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April 14, 2018

The suspended denim cut

/ scissors
/ pair of jeans

images by Ivania</font color>

Because the crotch of a vintage Levi’s 501 is always a bit problematic and unflattering anyway.
Because it makes going to the bathroom easier.
Because it makes sitting at your desk a lot comfier.
But mostly because the legs of these jeans look incredible when suspended.

By now you might know that scissors are my favourite editing tool and I have a very hard time keeping my jeans in one piece. Specially when the sun’s out. Usually it are the legs of the jeans that get edited and adjusted, exposing ankles and legs. But this time, removing the most substantial part of the pants, the opposite happens like a negative space cutout. (See how it looks on here)


2 responses to “The suspended denim cut”

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