I think they are so cute for a small present or something like that.
    email :

  119. John says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. John says:

    YASSS! I stan so hard for this fragrance based on what I’ve read. I’m all about woody/balsamic notes and could PROBABLY rock that hint of rose.

    Congrats on the commission. Well deserved!


  121. Imge says:

    Super, de tasjes zien er echt perfect uit! En wat een geweldige give-away trouwens 😉

  122. Brandi Lynne says:

    Firstly, I wanted to say congragulations on being commissioned to work on a project that undoubtedly defines you in the fashion industry. I couldn’t see you collaborating with any other luxury brand but MMM. Secodly, I wanted to thank you, and say how big of an inspiration you have become for me. I’m a fashion business management student, who has learned how to appreciate smaller more beautiful things in life including overall aesthetic, through you. You’ve allowed me to grow into the individual I’m completely comfortable with, inside and out today. So thank you Ivania.

  123. Anonymous says:

    wowwww. amanzing. excellent work :))

  124. Emily says:

    Wow, it must be so exciting to be commissioned by MMM, congratulations!

  125. Hoe gaaf dat je dit geurtje weggeeft! Zou hem heel graag hebben 😉


  126. I love the combination of your diy bag and thoses perfumes. Seems so legit!

    would love to have one…

  127. faeleia says:

    Oh that’s so nice! I’ve been looking for a perfume to use since I finished mine last month. I wish I can get this one..

    Here’s my email! 🙂

  128. Sacha says:

    A visual execution of a concept is a work of art

  129. Clara Pryg says:

    Congrats on the opportunity! You certainly deserved it 🙂
    mine’s fingers, toes, eyes crossed!

  130. Cristina says:

    Love felt, also love MMM.

  131. hassan says:

    Really hope I’ll win it. My email is

  132. hassan says:

    Really hope I’ll win it. My email is

  133. Capathy says:

    Hi Ivania!

    I’m so happy to see how your relationship with Margiela has blossomed over the past few months! It is so exciting to see one of my favourite bloggers collaborate with a brand such as MMM!

    Being relatively young (16!) and un-self sufficient has made it troublesome for me to explore the world of fragrances; or even MMM for that matter! So I greatly appreciate the fact that you have given us readers the chance to divulge into something we wouldn’t have believed were possible just a few minutes ago!

    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! You have been such an inspiration for me personally, and your work and originality is simply awe-inspiring.


  134. Anonymous says:

    Yay, sounds lovely!

  135. FASHION SNAG says:

    Great giveaway. Love the packaging and I love perfumes!

  136. Andrea says:

    Congrats Ivania, the packaging looks great.

    Wish I could one both the beautiful perfume bottle and the bag you made.

    Love, Andrea.

  137. Andrea says:

    Congrats Ivania, the packaging looks great.

    Wish I could own both the beautiful perfume bottle and the inspiring bag you made.

    Love, Andrea.

  138. Maria says:

    Hello Ivania,
    Congratulations on the collaboration, it makes such perfect sense. And thanks for the giveaway – it’d make a brilliant xmas gift for my mum, both the perfume and the packaging.
    my email:
    Best, Maria

  139. lovizan says:

    Wow! Their scents are amazing, I love them!

  140. azure mist says:

    MMM plus Love Aesthetics is a match made in heaven or shall I say “minimal heaven” lol I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your little workshop of your Pyramid Bag for MMM. Your DIY’s are always so innovative! This little giveaway excites me not only because it has to deal with both your blog and MMM, well I’m also excited for the scent of “Promenade in the gardens”. The perfume does describe “The romanticism of British gardens, where wanderers can lose themselves in the fresh green glades, or come around the organised chaos of an outcrop to find themselves suddenly surrounded by floral notes.” I’m probably too excited, forgive me. I can imagine wearing the scent down and emptying bottle. Then when it is all said and done I’d make my own DIY oil diffuser out of the bottle, great way to keep a perfume bottle as what it’s intended to do.

  141. lisa.b says:

    Ik maak graag kans op het luchtje!

    X een trouwe lezer van je blog

  142. LoShiShi says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. LoShiShi says:

    Ivania you must pick me, I smell so bad! Only you and M^3 can help.


  144. adela chloe says:

    So simple and amazing. Totally you, too.

  145. Project to die for – congrats!! In for the bottle too!

  146. Sarah Klevan says:

    ziet er zo puur uit. heel fijn


  147. Diyannas says:

    Always amazing!! Congratulations!


  148. Sara says:

    Oh I have wanted that perfume for the longest time! Sadly no money to spend on it… Love your blog.

  149. Lazy Sunday Morning pretty much describes my moto, maybe I can smell good when being lazy now.

  150. Cristiana Costa says:

    I am in need for a perfume for a long time now, i was about to buy one from issey myiake, but this one could come to my room aswell! The two of them would just match perfectly together by my window 🙂

    And lucky you you got to make those bags for margiela! it’s amazing 😉

  151. Joey Yu says:

    your blog is the most inspiring thing. so thank you!
    would love to be entered into this little giveaway. x

  152. Deniz says:

    congratulations, great packaging!


  153. Amy says:

    the scent sounds so beautiful! would love to win 🙂

  154. Mia says:

    I’m currently saving up to get this perfume and since I’m currently unemployed, it going to take a while. Not only does it smell heavenly, the bottle is such a great piece all by itself. Would love to win this!
    Also, congrats on the project, Ivania. You deserve it all 🙂

  155. Dear Ivania,
    I would love to have that fragrance! I am a college student studying fashion design and am very much inspired by Mason Martin Margiela and minimalism. Your blog is so influential to me, and I even constructed my senior year prom dress out of white leather inspired by Margiela and your minimalistic blog! You inspire me a lot because your style is so unique and simple, and I hope that you pick me to send this perfume to, I would cherish it very much.

  156. jasmine. says:

    sounds like the perfect fragrance for someone named jasmine :]

  157. Hanna says:

    WOW I can feel the excitement ! I’d be floooored.

    so wonderful dear!

  158. Camille says:

    Excited for you! crossing my fingers! 🙂

  159. Ariadne Ch. says:

    Loving you more every time. Such a fan,

  160. Anonymous says:

    ::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::

  161. Anonymous says:
    Ahhh love your blog so much , such am inspiration xxx

  162. melissa says:

    what an experience and life opportunity. Congrats you deserve it for always staying true to yourself and aesthetics. Good luck with all it is to come to you and Romeo

  163. Lara says:

    Congrats what an amazing opportunity.
    All best,

  164. My e-mail is and I would looove to try this perfume out

  165. Alice says:

    wow that is so cool that you do your magic for MMM!
    and I would love the scent – I think this would be the only chance to even smell it…

  166. lily gee says:

    Your blog is my absolute favourite! I’d feel so privileged!

  167. i want it because i live in buenos aires and here we don’t have maison martin margiela. design industry here is based in copies from european designers. it would be great!
    here’s my tumblr, check it!

  168. Ada Uhm says:

    I love flowery scents 🙂

  169. Anonymous says:

    nothing to lose and this is so damn worth trying. your blog is inspiring as always, aesthetically nice and enjoyable. congratulations.

    wish you all best


  170. Susan says:

    awww… MMM fragrances are so difficult (almost impossible) to get from over here, so I would be utterly happy to get it! it’s so nice that you are giving it away btw – another good example of great minimalism you stand for! xxx

  171. Julie Wiberg says:

    Fingers crossed!

  172. Lejla says:

    This is just amazing that you are going to do this giveaway, that scent is just breathtaking and the first thing I thought of when I saw it was my little flower-grandmother, the most inspiring person in my life, and that she should have that perfume for her birthday, thank you for the opportunity and the idea, really <3

    My Email:

  173. Hannah Moore says:

    This scent sounds perfect my emails:

  174. Anonymous says:

    i really like the idea of a promenade in the gardens. it feels like spring!

  175. Blanca says:

    How exciting! I have a half empty bottle of Untitled. I’m dying for a Replica.

  176. Anonymous says:

    Ik doe mee 🙂
    My email is:

  177. Justino says:

    This is so amazing for you!!!! I am really quite jealous of you l!!! Such a great opportunity,, congrats!!!!! These scents are amazing!!!

  178. Merima says:

    My daughter loves your blog and I have followed it too since she showed it to me, this would be the perfect surprise for her!


  179. Laura Neal says:

    Oh goodness that is SO exciting! You must have been thrilled. Margiela and you, the most perfect pairing. A huge congratulations. I’d love the perfume and the chance to see one of your creations in person is pretty darn good too! After following you for years it is so great to see a talented woman getting rewards for hard work and creativity.
    Chambray & Curls

  180. Chloe says:

    I love your blog, it’s refreshing and fresh with clear cut shapes and restricted colours!

  181. Hadzic says:

    My mail:
    🙂 thank you for the chance!

  182. Sulejman says:

    Hello! 🙂

  183. Liberté says:

    I’m really excited for your collaboration with Martin Margiela!
    Congratulations, you deserve it so much.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I would love to put the bottle on the stone I use as a table beside the bed. It would definetly be used! I would spray it on my bed and on myself, mmm already dreaming. I live in Stockholm and would be the happiest winner!!! Hugs /Linnea. Mail:

  185. Chloe S says:

    Ohhh my heavens you are such a lucky one. The fragrance sounds all levels of perfect.

  186. Clara Roman says:

    Woah that’s amazing. Congratulations! It looks amazing, you have an awesome sense of style. Hope it goes well!

    My e-mail is

  187. Sami Barker says:

    Would love to smell like gardens this wet Canadian winter.

  188. Stella says:

    OMG, I want it! For the fragance and the bag <3

  189. lifewithlucy says:

    A lazy sunday morning
    Pouring a cloud in my tea
    Shamelessly yawning
    No plans, just letting it be

    Sheets on my skin
    Sunshine through the curtains
    I’m staying in

    Comfort is my friend
    Time is on my side
    I don’t want this sunday to end

    The sweet scent of a lazy sunday morning…makes me long for MMM

  190. Elisabeth says:

    the packaging is lovely! elisabeth [dot] asher [at] gmail [dot] com

  191. Nar H. says:

    well, there’s lot to say and one can certainly exaggerate, but i just want to say that i simply felt like trying my chance.
    so here’s to the box with a known surprise.



  192. Anonymous says:

    Heel tof! Mooie parfum en een unieke verpakking. Wat een win-win situatie : )

  193. Anonymous says:

    hope for a little flowery wonder

    fingers crossed

  194. 0101010101 says:

    i’ve been a fan of yours for ages, the scent sounds amazing and would help make my house more fresh and homey!
    please pick me ♥♥♥

  195. 0101010101 says:

    i’ve been a fan of yours for ages, the scent sounds amazing and would help make my house more fresh and homey!
    please pick me ♥♥♥

  196. Ooooohhh!!!!!! Kies mij! Ik heb geen mooi verhaal waarom maar ik ben gewoon erg fan van dit luchtje.
    En wat te gek dat je dit zo doet!


  197. Anita says:

    Crossing my fingers 🙂 Anita

  198. olivia says:

    New Zealand doesn’t stock these anywhere and I have been looking for ages:( I love you ivania !

  199. Lys says:

    Het zou geweldig zijn deze te winnen! Mijn e-mail is

  200. Judith says:

    ja, heel mooi.
    wat een eer dat je dit mag doen!

  201. Madie says:

    love your blog!


  202. This comment has been removed by the author.

  203. So pleased for you to be commission by Margiela! I’d love a fragrance 🙂

    daisy . blecker AT gmail . com

  204. Martina says:

    Well, if I don’t win, I am adding it to my Christmas wishlist anyway. Stay the clearest 🙂

  205. Love-aesthetics x Margiela. I would love this fragrance to wear around London! i’d be the best smelling student at LCF, and it would add as a lovely decoration in my room. thank you.

  206. Celeste says:

    A Margiela perfume would be amazing to have. Thank you so much x

  207. Anissa says:

    I’d love to win this combo Margiela x Carpio, two of my biggest inspirations ! And I’m in desperate need for a perfume, so…

    Bisous de Lille Ivania <3

  208. Antoinette says:

    I think I’m more excited about the possibility of experiencing the packaging than smelling the scent!

  209. I am so curious for a MMM scent. The bottles look amazing, the scent naming is fun and most of all I am so thankful for your generosity and this give-away! I don’t know where I can find the MMM fragrances and therefore I want to take part of this giveaway. And also because my own scent preference are flower scents. The Promenade in the gardens sounds very tempting and unique and I am looking forward to try this. Again thank you. And congratulations on being part of the fashion press. I think the whole presentation will be awesome. You definitely inspire me. Groetjes uit België, Stéphanie.

  210. Ceci says:

    Congrats! I’ve been reading your blog silently for a while now, but I’d really like to participate =)

  211. Meg says:

    I love clean lines and minimalist approach to packaging.

    All the packaging I see these days is so convoluted.

    I would love to own Promenade in the Gardens and add it to my scent collection.

    Congratulations on your collaboration with MMM!

  212. Mw Ekster says:

    O yes! a handmade little bag made by you:-) one please:-)

  213. Elise W says:

    sounds lovely
    elisew @ insightbb . com

  214. Anonymous says:

    This would be like a dream-come-true for me – working with MMM. MMM thinking my ideas as worth of thought and collaboration – I am so happy for you, congratulations! This is incredible.

    I would, of course, also like to smell Margiela’s parfume everyday, I wanted any kind of scent from them since the ‘untitled’ was released, but I’m too poor for high-end parfume, even though Margiela is my all-time favourite designer/inspiration.

  215. S. says:

    Margiela: one of my absolute favorites. As well as your blog!

  216. Yufei says:

    Hi Ivania,

    I can’t wait for the moment which will undoubtedly come in the future when you and MMM have a full collaboration. Wishing you and Romeo all the best from Canada.


  217. im says:

    what a great opportunity! you totally deserve it!

  218. Anonymous says:

    The perfume sounds lovely and I love the felt bag.

  219. Mw Ekster says:

    i think i forget my emailadres:-)

  220. ADAM ARTHURS says:

    Congratulations on this amazing opportunity Ivania! I hope to get my hands on these fragrances asap !

  221. Anonymous says:

    how exciting! congratulations!

    i’d love a pretty new scent:

  222. Anonymous says:

    My partner would go insane for this! Our cat would be partial to the floral scent, too. 🙂

  223. cherrydoll says:

    That is exactly the type of perfume I love! Beautiful blend of scent and aesthetics!

  224. Hi there! I would love to have this perfume because I’ve always been an avid reader of Love-Aesthetics and it has given me a wider insight into the world of fashion as well as beauty/DIY/life. My parents are plant-lovers, so I am constantly surrounded with plants either inside or outside my house. It is probably why I love floral things as well as scents – I think it would be a privilege to add another distict floral scent to my small collectino of perfumes.

  225. Anonymous says:

    You’re such a dream : ) I admire you! If I ever win, my email is

  226. LoveThaBu says:

    I’ll try my luck. 🙂 Congrats on the mind-blowing collab btw. Very inspiring.

  227. As a student with a very limited budget, I rarely get to splurge on items like these. I would love to have such a lovely perfume like this!

  228. Lael says:

    This is amazing and you are amazing!

  229. Lael says:

    This is amazing and you are amazing!

  230. Printup is says:

    Brooklyn needs some flowers! Im tired of smelling like rats and cement.

  231. Anonymous says:

    A slight hint of fresh leaves sounds beautiful and fresh.

  232. Lulu says:

    I’ve actually never really worn perfume. I dunno, I’ve always associated it with over the top cartoonish Cruella DeVille-type guady characters who would smoke cigarettes with a cigarette holder or something.

    That said, I’ve recently been thinking about it because a friend once said to me that because she wears perfume, sometimes a friend will call her out of the blue and say, “I smelled something that reminded me of you recently, I miss you, how have you been doing.”

    And I think that’s kind of beautiful.

  233. Buti says:

    lovely idea and packaging, happy you get rewarded for your work! mh new floral scent would make my winter a bit more bearable:)

  234. A I N A says:

    Holy!! This is probably close to your 300th comment!!!
    That’s crazy!

    I love your sense of life style/taste.

    Your hair is gorgeous too.

    Keep up the great work!

  235. Since a long time ago I’m a big fan of Margiela and so your blog. I really aprecciate the details and the way you share your post, it’s really amazing how is everything so pure and neat. So I take advantage of this giveaway to say thank so much for inspiring me with your ideas and congratulations for your project, I also would love to be part of the Margiela team as you are, lucky girl. Indeed I’d like to participate in the giveaway, I wish I had luck. Again thank you!! ♡

    Kim Bodenski

  236. Kimberly says:

    Would love to have this one!
    kimberly [at] downtherabbitholes [dot] com

    p.s. Je was intrigerend bij het Grote Racisme Experiment!

  237. Josepha says:

    You’re my daily inspiration. Thank you so much!

  238. Josepha says:

    You’re my daily inspiration. Thank you so much!

  239. Anonymous says:

    MMM are my favorite smells___the idea of smelling like an experience___pure genious___thanks for your experiences___don’t go changing……Lisa

  240. This would be perfect!
    much love xx

  241. Annamarie says:

    oh wow! Your bags are really perfect for such a purpose. And great timing as I’m on the hunt for a new scent for summer ( handy southern hemisphere).

  242. Mika says:

    I’ve been actually saving up for this perfume, but as a working college student my budget goes all to my food and supplies. But, OMG I admire you so much, CONGRATS on the collaboration. Having you and MMM working together makes my heart flutter with excitement. I look forward to your other posts.


  243. victoria says:

    I am currently looking for a new perfume, but as well as looking for a fragrance, I can never find one with a name that I like! But ‘Promenade in the gardens’ seems just perfect 🙂
    And, of course congratulations on your commission!

  244. Narelle Lau says:

    I love your style and your simplicity and the clever ways you use simple things to create something better! 🙂

  245. Ida says:

    Hi, I would love to have this precious perfume. The scent sounds perfect to me! -Ida

  246. Semmi says:

    And I absolutely loooove that fragrance!!!

  247. Semmi says:

    And I absolutely loooove that fragrance!!!

  248. Anonymous says:

    Never found another perfume with that perfect combination of floral and earthy since my Paul Smith Floral.
    Wish this is the answer to my prayers.

  249. meels says:

    You are doing such great things Ivania! So happy for your successes.

  250. tula says:

    it’s nice that margiela mentioned you, congrats! how very exiting! i would love to win this beautiful flask. too bad i couldn’t get my hands on it myself. i think margiela did a good job.
    and your felt bags are so nice!

  251. O. says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway! Thank you <3

  252. Anne-Fleur says:

    Ohh mijn eigen bloemige parfum is net op gegaan.. ik houd me aanbevolen dus 🙂

    Al dat wit van je foto’s is zo fijn. Rustgevend.

  253. Anonymous says:

    As I need a new perfum right now, this would be perfect for me. I hope to win,

  254. Anna Vinther says:

    This is amazing. And not to sound strange, but to have something sent from your favourite blogger would be mind-blowing.
    Right now I’m using a Tiger Lily scent and a Vanilla scent, so you could easily say that the flowery scent would match my taste.
    Have a great weekend, Ivania, and thank you for replying my e-mail some time ago.
    – Anna,

  255. ann kim says:

    Nice. Love your packaging, great job Ivania!

    annmimikim @

  256. Sophie says:

    Oh wow, that sounds like such a wonderful fragrance! Crossing fingers xx

  257. Gefeliciteerd! Zo’n grote eer dat MMM jou persoonlijk heeft gekozen! Om één of andere reden ben ik er zeker van dat jij het nog ver gaat schoppen in de modewereld. Liefs!


  258. I like flowery scent, when it’s spring time I’m going in forest with my dog ans there’s this scent all around. I love it 🙂

  259. Johanna says:

    I would really love to own that beautiful Maison Martin Margiela perfume!
    Best regards from Denmark 🙂
    Johanna //

  260. Unknown says:

    I hope I win.

  261. Anonymous says:

    Looks and sounds amazing.


  262. C.Sarah says:

    lovely giveaway, thank you for hosting!

  263. felicia says:

    my favorite is lazy sunday morning too!

  264. Iman says:

    Mmmmmm Sounds delightful! Please pick me!

  265. Verena says:

    Congrats (if thats the right thing to say), i kind of feel personally touched by the fact you got such a great assignment making those beautiful bags for such a great purpose! (:

    Maybe those lovely (I’m counting it as two) giveaways could bring an erring little industrial design student back to motivation…

  266. Abigale Adeo says:
    I’m so happy to see one of your many innovative creations being put to amazing use with Margiela. Your creativity is so an inspiration to me, continue!.

  267. Christina D says:

    what a beautiful, clean idea (:

  268. isa says:

    Amazing! I adore Margiela’s pureness & unconventionality. I really hope to get his fragrances one day,especially ‘Lazy Sunday Mornig’ because I can’t afford them right now.

  269. Ánderix says:

    Everyhting looks perfect. I’d love to get my hands on one of those ♥
    my email is
    Thanks a lot for this opportunity 🙂

  270. Jaime Belle says:

    So proud of you! Incredible. I’d love a new fragrance.

  271. Justine says:

    Oh my gosh, you’ve been so busy and it all looks amazing. Congratulations!

  272. Anonymous says:

    I love the smell of green tea leaves, fresh grass and dancing botanical, floral potions like gin. Basically this sounds like my kind of fragrance – plus, I adore the bags.

    Brydie x

  273. Aglaia says:

    Hi Ivania! I’m Aglaia, I’ studying Footwear and Accessories Design and I’m really (kind of you) obsessed with white. I’m doing research on research for my -WHITE WHITE- collection and u are always an inspiration. So of course I really like Margiela and all the work he did. Not only on shoes (I’m basing my Collection in tabi, so) and the fragance will be really nice on a white-obsessed person. Don’t u think?! 😉

  274. Aglaia (another spammating comment) says:

    Ops, I forgot! I’m Aglaia from

  275. km says:

    That’s amazing, congrats!

    To be honest, wearing perfume has never been a part of my daily regime but I do love collecting wonderful packagings. ‘Promenade in the gardens’ is such a pleasant name and with the bottle, it’ll be nice to try something new.


  276. OdiousStyle says:

    I cannot wait till the end of the week.

    Pick please 🙂


    Because in this sad weather we all want to smell a little bit like spring.

  278. t says:

    I would love to win that fragrance! My email is

  279. Anonymous says:

    hi ivania, i would love to win this fragrance – dropped my perfume onto tiled floor yesterday…so this would be so perfect. would LOVE to try out this MMM one. []

  280. Anonymous says:

    Tiny pyramids bags are essential for storing things such as things that you care about. Congrats that MMM is seeing your talents, you’re a muse, and as an artist you’re growing into a Ivaniamania. Your audience wants more! I haven’t found the perfect fragrance but promenade in the gardens sounds surreal, inside a little felt bag? Perfect gift.


  281. so excited for you, Ivania. Been following your blog for so long. All the best & congratulations

  282. ZMD says:

    I would love the change to try ‘promenade in the gardens’! It sounds delightful.
    A long time admirer of your blog, thankyou for the inspiration over the years.

  283. Anonymous says:

    the perfect packaging, congrats Ivania!

  284. Anonymous says:

    The scent sounds gorgeous! Love your blog!

  285. Mmm, “..a slight hint of fresh leaves.” I hope to win this alluring scent!

  286. Tina W. says:

    Thank you Ivania for this giveaway!

  287. Vivian Loh says:

    congratulations on the amazing opportunity ivania!

  288. l ae says:

    as always, your photos are a marvel of minimalism and patterns – love the line of clips (:

    congratulations on the MMM commission – hopefully you’ll be doing more for them in the future


  289. Susie Liu says:

    i’ve been following your blog for some time and i’m happy that your MMM dreams are coming true. will the felt bag become misshapen by the heaviness of the bottle though?

  290. C says:

    cathyodel @

  291. omg congrats!! that’s awesome ^__^

  292. Abby says:

    Congrats on Margiela! Your blog continues to inspire me! I am learning to do so much DIY and my room is increasingly becoming this white wonderland. Will you make a bag for the fragrance you giveaway!

  293. This is a lazy sunday morning, but sharing it with you (your blog) I’m sure its gonna be a beautiful day. Thanks for all the aesthetics – thoughts and views of the world, you make it seem beauty and balanced.

  294. Rachel says:

    What an amazing opportunity, you deserve it more than anyone else I know though!


  295. Anonymous says:

    I found your blog last night and kept reading it until your year 2010 posts. Today I can continue reading after studying! Lot’s of love from Finland xoxo

  296. Justin W says:

    I think lazy sunday would be my scent too! I really do wish my sundays could be ‘lazy’ and relaxed, but oh wells, thats what you get for living in Hong Kong.

    still in love with MMM’s untitled scent (Y)

  297. I am very excited for you, what an amazing opportunity! I really love your design of the felt bag! Totally craving one of those 🙂

    I would be very happy to be in the competition for the “Promenade in the Gardens”, -making summer last a little bit longer! Crossing my fingers for winners luck!
    Thanks for this lovely opportunity!



  298. This comment has been removed by the author.

  299. Well, that looks incredibly amazing. Your work is so clean and precise. I wish I could win one of them.

  300. First: Oh. My. God. I must congratulate you a million times on getting to do that bag/packaging for MMM – you truly are awesome. More than awesome. Wow!

    Secondly: a give away for an MMM-scent? I’m in! I almost never acquire new perfumes, but I’m currently running out of my Clean Skin perfume and need to stock up. I would love to be wearing the MMM scent plus having that gorgeous bottle sit on my bathroom shelf!

    my e-mail is nemesis

    Cheers and congrats a million times again!


  301. I’m loving flovery scents, so I’m sure I’d love it!

  302. Anonymous says:

    ooooh my!

    doe mij die maar!


  303. Anonymous says:

    silent perfection.

  304. Celine KG says:

    ahhhhhh wish i would win this perfect fragrance!

  305. boo says:

    Oh, I wish for it. In February I went to Paris with my three guy friends (two of them being gay but not a couple) so I had the perfect company for window shopping and strolling around the city. We were looking for Rue de Montpensier for such a long time and couldn’t find it at all. So we were standing in front of Colette and this beautiful woman was passing by and my friend (gay one, it was only two of us there at that specific moment) stopped her and asked her (in French, everybody knows the French don’t like to speak English… but I don’t agree) for directions. She tried to show us in our little city map but she got lost in it. So she suggested getting her bigger & better map from her car, so we were like – well, ok, thanks! She ran away in her Louboutins and we were waiting and waiting and then realized we were waiting for almost ten minutes and still nothing. So my friend lit a cigarette and said “let’s wait five more”. And in about a minute or two she was there with a huge map of Paris. She showed us the way and I – as an almost complete French nonspeaker /ok, I know a few words – wanted to compliment her on her bag. I told her “J’aime votre sac!” and my friend giggled a bit, because sac is probably not only a handbag. Oh, whatever. But what delighted me the most was her reply: “Vous avez bon goût!” – you see? She didn’t say thank you as probably everybody would, she complimented me on my taste. It’s like saying “I know,” but in a very very different and more pleasant way. And I learned to tell people the same thing when they compliment me on something. So the journey of finding a MMM store (where I bought a pair of black patent leather sneakers I wear all the time) led me to a wonderful life experience. And thank you for bringing back this beautiful memory. Take care.

  306. Angie Michelle says:

    incredible work, Ivania! you never fail to exude perfection.
    big fan.

    count me in for the giveaway! 😉

  307. Anonymous says:

    I never win anything but well, it never hurts to give it a try! It would be amazing to own one of the Margiela’s perfumes.
    Also, I love the idea, the felt bags and the whole presentation. They made a good choice asking you to do it. Great job!

  308. I.A says:

    I got a sample of the Maison Martin Margiela fragrance at the MMM for H&M collection private party but couldn’t find the bottle anywhere in my city 🙁

  309. wl says:

    this is huge ! am happy to see that you are now collaborating with maison martin margiela proper ! you’ve come a long way : ) a scent with a slight hint of fresh leaves would be perfect reminder of home for the winter ahead. keep up with the good work and good aesthetics !

  310. sophelle says:

    hi ivania! i think this is the best giveaway in the entire history of giveaways, i cant decide what’s a better prize.. your perfectly design little bag or the perfume!
    sophie /

  311. Alice says:

    Congratulations Ivania!
    That’s so amazing that you got a chance to work with Maison Martin Margiela…it must have been such a dream come true for you given the way your aesthetics match so well! The little felt bags are so interesting and just the smallest bit unexpected…they remind me of cute little cones or dwarf hats or something equally adorable! I love that they’re both so clean looking and so functional–I bet they can be re-used to carry quite a number of different things.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I could never afford anything MMM on my student budget so it would be so amazing if I could be the lucky winner. Not to mention, I recently decided that I should find myself a fragrance as opposed to my usual scent of soap. Something like Promenade in the Gardens sounds like it would smell amazing! Aside from enjoying the scent, I think I would be happy just to have that bottle sitting on my countertop. It looks so clean and almost medicinal with the clear bottle and uncluttered label. I honestly think the label is my favorite part of the bottle!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m the lucky winner but I’m sure there’s other people who deserve it more. Here’s to hoping that someone deserving gets that beautiful fragrance!!



    I love them soo soo much. As well as your posts 🙂

  313. Anonymous says:

    Hej Ivania! Being mom to a nine month old little girl and trying to run my own design business at the same time makes me spend that hard earned money in smart but at times not so fun ways. So I keep a (very small) wish-list on the side with some favs that I might spoil myself with – if a bucket of cash magically would appear on my doorsteps. A MMM fragrance has been on that list for a long time. Would be great (: Keep up the good work, /Sara (

  314. al31nad says:

    I looked for reviews of the scent before deciding to enter, and I think it sounds like what I’ve been looking to buy but haven’t found yet. So,

  315. I’m in love with these fragrances! <3

  316. what a great opportunity it is for you! love those bags 🙂 i am extremely happy for your success 🙂

  317. Anonymous says:

    Yessss please!
    Looks really nice! 🙂

  318. kamila says:

    2 years ago i bought Margielas (untitled) without smell it couse we cant buy any MMM fragrances in poland. i believed thats gonna be my smell. and it was perfect. im still usin that first bottle for special occasions. so i stol believe its my kind of brand for fragrances

  319. Anonymous says:

    Hopppppe I’m not too late to win this amazing scent !!!

  320. Kini Mamola says:

    Hi Ivania,

    My email is

    Thank you for doing this little MMM giveaway. Hope I win!!

    With love from California,
    Kini 🙂

  321. Hanna T says:

    I love the simple bottle!

  322. Hope Akin says:

    amazing opportunity. wow. congrats.

  323. Kelly Rogers says:

    You go out of your way to make someone else’s day.

  324. JazzyJoyce says:

    Sounds like the perfect combination 🙂

  325. JeaninceM says:

    wow! i would love to win the perfume 🙂

  326. hey, i am only 16 and i own one bottle of perfume which i love! i am such a huge fan of mmm but i can never afford anything that he makes! your blog is the biggest inspiration ever, you are the best blogger hands down!!

  327. sage stoyer says:

    You are such an inspiration, I would love to win the perfume!!

  328. evie wilson says:

    Awesome blog!

    Really want to try this after all the hype. Fresh linen- best smell ever.

  329. Caroline says:

    People are becoming very unsatisfied with my use of mens perfume, so I think I could use something sweeter and more feminine.

  330. Wow, super gaaf Ivania! Het is natuurlijk sowieso al een eer om voor iets dergelijks gevraagd te worden, maar dat het door een merk gebeurt dat je zelf zo gaaf vind is natuurlijk alleen maar extra leuk. Gefeliciteerd! 🙂


  331. Madalina says:

    Congrats on MMM collaboration! 😀

  332. Chelsea Addae says:

    It’s a dream come true for you to be part of such a major brand like MMM. I wish you the best Ivania. It’s truly a blessing.

    Good luck Everyone.

  333. Etain says:

    omg that must be so so exciting for you!! Congratulations!! Always have been the biggest fan! 🙂 Can’t wait to see future collaborations and what you may be coming up with!

  334. Jade says:

    Ik heb zoveel respect voor hoe tegen alles aankijkt en betrekkelijk snel deze blog internationaal op de kaart hebt gezet en nu zelfs in opdracht van Margiela werkt
    Stop asjeblieft nooit met creeeren


  335. Sonshine says:

    What an exciting news, congrats! You go MMM girl! hyunsonj at gmail dot com

  336. Adriana C. says:

    I neeed a delicate smell for my room so it doesn’t stay smelling bland!
    even after the perfume is finished i can use the bottles to fill with precious oils and use on my hair!


  337. MORGAN NOVY says:

    I would love so very much! Thank you Ivania!

  338. evangeline says:

    i definitely love flora scented perfume and for someone like me who loves flowers so much, how can i not have a perfume like this? haha annd your blog layout is really simple and pretty.

  339. Phoebe says:

    Hello Ivania! I love when different scents remind you of specific times in your life, like I used to wear a kinda heavy Slava Zaitsev perfume when I was learning to ice skate because I wanted to feel like a fearless Russian princess instead of a gangly lil four eyes with no coordination, and now every time I smell it I can almost feel the ice. I’ve had a strange year, a little sad but I came out of it recently feeling so open, looking up at life and a new beginning. And it’s the year that I first found your blog and subsequently started experimenting with my style much more happily, maybe MMM would be the scent to help me always remember this time? :] Kind regards always, Phoebe. x

  340. Storm Land says:

    Wow, you must be so proud!

  341. Ahh congratulations!! It’s so cool to see you working with MMM!!!! I would absolutely die of happiness if I got this in the mail!!

  342. Congrats!
    I follow all of your posts and I’m not surprised that MMM finally reached to you, your styles perfectly fit.

    I know I probably missed the deadline for the giveaway, but still: iliana.dimitrova(at)

  343. ne-knopka says:

    I’d love to have a new fragrance


  344. Congratulations!!! I look forward to the day you create a collection or if you decide to create a label. I love your take on design as diys. Thank you for continuing to do this.


  345. I love the design of the bag! Can I just win a piece of that? Allthough I wouldn´t mind the perfume..
    Magna Rún

  346. emzgalz says:

    Great post! I love margiela scents, they are amazing, I have untitled and would also love my own replica scent!
    I was thinking about getting my dad ‘Jazz club’ for Christmas!

  347. Pamela says:

    I’d be beyond grateful to receive this beautiful bottle of perfume! Not only do I absolutely adore the clean, fresh aesthetically pleasing to the eye bottle, but the scent sounds beautiful and I’m absolutely sure I’d love it to bits! x

  348. Kristen Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it, your work is beautiful and complements Margiela’s aesthetic so well.

  349. Katze says:

    I’d love to try it but am also very impressed by you making your felt bags vor mm!
    my e-mail adress:

  350. Ardamus says:

    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.

  351. Anonymous says:

    easy to work for the maison when your friend is inside the perfume department….for sure you have a sort of talent (in a way) but please, leave the place for people with real right skills to do this kind of job…..this is so annoying, just because you are a blogger you can do whatever you want…so sad. fashion blogger destroy the fashion, that’s the reality

    good luck

  352. Linny (*) says:

    Congrats!!!! so would love to win this haha –

  353. awesome with the collaboration! I love MMM and would with great joy be in possession of a Replica perfume. (and of your felt bag).
    my email is;

    and i’m from Denmark which isn’t far from the netherlands.

  354. Eula says:

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  356. Veronica says:

    Have been inspired from your creativity. Would like to know which model/brand is your white sewing machine? thanks in advance 😉

  357. […] Maison Martin Margiela packaging / 2013, The Netherlands/Belgium Producing the bags in which the Replica scents were distributed to […]

  358. […] / Benetton skirt / made by me bag / DIY for Margiela shoes / Tibi images / Romeo words and edit / […]

  359. Pat Schwab says:

    Oh this would be a real pick me up if I won this. Thanks

  360. […] of the planet. Big moments were when established brands asked for my creative input like Eastpak, Margiela or New Balance. The biggest compliments however were those emails from readers who wanted to […]

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