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March 7, 2017



/ Nylon Rope
/ Scissors
/ Lighter
/ stud earrings
images by Romeo & Ivania


Hardware store > Accessory department

You might have already seen that my latest projects involve nylon rope. It is fantastic for big earrings because it is incredibly light, you can make big dramatic knots that won’t put a lot of weight on your ears. However, I tried out over a dozen intricate complicated knots, (our cat now has a lot of toys – he’s too lazy to play with them though) but as always found that simple is better. The most uncomplicated knot worked out the best; a simple adjustable hoop which also does a great job as a hair tie and belt.

The adjustable hoop knot explained

1 / Make a loop as shown on picture 1, hold on to the short end.

2 / Pull the long end through the hoop as seen on picture 2.

3 / Repeat step two, keep wrapping through the hoop four times, see picture 3. Keep the rope loose for now.

4 / Pull the long end of rope back through the four loops. Carefully tighten by pulling on both sides.

5 / Cut the excess rope off and seal it with a lighter.

+ Pierce the rope with a pair of basic stud earrings and you’re done.




  1. These are actually really cute. You look great in them!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. sara says:

    Aaaaaaaalways like your crazy idea

  3. […] hoop earrings / DIY images by […]

  4. How did you pierce the robe with a pair of basic stud earrings?

  5. Jay says:

    I simply can’t get over this DIY. I’m like: why didn’t I come up with that idea? haha. But seriously. I’m in love with those earrings and I will probably be dreaming about them! Oh yes I will!

  6. Anja says:

    Genius idea! Reminds me of designs from Margiela!

  7. picaram says:

    This one is so unique. How could they think about it 😀

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