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January 6, 2016


love aesthetics hardware earrings 3

love aesthetics hardware earrings 2

need /
/ earrings
/ a couple of minutes in the hardware store
images Ivania & Romeo

In my jewellery tray, among the golden rings, thin chains and pretty pieces – you will always find some hardware store acquirements as well: bolts as rings, rubber necklaces and -a favourite- a clasp for an exhaust of a vespa which also does a great job as a bracelet.

Meet my most recent hardware-store-assemblage.
To be worn as single pieces or as a non-identical pair – for days when I’m not looking for a refined, delicate decoration but an industrial, rougher detail instead. A short and sweet project that can also quickly be altered.


  1. Jay says:

    Amazing! I ‘stole’ some hardware pieces from my dad some time ago and wasn’t sure what to do exactly with it. I was planning on a necklace. I’m changing my mind, I need a pair of earrings. Hope you don’t mind? I just need to buy a ring earring base…

  2. Laura says:

    Amazing! As always you made a great job


  3. FABI says:

    Ah, More than a year ago I thought to make some jewellery with hardware but couldn’t find the time because I was building a !white! house with my great lovely man. And now you have done it! Great idea of course ;-D

  4. Elise Xavier says:

    Always loved this side of your style.

    That last earring in the first photo… <3 <3

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