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May 25, 2015


love aesthetics dresses as skirts 0

love aesthetics dresses as skirts 00

love aesthetics dresses as skirts 000

Love aesthetics dresses as skirts 0000

shoes: Nike Cortez
earring: Dior
skirt as dress: Blessed are the meek x Modern Legacy
bag: Kara
images by Romeo

Skirts as dresses, dresses as skirts, tops as bottoms.. I’ve been wearing clothes in ways which they are not supposed to for as long as I can remember. Multi-functionality in a small wardrobe is so important as you can get more wear out of your pieces. Last weekend I wore this skirt (that I got from Kaity from Modern Legacy), a piece she designed for her collection with Blessed as the meek) as a dress.

I’m more into a modern approach to make up, where less is more and which does not have the goal of making a face look feminine or pretty per se. Main ingredients: an eyebrow brush, a bb cream and a white eye pencil.


13 responses to “WEARING / DRESSES AS SKIRTS”

  1. Phi says:

    I’m into modern makeup to! BTW you are gorgeous!

  2. Albert says:

    Love your approach! <3

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  3. Nicole Cheah says:

    The way you used the skirt as as dress is so effortless. Such a stunning look yet again form you x

  4. T. says:

    Love this fresh take on beauty. I will have to get a white eye pencil.

  5. Oroma R. R. says:

    Love the outfit and your makeup. Everything comes together nicely. I never would have guessed that was a skirt it looks great on you!

    / O.R.R.

  6. Idwerd says:

    Wauw, super mooi!

  7. That is the time I have the most fun with my clothes…being a sculptress and creating something unexpected.

    Accidental icon

  8. Jay says:

    Your minimal make-up looks stunning.

  9. You look beautiful! I think it’s great if you’re creative enough to turn items into multifunctional pieces like this :).

  10. Mila says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! I love that dress. It’s so pure.

  11. Inspired by your site. And tried my first-ever all-white outfit
    what do you think?

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