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April 7, 2014


love aesthetics custom cards 0

love aesthetics custom cards 00

love aesthetics custom cards 000

love aesthetics custom cards 0000

marble / my bank pass
pink / Acne
white / COS

The content of my wallet looks much ‘wealthier’ than it actually is. Your name engraved in silver letters on a pink Acne card looks quite decadent, in reality it is actually just a (very chic looking) discount card.

It is nice to put a personal stamp on every little detail and shape your environment as much as possible, because after all it is what you visually experience as your life. It is lovely that companies like Acne and COS extend personal cards to their friends which are pretty objects all on their own. My bank allows to upload a picture which they print on your bank card, no surprise that I uploaded one of the marble prints that I’ve collected on my computer. Small everyday things like paying for groceries or looking for my train ticket in my wallet when there is ticket control have now become visually enjoyable.

9 responses to “CUSTOM CARDS”

  1. Joy. says:

    Te geweldig dit Ivania! Helaas kan ik geen foto uploaden bij mijn bank – anders wist ik t wel!
    With love,


    | |

    With love,

  2. Eva says:

    Wat gaaf! De inhoud van mijn portemonnee is helaas niet zo spannend 😉 xx

  3. anna says:

    Een eigen foto op je pinpas voelt altijd een beetje alsof je zo belangrijk bent dat de bank dat voor je doet (:

    xx Anna
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  4. STYLONYM says:

    Wat gaaf dit, had er nooit echt aan gedacht dat je zelfs in je portemonnee je eigen stijl kan weergeven – heel erg leuk!


  5. Sarah says:

    Life is a time to be enjoyed, and those would make it that much beter. A beautiful reminder of how lovely life truly is.

  6. Kime An says:

    I’m the same! Got a marble style oyster card. Bought some lino, cut it out and use the print as a sticker.

  7. Mia says:

    Beautiful photos!

  8. Dria says:

    Lovely, so simple

  9. Carmen says:

    Loving this <3 it's really the simple things that enhance our lives!


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