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July 25, 2012

Clear Side Table




My obsession for all things clear goes further than jewelry, bags and clothes. Our house is also filled with clear objects; from chairs, to glass containers, lamps and now also this side table I made as a DIY for NSMBL.

What you’ll need is a piece of perspex of 5mm thickness, a heat blower gun (the kind that is used to remove paint from wood) and a few pieces of tape. Start out by determining the measurements of your table, though the bigger the table, the thicker the perspex needs to be. I used a panel of perspex of 120cm x 50cm and decided to make the side table 25cm in height, marked it with bits of tape and bended it into shape.
To bend the sides of your table, lay the perspex on a right, heat proof edge, like for example the kitchen counter. Secure the panel of perspex with clamps or ask someone to hold it for you.
Blow hot air across the edge you want to bend, close to the plastic for about four minutes. Now the perspex should be soft enough to bend. You could bend it all the way and make a sharp 90 degrees angle, or like me, bend it a little less so that the sides are slightly inclined. That’s it! You’ve got a clear side table in under 30 minutes.

Update: though the plastic doesn’t smell when heating it, the fumes can be extremely toxic. Be sure to wear a mouth mask and keep the area well ventilated.

76 responses to “Clear Side Table”

  1. KxMxA says:

    you surprise me everytime i get here.


  2. BBella says:


    xx BBella

  3. Vicky says:

    You are so creative!

  4. Michele says:

    Ahh zo briljant! Denk sowiezo niet dat ik ‘the balls’ heb om dit te proberen haha!

  5. Christopher says:

    fucking cool shit, srly. I DIE.

  6. Mira says:

    I really wish I had your skills and your creativity. It looks awesoeme 😀


  7. addicted says:

    oh i think i’m going to try to do this! i’d love to have such table in my room. also my dream is a transparent chair but i think it’s not so easy to do that 🙂

    i’m wondering how looks your house. could you take a photo of your house? it’d be great! 🙂

    and i love your blog, you’re definitely one of the most amazing bloggers i’ve ever seen. you’ve got your own style and your diy is really impressive!


  8. Dominika says:

    omg, it’s amazing!
    really great DIY!


  9. Victoria says:

    You are the clear stuff queen! Inspiring as always! xx

  10. Amy says:

    wow dit is echt een super goed idee!
    En de grootste grap is dat mijn ouders zo’n soort tafel hebben (maar dan wat groter) maar dan van een of andere dure designer van de bijenkorf! Ohjah en hij is van glas, maar dat verschil zie je niet als ik je foto’s zo bekijk. Anyhow: super goede DIY!

  11. lola says:

    Are you a model?

  12. Nicole says:


  13. Michele says:

    Btw, waar haal je zo’n plaat vandaan?

  14. Laura says:

    Great! Nobody would think it’s self-made.

  15. AleenaB says:

    You never cease to amaze with your incredible taste, such an inspiration! Love, love, love this!
    Aleena x

  16. Diah says:

    Wauw…no other words needed!

    Je blijft verrassen!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Ivania you are genius!

    Best wishes,
    Asia 🙂

  18. Tara says:

    That is amazing! Fabulous tutorial 🙂

  19. Nienke says:


  20. this is SO AWESOME
    seriously, you’re a genius

  21. .sabo skirt. says:

    Super cute sun glasses!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  22. Julia says:

    Heel nice Ivania!
    Heb zelf ooit een mini ontwerp voor een stoel gemaakt met dit materiaal, maar nooit meer aangedacht het ook op grote schaal uit te werken! Je brengt me op ideeen 🙂

  23. Raji says:

    Incredibly gorgeous and so very chic
    I love it!

  24. Raji says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Aves Gry says:

    Great! I honestly would never attempt to make something like that because I wouldn’t know where to start and how. Who would have thought it would have been so simple and easy.

  26. is there anything you don’t think of. you are honestly so clever, x

  27. Yth says:

    Another freaking great DIY. I’m also obsessed with all things clear. Maybe I’ll try out this in the holidays :). x

  28. Candy says:

    So genius! You never fail to impress!


  29. Erin Z says:

    I would never think of making something like that… it’s pretty amazing!

  30. katherine says:

    Love it

  31. duckalicious says:

    totally agree with the first comment.

  32. RAYNE says:

    I’m really speechless. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I will be making a perspex coffee table for my new place.


  33. Looks absolutely beautiful! Well done! xx

  34. Sharon says:

    I’m totally going to try this!

    Can you also use a hair dryer in the highest heat?

  35. Gladys says:

    This is just super awesome! 😀

  36. You are the queen of plexiglass DIY. Love it!

  37. Esther says:

    DIY to DIE for! I’m thinking of combining this with my rather vintage interior to make a nice clash, thanks for the idea.

  38. Lise says:

    awesome! i want a transparent chair!!

  39. you’re great!;)love your blog!

  40. Sarah says:

    Your DIY’s are always IMMENSE

  41. Lou Billie says:

    Great inspiration. By the way I love your glasses ! x

  42. I love this! The finished look is so beautiful & stylish! x

    Kate {Modette}

  43. Mika says:

    love this tutorial! very reminiscent of those stark ghost chairs.

  44. Arissa says:

    I absolutely love your DIYs. I would keep this in mine when I have a place of my own. 🙂

  45. Um…. I need this! I am so not handy when it comes to this stuff though. x P.S. the sunnies! LOVE!

  46. Alice says:

    I love the glasses on the table. And obviously the table is fantastic.

    Please take look at my fashion illustrations and art:


  47. Kellay says:

    Ja ik ga dit zeker proberen!
    Ik moet zoiets nog hebben en wat is leuker om het zelf te maken.

  48. Nathan Niche says:

    OK Ivania, business plan here: you’d start your line of DIY “LOVE AESTHETICS BY IVANIA CARPIO” jewelry and clothing, then move into furniture and home furnishings like rick owens and armani casa, this is soooo your niche… It’s SET AND DONE! you rock!

    xx nathan.niche

    See my new post if you wanna see me hijack a wooden boat and be silly:

    If you like my silliness/provocations, follow me on bloglovin’ too:

  49. Wauw – amazing; I love it – and I love the sunglasses too (:

  50. Love, love, love your blog. Its so creative. You really are a unique blogger with unique material.


  51. Wow SOO amazing but so simple. Love it. It would make a great little shelf on my desk in mini version.

  52. wow that’s amazing! we love your blog!


  53. WOLFCUB says:

    dude, I am speechless. You are extraordinarily creative, and so gutsy with your DIYs.


  54. ChicChefBlog says:

    I love this! I think I would burn myself but this looks so chic!

    Come visit me at

  55. Mesmerize says:

    I love it!! gorgeous:)

  56. Lulu Frances says:

    wow that table looks amazing!!! you´ll have to make one for me one day too please 😉
    anyway, I wanted to say that you absolutely made my day by commenting, I could hardly believe it when I saw the comment waiting for approval!because i have been reading your blog for ages and really admiring your unique sense of style! plus I keep seeing you in magazines these days (for example in the newest company mag!) so thanks a lot for really making my day 🙂
    i actually had to say it out loud a few times to myself haha i am that pathetic sometimes 😀 God bless you xx

  57. Lara Maria says:

    What a great idea!! I really looove it!

  58. If clear also means spotless with no dust, I’m pretty confident that I should adopt your style (probably even starting from cleaning my room) and let my crib have a major face lift. My place is a nightmare from the 3rd world war.


  59. Zweiteiler says:

    thank you so much for your lovely comment! I´m so in love with this table! An amazing DIY!


  60. nataliya says:

    thats awesome! i can just see you laying in bed with that over your lap blogging! or snacking!


  61. Semicosmic says:

    Amazing! Love this idea.

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