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September 24, 2017

15 min sideway frill skirt

/ fabric
/ scissors, pins, pencil
/ 15 minutesboots: here
images by Ivania

What do you mean, you don’t have time for self made projects?

Ever since I was little, my impatience and urge for things to happen NOWNOWNOW – drove me to make things. When I needed a skirt, I would cut dresses in half. When I needed a furniture piece, I would pile up whatever objects were directly available. It usually brought a result in less time than it would take to even get to a store.

This 15-minute skirt falls in that category. It is made with a heavy woven fabric that frays wonderfully. But it would also work well with denim or wool. Here’s the 1-2-3-4-5 to make it:
1 / Cut a strip of fabric that is long enough to go around your waist 1.5 times. I used folded fabric, so that I wouldn’t have to made a lining (and for extra frays). Optionally, you could add a hem.

2/ Wrap your fabric around your waist. Pin it. With a pencil, mark with a dot where the pins go in the fabric on one side and out on the other.

3/ Unwrap yourself and take the pins out. Repin the fabric together with the help of the dots.

4/ Connect the dots and sew the fabric together. 10 to 15cm from the top is enough. Don’t sew all the way down, you won’t have much space to move. The excess fabric will cover the high slit.

5/ Cut open the back side of the skirt and insert a zipper. (If you need the fabric to be taken in some more, instead of a slit to insert the zipper, cut out an upside down triangle. That way you have a dart and zipper in one.)



3 responses to “15 min sideway frill skirt”

  1. Really nice DIY, wish I could pull it off!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jay says:

    What a simple and fabulous idea. The effect is just stunning. Love the fraying and the overall result. Your DIY always make me extra creative. Thanks for sharing!

  3. piknu says:

    Nice DIY. Thank you for sharing the tutorial! This easy DIY is perfect for a clumsy girl like me.
    instagram online

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