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May 14, 2015


love aesthetics diy slides 0

/ a pair of pool slides
/ glue
/ insulating foil
images by me

Yesterday was the first real day of summer. My toes really wanted to get out, then I realised that my DIY slides could use an update. They’ve been through a lot in since I made them two years ago; being my favourite summer footwear, they came along with me to a couple of festivals. The upper leather was beyond cleanable and needed an update.

One of my pairs got a fresh, new, white leather cover. But for the other pair I decided to use a new material for the replacing strap; silver insulating foil, the kind they use inside of walls and structures, which you can get at any hardware store.

Oh and Lois (my kid) also brought in her little slides! So much fun seeing tiny silver straps walking next to mine.

instructions (if you need any, or click for more detailed tutorial)
01/ measure the straps of your slides and cut out two pieces of foil.
02/ glue them on.

5 responses to “DIY / POOL SLIDE – SILVER FOIL UPDATE (with the kid)”

  1. Pascalle says:

    would almost want a kid too
    the small ones are too cuuuute

  2. Jay says:

    The silver version looks amazing. Great idea!

  3. Jo says:

    omg! that’s so cute that you kid wanted one too! so sweet <3

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